The Legend of Lilith: The Legendary Story of the First Woman

The legend of Lilith dates back to ancient Mesopotamia. Lilith is derived from the word Laila, meaning ghost and female vampire. The existence of man and the universe has always been wondered throughout history and has become a subject of interest for people. According to some beliefs, St. Dem’s first wife Hz. It’s not Eve, it’s Lilith. It is estimated that Lilitu is the goddess of wind mentioned in Sumerian and Babylonian mythology. Let’s take a look at the things that are curious about the legend of Lilith.

The Names of Lilith, Which Have Different Names in Each Mythology

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goddess Ishtar of Aka, Assyrian and Babylonian mythology; Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of love, fertility, war and wisdom. Its origins date back to the northwest Semitic goddess, Astarte; Astarte, Ashtoret, Artemis, Isis, Venus, Cybele, Anunit and Atarsamain, Semiramis, Rhea, Leyla, Lilibet, Leilliel Magna Mater, Queen of the Night, Red Haired Woman Scarlet, Angel of the Night, Red Sonya and many more.

What Are the Symbols of Lilith?


When the legend of Lilith is mentioned, the first thing to look at is the symbols. Pentagram, red rose, heart, erected wooden stake, oak tree, oak leaf, red color, planet Venus, inverted pentagram inside the sun circle, the numbers 5 and 50 are the symbols of Lilith.

The fact that Lilith is a being full of mysteries has made her the material of many legends and mythologies. Lilith is first encountered in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Lilith is described in the saga as the evil female character who rules the nights and the dark world of the underworld. Babylonian, Persian, and Sumerian mythologies depict Lilith as an owl, a vampire woman, and a snake.

Lilith’s Stories Are Slightly Different in Some Sources

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In Isaiah, the book of the last prophet in the Tanakh, “Wild animals and hyenas will meet there, and goats will bellow at each other. Lilith will settle there and find comfort”. In the Book of the Midrash, the scribes write that Lilith was the first woman created with Adam, that is, dem. Lilith is explicitly mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls, based on the reference of the 7th century BC prophet Isaiah. It is frequently seen as a motif on medieval Jewish bowls and some tools. 8 and 10. It is also mentioned in a satirical work called Ben Sira Alphabet. In Christian iconography, she often appears as the serpent woman in Renaissance paintings.

That Moment: The Creation of Lilith


There are different opinions for the beginning of the Lilith legend. According to the Hebrews, God He created Dem and Eve at the same time from dust. However, when creating dem from pure earth 1. It is written that during the creation of the created woman, the woman whose name is called Lilith, she was created by using garbage and sediment in addition to pure earth. Because of this difference in creation, Hz. Dem was incompatible with Lilith and they could never be peaceful in their union.

Hz. Dem wanted to have a say and dominate everything in this union, and he wanted Lilith to obey him by likening himself to the sky and Lilith to the fruitful lands in heaven. Here the devil intervenes and provokes Lilith against dem because the devil has a promise to Allah. This saying, Bakara 34 “Behold, we said to the angels, ‘Prostrate before you’. All prostrated except Iblis. He persisted, became arrogant, and became one of the disbelievers.” Writer. He writes that Iblis said to Allah in Hijr 33: “I will not bow down to a human being whom you have created from the dried mud of stinking mud.” Araf 17 said, “Then I will definitely come in front of them, behind them, from their right and from their left. You won’t find most of them grateful.”

First Feminist Lilith

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The legend of Lilith is also important to feminism. In Hebrew myths, Lilith is the Prophet who wants to be with her. He resists dem’s position on top. She finds that she does not want to be under her during sexual intercourse and finds this situation humiliating and says, “Why should I be with you? I was created from soil just like you and I am equal to you.” When he tried to use force, Lilith repeated God’s secret name, which was forbidden to be spoken, three times in a row, and asked Hz. He left home and heaven.

This situation is identified by feminists as the first female archetype against authority, patriarchy and oppression. With her opposition to Lilith dem, she started the first feminist movement that put an end to male domination. It has become an icon of women’s movements by highlighting values such as sexual equality, women’s sexual independence and self-awareness. Matriarchal societies outnumbered patriarchy before patriarchy dominated communities around the world. Matriarchy is the state of being influential in society. According to some sources, Lilith was actually Hz. He did not want Dem and approached Iblis to take revenge.

Disobedient and Rebel Lilith

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The legend of Lilith tells of Lilith’s disobedience and rebellion. Having lost his wife in paradise, Adam was left alone and after a long period of loneliness, longing for Lilith, he went to God and asked Him to bring her back. Adam said: “I have been abandoned by my wife and I need her.” God sends three angels, Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof, to the Red Sea and asks them to bring Lilith back. Lilith is found by the angels near the Red Sea, a region inhabited by many lustful djinns. Lilith is found by Shamael, a demonic being. She had intercourse with Lucifer and his demons and gave birth to many children, more than 100 Lilini or Limlimi a day.

The ‘Nephilim’, also known as rebel angels and fallen angels, are descendants of Lilith. The 3 angels said to Lilith, “God has ordered you to come to heaven and be with dem again.” “Otherwise, we will drown you right here in this water and we will kill 100 of your children, called Lilini or Limlim, every day,” they threaten. Thereupon, Lilith turns to them and says: “How then can I be an honest and chaste woman for him, while I am lying by the Red Sea, turning to my home”. Lilith, rejecting God’s offer and not obeying, replies, “Tell God, never again.”

Lilith’s Vow of Vengeance

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In the face of the answers of the disobedient Lilith, God orders 3 angels to punish her. When 3 angels go to kill Lilith and her children to fulfill God’s order, they tell Lilith that God has created a new woman for her, her name is Eve, and that Dem is very happy. God punishes him by killing 100 of the demons Lilith brought to the world every day.

Lilith accepts the death of 100 demon children every day, but this has caused her a lot of pain. When it comes to the murder of Lilith, Lilith says: “You cannot kill me because God gave me the authority to protect until the 8th day of circumcision for boys and the 22nd day of girls”. God killed my children, and he swears revenge by saying that I will kill the newborn children of dem and Eve. In revenge, he will abuse his God-given authority to protect the children, and says that boys will take their lives in eight days and girls in twenty-two days at night, adding , “From now on, know me from the deaths of stillborn babies and the deaths of cradles.”

Lilith’s Agreement with the Three Angels

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Lilith, calling to the angels who did not take her life, says, “I promise you, if I see a newborn child’s bedside amulet with your name on it, I will spare his life .” Thereupon, an agreement is made between the angels and Lilith. According to the agreement, if he cannot kill a child without the amulet with the names of the three angels, he will kill one of his own children out of anger. Lilith will be the enemy of both babies and mothers, harming pregnant women, those in childbirth and postpartum women.

Does Lilith See the Postpartum and Attack the Child at Home?

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Even today, Jews affected by this legend, as a belief to protect their babies from Lilith’s evil, postpartum women are not left alone at home in the evenings. Knifes and amulets are placed under the pillow and no diapers are left on the clothesline. Postpartum women tie red ribbons in their hair and drink red-colored puerperal sherbet by boiling it. Because they are afraid that Lilith will see the puerperium and realize that there is a child in that house and attack. In other versions of the narration, Hz. The demon who killed the children of Eyüp in order to torment him or the Albız who killed the children of the postpartum women in Turkish mythology by strangling are the same person.

In Anatolian culture, puerperant women do not hang the diapers of their children outside to protect them from bad luck and the fate of their children will be good, and they drink puerperal sherbet. And… Jewish women hung the number 11 on their bedroom walls so that they would not be fascinated, aroused, and seduced by the demon or supernatural being who appeared in dreams by the Succubus under the command of their husband Lilith, often taking the form of a woman to seduce men sexually. By writing “Lilith out”, they embroider the symbols of three angels named Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof.

“Adam and Eve come in, Lilith come out!”

To protect a newborn boy from Lilith, especially until he is circumcised and is safe, a circle is drawn with charcoal or soda on the wall of the room where the boy is lying, and the words are written inside the circle: “Dem and Eve come in, Lilith, come out!” To prevent this danger, the lips of the sleeping child are tapped with the fingers. So Lilith leaves the child and disappears.

Who Are Lilith’s Demonic Children?

After leaving the angels, Lilith returned to heaven at night. For revenge, he had sexual intercourse with her while she was sleeping and stole her seed. From her seed she gave birth to Lilies, earthbound demons, to replace her children who were killed by angels.

Lilith entered the erotic dreams of men who slept alone at night, choosing them as victims, seducing them, and even sucking the sperm of men who masturbated and getting pregnant. Thus, more evil children were giving birth to Lilies. While Lilith’s human-like ancestry was born tailless from human males, especially from dem, it gave birth to hybrids from jinn.

In Alan Humm’s comments, Samuel Noah Kramer translated the word “kisikillillake” as “Lilith” in 1938 from the clays on which the Sumerian epic Gilgamesh was written. The text writes that this female is a Zu or Zuzu bird perched on a branch and is housed in a tree trunk with a snake living at its roots. In Volume 4, page 324, he interprets the statue of a woman with bird-clawed feet as a depiction of Lilith.

Forbidden Apple and Lilith in Heaven

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After the murder of Lilith’s children, she becomes very angry with God. Satan, on the other hand, has to start somewhere in order to lead the descendants of the so-called dem he gave to God. Lilith knew God’s call to her, Eve, and herself, “Don’t touch the forbidden fruit,” and she develops a plan. In order to take revenge on God, Dem and Eve had to be expelled from heaven, and the only thing to do was to somehow persuade them to eat the forbidden fruit. He activates the demon in this regard and persuades Eve to taste the forbidden fruit with the brew. Thus, he takes advantage of the weakness of people who do not obey God’s commands, and leads them to sin. According to some information, it is Lilith herself that eats the apple, not the devil. In this case, he takes revenge and makes them mortal by expelling them from heaven.

The Old Testament describes the issue as follows:

3:1 Of all the wild beasts that the LORD God had created, the most cunning was the serpent. The serpent said to the woman, “Did God really say not to eat the fruit of any of the trees in the garden?” she asked.

3:2 The woman replied, “We can eat the fruit of the trees in the garden.”

3:3 But God said, “Do not eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden, do not touch it; Otherwise, you will die in return.”

3:4 The serpent said to him, “You will certainly not die.”

3:5 For God knows that the moment you eat of the fruit of that tree, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, seeing good and evil.

3:6 The woman realized that the tree was beautiful, its fruit suitable for eating, and very attractive for gaining wisdom. He plucked the fruit from the branch and ate it. She gave it to her husband next to her, and she ate it.

3:7 Both eyes were opened.

3:22 Then he said, “He has become like one of us, knowing good and evil.” After that, he should not be allowed to reach the tree of life and take fruit, eat it and become immortal.

And Lilith Is Founded From The Curse Of Death

Since Lilith left long before dem’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden, she was thus freed from the death curse that Eve and dem were subjected to. Because he has never tasted the fruit. In modern times, Lilith has become an icon of feminism. After the Lilith legend, magazines named Lilith were published, cafes were opened, and music festivals called “Lilith Fair” were held where only female musicians could attend. Women who refused to be like Eve, known as the ideal woman, named their baby girl Lilith to express their reactions.



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