What Happens To Your Body If You Take Short Naps Every Day? (Day Day, Month Month Changes)

It is a fact that a substantial proportion of people do not get enough sleep. We often find ourselves waking up to get more work done, hang out with friends, or watch another episode. While most of us rely on the coffee in our cups to wake us up, taking short naps can help us meet our daytime sleep needs in healthy ways.
If adding a nap in your schedule is making you even more stressed, you can consider these short naps as a natural way to gather energy during the day. “Tapping can improve your sleep cycle, regulate your sympathetic nervous system, and help you think about and let go of things that cause you stress,” says W. Chris Winter, author of The Sleep Solution and sleep expert. Just like meditation, it can be considered a serene time in the middle of a chaotic day,” she says.
However, noon nap doesn’t mean you can sleep all day. If you want to take advantage of the naps in the middle of the day, you should pay attention to their duration and not sleep for long periods of time. John Breese, sleep scientist and founder of Happy Sleepy Head, says, “ Some studies recommend putting yourself on a full sleep cycle (about 90 minutes) to get the most out of sleep. In addition, “you should avoid waking up during the deep sleep phase.” says.
Whether you’re taking a nap to spare hours or to take a few minutes off from your responsibilities, you’ll find all the benefits your body can get from taking a nap every day. If you’re ready, let’s start!

1 day

Let’s say you want to take a small nap during the day, but you are not used to it. In this case, you may have a little difficulty falling asleep. “Your first day (especially if you sleep less than eight hours a night) you should probably have no trouble falling asleep,” Breese says. But when you wake up from sleep, you will feel the first benefit; a clear mind and renewed vigilance.” says.

However, you should make sure that you do not miss too much sleep. Sleeping more than the recommended amount of time can have a negative effect and make you feel dizzy and tired. “Recommended nap time is 20 to 30 minutes,” Breese says. “If you get more sleep on your first day, you’re likely to wake up with adverse effects, which may discourage you from taking regular naps during the day.”

Stop, stop, take a nap.

One week later

“This will be your most difficult period, as you will need to adjust your daily routine to suit your daytime sleep,” Breese says. “Your body may have a hard time adjusting to this new activity added to your routine.” says. The good news is that once you identify the ideal schedule to include the 20 or 90 minute daily nap in your routine, you will begin to notice the benefits immediately.

“It won’t be long before you start noticing that it’s easier to concentrate, your attention span is increasing, your motor skills and sensitivity are improving, and your general mood and energy levels are higher than usual,” says Breese. says.

After a month

According to Breese, one month’s nap can make a huge difference in your professional and personal life. When done properly, naps during the day can improve memory, increase creativity, and increase emotional control and resilience. “All of this can help you achieve more in your work or school life and build healthy relationships in your social life as well.” explains Breese.Can these naps make us more productive?Absolutely yes!

Six months later

When you manage to integrate these sweet short naps into your daily routine, you will experience a serious improvement in your health. After six months, we start to see the long-term ones of these developments. Breese points to research that found that a short nap during the day reduces the risk of dying from heart disease and can increase your sex drive. “Napping can help you get into a more consistent daily routine, and research has found that consistency in your routine is extremely beneficial for your sleep,” Breese says. says.

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