Stretching Movements: For Healthier and Flexible Days

Would you like to have a more flexible and healthy body with stretching movements? With a short time to spare for yourself every day, you can have a flexible body like never before. If you have a job where you work in a sitting position, it is very common to experience stiff neck pain or lower back pain in the evenings.

These pains you experience make your quality of life worse day by day. You begin to find it difficult to enjoy the beautiful moments in your life. Who wants to have low back pain at home when there is a nice place to dance with friends on a Friday night?

It is quite easy to have a more flexible body by taking 10-15 minutes a day. We have prepared a list of various stretching exercises for you that you can do. We wish you healthy and flexible days.

You should not start stretching without warming up.

No matter what sport you do, you should first prepare your body for the sport by doing warm-up exercises. While warming up prevents you from getting injured, it helps you to do sports more comfortably. You can take a small walk around your home as a warm-up exercise. If you think that this walk is not enough, you can move your arms and legs little by little.

Stretching Movements

1) You can start by moving your neck.

stretching movements

The tiredness and tension of the day puts the most pressure on the neck area. This pressure also causes stiffness and intense pain. Here is the way you should follow to stretch your neck:

  • Sit in a comfortable position, cross-legged where you are going to stretch.
  • After shaking your head back and forth, move it left and right. After doing this repetition a few times, start turning your head clockwise. After about 10 repetitions, start turning counterclockwise.
  • Hold the left side of your head with your right hand and pull your head to the right. Then continue the same process by holding the right side of your head with your left hand and pulling to the left.

You can let go when you feel your neck relax.

2) Continue the series of stretches by stretching your shoulder area.

stretching movements

You can continue to practice stretching movements by continuing from top to bottom on your body. To do the neck exercise, you can start working your shoulders without getting up from your sitting position. Here is the path you should follow:

  • To stretch your left shoulder, hold your left arm with your right hand and bring it closer to your chest. After staying like this for a while, do the same movement for the other side.

3) Stretch your back.

back stretch

It is one of the stretching movements that must be applied by people who have to work at a desk. Bring your body to table position. As you breathe in, first round your back completely. Then push your hips up by stretching your head and neck upwards. This is among the stretches you can do at home.

If you can’t take the time to stretch, you can also stretch while sitting. Interlock them by extending your arm forward. Extend it as far forward as you can while it is clamped. While doing this move, pull your back back with the same force.

If you want to stretch your back and neck from your seat, you can check out the video:

Masa Başı Çalışanları İçin Boyun Sırt Hareketleri I Dr. Banu Taşcı Fresko

4) You can continue by stretching your leg.

leg work

Extend your legs straight forward by bringing them close together and get into an upright sitting position. As soon as you feel comfortable in this position, start pulling your toes towards you. This movement will stretch your back leg and your muscles will begin to lengthen. If you want to make this move a little more difficult, you can bend over your feet and hold them under your feet and pull them towards you.

Then pull one leg towards you as if cross-legged and extend the other leg straight. Pull your foot on your straight leg towards you. This will also stretch your inner leg.

5) You can end the stretching movements by stretching your waist.

waist work

You can complete your exercise by doing the movements that will work your waist last among the stretching movements. Lie flat on the ground. Then lift your left leg upwards at a ninety-degree angle. You can support your leg with your hands while raising your leg. After doing this move, do the same for your right leg.

Get into a sitting position and stretch your legs forward. Gather your right leg into a triangle and get into an upright position. Turn your body to the right, holding your right leg with your left hand. You will feel the openings in your waist. Repeat the same movement by gathering your left leg in a triangle shape. This will stop the contractions in your spine.


If you want to take time for yourself and do stretching exercises regularly, you can check out the video:

Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Esneme Egzersizleri | Stretching


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