What Causes Blindness When Standing Up? How Can It Be Prevented?

Is blackout when standing up a sign of illness? Which medical unit should we go to when it gets frequent? The reasons and all the details are in our article…

What Causes Blindness When Standing Up?

Ayağa Kalkınca Göz Kararması Neden Olur?

This symptom, which can happen to all of us from time to time, can be caused by many reasons. It usually occurs after a sudden departure and passes in a short time. Although it is mostly a natural reaction of our body, if it is frequent, it should be evaluated by a doctor.

It can be caused by stress and anxiety, or it can be one of the important physiological symptoms. The innocent reason for the blackout when we stand up is this:

When we quickly get up from a seat, our blood pressure also changes. When we act quickly, our blood pressure tries to adapt to us. This change is completely harmless and there is no underlying reason. It disappears within seconds. When it becomes continuous, there may be an organic problem at work.

Can Blindness When Standing Up Become a Sign of Disease?

ayağa kalkınca göz kararması

Although it usually indicates low blood pressure, it can occur for many reasons. To mention in turn, the most common causes of blackout when standing up are as follows:

  • Problems with the thyroid
  • Dehydration (water loss)
  • Anemia
  • Eye diseases
  • some drugs
  • Diabetes
  • low in B vitamins
  • Migraine
  • vertigo
  • low or high blood pressure
  • artery problems
  • MSA disease

Blood pressure problems can be triggered by prolonged fasting hours. However, it can combine with intense heat and other factors and make the darkening feel more severe.

In Which Situation Should Blindness While Standing Be Taken Seriously?

mide bulantısı

Although we do not have a physiological problem, we are likely to experience blackouts when we feel stress and panic. If this happens to us infrequently, we need not worry.

If there are symptoms accompanying the frequent blackouts, it is useful to consider. Concomitant symptoms may occur as a result of different conditions. It is possible to carry out the treatment appropriately by reporting other complaints to the doctor.

If you have the following problems with blackout when you stand up:

  • Dizziness with blackout
  • Nausea
  • Weakness
  • Palpitation
  • Nausea

First of all, it would be useful to go to the internal medicine department and explain your complaints. Depending on the underlying cause, you may be referred to a specialist in neurology, ophthalmology or otolaryngology.

Dizziness accompanied by blackout:

  • vertigo
  • migraine
  • heart diseases
  • It is very important to be examined as it can indicate serious health problems such as brain tumors.

These co-existing complaints are common symptoms of diseases. Even if many physical symptoms are side by side, the person should not self-diagnose and seek expert help. Let’s not forget that stress causes the existing problem to be felt more intensely.

What to Do Against Darkening of the Eyes?

su içmek

First of all, we need to make sure that there is no medical pathology. After the necessary examination, there are some factors that we should pay attention to. We can take certain measures to minimize this situation and eliminate the problem.

Even if we don’t have a physical problem, we should avoid some things that are in our routine. E.g:

  • be thirsty
  • stay hungry for a long time
  • Getting up quickly from sitting position
  • standing for long hours

Especially thirst and prolonged hunger can make existing darkening more severe. It is important to drink 2.5 liters of water a day and not to miss a meal. It has been seen in studies that entering an intermittent fasting diet can impair insulin function in healthy people, too. In diabetic patients, it can cause serious health problems.

In conditions where we have to stand for hours, we should use compression stockings. In addition, we can move our knee from the joint to balance the blood accumulated in the lower leg. Walking for about half an hour a day, getting enough sleep and staying away from stress help reduce complaints.

Isometric exercises that increase muscle volume help accelerate blood circulation. You can start to see the benefits of these studies, which you can do without acquiring equipment, over time.

Being careful about salt consumption is of greater importance for blood pressure patients. Since it is directly related to blood pressure, the appropriate amount of salt should be taken according to the doctor’s recommendation.

It is possible to reduce the complaints with a diet that regulates blood pressure. The diet, which should be determined under the control of a specialist, should be applied by taking into account your current health problems. Not to miss the vitamins is also among the things we should not miss.

It is known that foods such as ginger, tomato juice, cucumber, carrot and fruit juice are good for darkening. Foods containing plenty of water are recommended as it will prevent dehydration. Of course, it is of primary importance for all of us to go to the relevant specialist and follow their advice.

Healthy days…

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