Self Discipline in 10 Steps

Muhammed Yavuz

Muhammed Yavuz

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I try to continue my writings without slowing down. Previously, I explained what Self-discipline is in the content called The Key to Success: Self-Discipline . You can access it by clicking the link. In this article, I will write about how to achieve Self-discipline step by step. You should not try to do these steps all at once. It can be difficult to do it all at once, it is always useful to go step by step. You know, we can’t control the wind, but we can learn to control the sails. It will be better than the wind bringing us to places we do not want, learning to use the sails and making the way to where we want to go, even if it is difficult.

10 Ways to develop self-discipline step by step

1- Know yourself.
To begin with, you should know yourself and do your own analysis well. You should never burden yourself with more than you can handle. While doing this analysis, “Who are you? ” , “what do you want to do?” and “what is your self-worth?” You can answer such questions and put them on paper. Better knowledge of these questions and your ability to analyze yourself more easily will provide you more convenience for the future. If you can pinpoint your location very well, you will have ease and foresight. If you can do your calculations well with these data you have successfully found, you will have put forward the solid building blocks and you can start your work more easily for the future.
2- Set your goals and start what you need to do.
If you don’t have a goal, you won’t have the motivation to achieve it. Everything starts with setting a goal. Doing so keeps thoughts and energy focused on purpose. If you are doing what you have to do, no one can stop you on the way to success. If you are working on this path by giving up many of the things you love so much, it will not make you happy. Because people are happy only if they do what they want to do. So after doing your own analysis, it can be helpful to set your goals accurately and in a way that makes you happy. In this context, you should set reasonable goals and do what you need to do. This will bring you convenience and happiness.
3- First suffer the pain and postpone the pleasure.
You can learn to suffer first and then learn to experience pleasure. This is the rule of success. This may seem difficult at first. Yes, getting out of an undisciplined situation has never been easy. In general, it is painful and difficult in the beginning in this way. You must not be impatient, you must sweat, persevere and learn to make an effort. You cannot achieve success in a very short time. If you look at all the champions, you’ll see that they’ve had a tough road. But the pleasure of being a Champion, that feeling will be priceless. Then, if you want to successfully complete a task and experience pleasure, you will be voluntarily choosing difficulties at the beginning.
4-Get rid of bad habits and get good habits.
You should leave habits such as being late, procrastinating, lazy, giving up and delaying at the beginning of the road. You should want a healthy, success-oriented, peaceful and happy life. You have to learn to say No to things that are unnecessary and do not benefit you (even in this category, things that may be more harmful than helpful). Of course, more can be added here. Instead of negative habits, you can adopt positive habits such as planned work, reading, doing sports. The chain you created should not be broken. You should not forget; Habits are earned when repeated, and no good habits are easily gained.

5- Keep yourself in a positive state.

Those who think that “I will experience pleasure first and start working when I am happy” always postpone the work they are going to do. As a result, things pile up and they are caught in the grip of the thought that “it won’t catch up anyway” . The same situation is experienced by people who procrastinate by saying “I’ll start tomorrow” all the time.
However, keeping yourself in a positive situation by doing your best every minute and every moment is bigger than success. As pleasure is delayed and achieved, positivity will increase. This is not an easy phenomenon, but an avalanche is formed by small snowflakes coming together.
6- Be loyal to Self-Discipline by using the power of lines and slogans.
Repetition is an action that is repeated over and over. Likewise, the slogan has a region in the brain that it triggers. As soon as the brain receives the trigger slogan, it focuses on specific feelings and thoughts.
For example, a few slogans!
-I can succeed, don’t be lazy, procrastinate and don’t give up, – If not now, when? , -Champions drop 7 times, get up 8 times
Someone who nourishes himself with something positive every day will automatically shift to positive nature in the future.
In doing so, loyalty is important. If you are going to get up at 5 o’clock, you should not set the alarm at 6 o’clock or be one of those who snooze the alarm for another 5 minutes. You must stick to the plan and rules you have applied for your request.
6- First work, then ask, and in this process, consider yourself obliged to achieve a job.
Usually people are motivated by; He thinks it is something that needs to happen before he has the will to work, but this is not possible in daily life. You wait, you wait, and the inspiration never comes. You wait weeks for the magic winds to blow the sails to take action. In the meantime, you will find hundreds of excuses that seem “logical (!)” to procrastinate. The wind you expect never comes. Self-disciplined people don’t wait to act. They know how to hang on “oars” if there is no wind. And again, they know that “the wind will come again” when they are hung on the oars.
7- You can make a self-discipline agreement with yourself.

– I’ll go to bed early and wake up early and be organized.
– I will make Daily, Weekly, Monthly Plans and abide by them.
– I will set a vision. (6 months from now, where will I be in the future?)
– my failure; I will count the means to achieve success.
– As I succeed, I will improve myself and I will never be spoiled.
– I won’t watch TV.
– I will devote the necessary time to social media.
– I will read a book.
I will think positive and stay away from negative people.

– I will never give up. etc.

This 10-point agreement will get you more focused. In addition, everyone’s own personal success constitution will shape you around certain positive rules.
8- Focus on Results.
Focus on the outcome of every job you don’t want to do.
Think; How happy, joyful, enthusiastic and satisfied will you feel when you complete that work?

I hated every second of the work, but I always said to myself, “Hang on!” I was saying. I will work today and remain a champion for the rest of my life. – Muhammad Ali

9- Reap the fruits of self-discipline.

Yes, you need to get your rewards. Reap the fruits of your self-discipline in the area where you have been successful. As you begin to have “personal small victories”, your self-confidence will increase and the courage that supports self-discipline will more naturally instill in you.

10- Now is the Time for Success and Happiness, stay away from provocateurs and negative environments.

For happiness, you should be aware of the factors that will cause you to leave many steps behind and go a long way towards your goal, and you should struggle with them.
You may have trouble with self-discipline, do not worry. This is a phenomenon that can be developed spontaneously. For example, if you are a person who cannot get up early, you will try to get used to getting up early for a certain period of time and improve yourself. Eventually, you get used to getting up early.

What will this strong self-discipline you develop provide you?
You will be able to command your thoughts and become the boss of your mind.

– You will be able to direct your positive and negative habits, so you will be able to increase your concentration on the subject you want.

– You will be able to achieve inner peace and self-confidence by realizing your goals and dreams.

– You will be able to reduce the negative effects of external factors on you.

– You will be able to monitor and realize your personal and spiritual development.

You will be able to control your daily life and abandon the habits and behaviors you do not want.

By getting rid of laziness, you will be able to attain a more willing and hardworking spirit. These are just the visible face of the mountain.
Make sure you can. “The price of discipline is less than the pain of regret.” We must all take a step, break our chains and take action. There really is more inside us than we can do. People around you trust you and see that you have the potential to do more than you can. Don’t let these people lose their trust in you. You will encounter difficulties most of the time, but you can overcome difficulties with self-discipline and self-talk. Whoever gets used to the easy in life collapses when he sees the difficult. Good luck on this holy path…
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