What is Mechanical Engineering? What Do Graduates Do?

Tercih 2021

Tercih 2021

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Mechanical Engineering department is one of the most preferred engineering departments in our country. We have compiled for you the most important questions about the definition of mechanical engineering, abroad opportunities, future, job opportunities, graduates, areas of expertise, challenges and many more, which exist in many state and foundation universities.

What is Mechanical Engineering?

mechanical Engineering
The Department of Mechanical Engineering conducts studies on the production, analysis, design, development and maintenance of mechanical products by using material technologies and basic physics rules together. It is an engineering discipline that offers analytical solutions to problems in order to mathematically model the physical events that occur. This department is the engineering branch with the widest field of activity. The department dealing with machinery, energy and manufacturing methods is one of the oldest engineering.

How Many Years of Education in the Department of Mechanical Engineering?

The education period of this department, which is an undergraduate program, is 4 years.

What are the Courses of the Department of Mechanical Engineering?

The main courses of the department are:
● General Chemistry
● Mathematics
● Physics
● Technical Drawing
● Computer Programming
● Engineering Economics
● Statistics
● Differential Equations
● Thermodynamics
● Materials Science
● Strength
● Fluid Mechanics
● Machine Theory
● Machine Elements

What Does a Mechanical Engineer Do?

There are many fields in which Mechanical Engineering graduates can work. These include biotechnology, manufacturing industry, construction industry, chemistry, food and pharmaceutical industry, energy and textile industry, sales, marketing, service and engineering offices. They can work in these fields with the titles of engineers responsible for design, planning, manufacturing, quality control, maintenance and R&D.
We can list the responsibilities of Mechanical Engineers as follows:
● Designing and planning a mechanical device
● To prepare the prototype of the designed device and test its operation
● Controlling the production process

How Much Salary Do Mechanical Engineering Graduates Get?

The salaries of the graduates of the department vary according to the sectors they choose. A mechanical engineer who starts working in the public sector receives an average salary of between 6,000 TL and 7,000 TL.
The salary range that a mechanical engineer who starts working in the private sector will receive is very wide. They can receive a salary of 2.500 TL or up to 10.000 TL depending on experience and opportunities. This varies according to the company and sector they start working with.

What are the Challenges of the Mechanical Engineering Department?

Joint engineering courses are taken in the first two years of the department. In order to be successful in these courses that require different areas of expertise, you need to think multi-dimensionally. These common courses that you will take without focusing on your own field can complicate your undergraduate life. In addition, the employment rate of mechanical engineering has decreased considerably in recent years.

Who Can Succeed in Mechanical Engineering?

People with these characteristics can be successful in this department:
● Curious about the working principle of mechanical items
● Passionate about machine concept
● The one who knows his target and runs after his target

What are the Mechanical Engineering Job Opportunities?

There is a wide range of jobs for graduates of the department. There are also Mechanical Engineers in every field of production. Although job opportunities are wide, the increasing number of universities in our country and the increasing number of graduates in this context is way above the need. Therefore, there are serious difficulties in finding a job.

What are the Foreign Opportunities of the Mechanical Engineering Department?

Those who graduate from the department have more than enough opportunities abroad. There is a need for Mechanical Engineers in different production styles increasing with the developing technology. Especially countries such as Canada, Germany and Australia give importance to qualified people in the field of engineering. A graduate of this department can apply to projects abroad according to the field he wants to specialize in. After starting project-based work, they can participate in different projects in the country they go to.

What are Mechanical Engineering Job Areas? In Which Areas Can Graduates Specialize?

The main areas in which the graduates of the department can specialize are:
● Defense Industry
● Automotive
● Heat Process
● Construction
● Energy
● Material

What is the Future of the Mechanical Engineering Department?

The department forms the basis of many engineering studies. As long as production exists, these engineering branches will continue to exist. With the developing technology, this department will become a discipline more intertwined with mechatronics and software engineering . Therefore, we can say that the future of the department will always exist. However, let me state again that the number of graduates is way above the need.
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