Horror Movie Characters: 13 Scary Characters That Will Enter Your Nightmares

horror movie characters

The thing that takes a good horror movie to the next level is undoubtedly the characters in the movie. When it comes to horror movies, we generally remember movies with their scary characters. In the history of horror movies, many horror movie characters manage to become bigger than the movie itself with the success they have achieved. In this content, we take a closer look at our list of horror movie characters , where we talk about scary characters who are on the edge, as well as the names that come to mind when horror movie characters are mentioned.

The scariest horror movie characters out of nightmares:

  • The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers)
  • Mama (Mama)
  • Mister Babadook (The Babadook)
  • Sam (Trick ‘r Treat)
  • Samara Morgan (The Ring)
  • Jigsaw (Saw Series)
  • Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
  • Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)
  • Chucky (Child’s Play)
  • Diana Walter (Lights Out)
  • Bagul (Sinister)
  • Pennywise (It)
  • Valak (The Conjuring 2, The Nun)

The Creeper – Jeepers Creepers Series

the creeper

Jeepers Creepers series is one of the most loved horror movie series from the 80s school. Although the series does not receive very high marks by the critics, it has many fans and followers. The main reason why the series is loved is The Creeper , the main villain in the movie.

This strange creature, which is almost impossible to kill, wakes up every 23 years and spends 23 days feeding on human flesh, then falls asleep again. The Creeper, an ancient and rather mysterious demon, constantly eats human flesh to regenerate its aging or lost organs.

mama – mama

mama korku filmi karakterleri

Mama did not reach very large audiences. Still, it is considered one of the best horror films of recent times. The ghost-villain Mama, for whom the movie is named, often brings our hearts to our mouths in the movie. Edith, who was treated in a mental hospital in the 1800s, throws a tantrum when her baby is taken away from her.

Edith, who stabbed the nurse and took her baby back, jumps off a cliff as a last resort while escaping from the hospital staff, causing both herself and her baby’s death. After this painful and angry death, Edith, who turned into the ghost known as Mama, has been searching for her baby in the forest for years.

Mister Babadook – The Babadook

mister babadook

Mister Babadook , who usually appears as a tall and shadowy figure, is the scariest character to come out of a children’s book. Mister Babadook is a demon who feeds on people’s sorrows, turning the days of a mother who lost her husband and left her little son into a nightmare.

Mister Babadook, who especially likes to haunt and torture those who do not believe in him, likes to play games with his victims instead of killing them immediately.

Sam – Trick ‘r Treat

trick r treat sam

Samhain , whose past is unknown, is a strange and rather frightening demon who appears around the time of Halloween. Sam’s head is in the shape of a pumpkin and is covered by a burlap mask. Beneath this mask is one of the scariest faces you will ever see.

Appearing in a different city every year, Sam’s aim is to keep the Halloween spirit alive and to punish those who violate this spirit. This punishment is usually brutally murdered to collect your soul.

Samara Morgan – The Ring

samara morgan halka

Samara Morgan , which caused many of us to fear televisions in childhood, still manages to give us goosebumps. Samara, who climbed out of the well with her wet hair covering her face and climbed into reality from the television screen, is actually the victim of a tragic event. Samara, who became an evil ghost as a result of this tragic event and killed people with real fear, is one of the super-star characters of the horror movie world.

Jigsaw – Saw Series


Jigsaw, the horror movie character who is not a ghost, demon or evil spirit on our list, but equally terrifying, is the kind of person who will turn our psychology upside down. More precisely, we identify him with the frightening puppet in the image.

Jigsaw, who kidnapped his victims and subjected them to various games and torture, became one of the most feared characters of a period. Because if we think about the serial killer rush in the USA, we can understand why Jigsaw is so scary.

Freddy Krueger – A Nightmare on Elm Street Series

freddy krueger korku filmi karakterleri

One of the scariest movies of the 1980s, A Nightmare on Elm Street, is the production of Freddy Krueger, one of the most iconic horror movie characters of the cinema world. Freddy , who has been showing different appearances in the world of cinema for decades, is known for the knife gloves he wears and his terrible face that is completely burned. Freddy, who captured the dreams of children and young people and killed them, was discussed a lot with the sadistic pleasure he got from these murders.

Jason Voorhees – Friday the 13th Series

13. cuma jason

It would be okay to mention Freddy Krueger and not mention Jason. Yet another feared Slasher horror movie legend of the 1980s, Jason Voorhees was a troubled child with physical and mental deformities. Jason’s later drowning at Camp Crystal Lake led to his mother Pamela becoming a serial killer. In fact, Jason, who did not drown, started to kill everyone who came near Camp Crystal Lake, which he determined as his territory, after seeing his mother’s death.

Not only that, but Jason, who returned to life as an immortal killing machine after being killed by Jarvis; He has proven to us that he is truly immortal by appearing on the big screen, books and comics for decades.

Chucky – Child’s Play Series

chucky korku filmi karakterleri

Charles Lee Ray, nicknamed The Lakeshore Killer, was also an expert in voodoo magic. Caught and shot by the cops, Charles took shelter in a toy store and transferred his soul into the most famous doll in the horror movie world, using the ritual of The Heart of Damballa.

From this point on, the sadistic killer turned into baby Chucky . Throughout the films in the series, we can see Chucky, who continues to kill people just for fun, from time to time in human form.

Diana Walter – Lights Out

lights out Diana Walter

Diana Walter appears in the movie Lights Out , which is one of the most popular horror productions of recent times. Diana Walter, who reigns in places where there is no light, manages to increase our dark phobia many times over.

Diana Walter , who was a human before she became such a terrible evil spirit, had a rare skin disease that reacted to any kind of light. Diana Walter, who lost her life as a result of the experiments on her, turns into a bad mood from the nightmares that kill people in the dark.

Bagul – Sinister

bagul sinister

Sinister , which turned out to be the scariest movie of recent times as a result of experiments on brain waves, also has one of the scariest characters of the horror movie genre. This character is none other than Bagul, the Babylonian god of darkness.

Bagul , which continued its existence with child sacrifices in ancient times, is doing its own thing in modern times. This ancient dark god, who has a lot of influence on children, causes children to kill their parents. Then, by taking the children to the universe, which is their own life, they are fed with their souls for many years.

Pennywise – It

pennywise korku filmi karakterleri

Pennywise , who came out of Stephen King’s famous novel It and invaded the big screen, manages to occupy the nightmares of many of us. Pennywise, with a history of millions of years, is a terrifying cosmic being that is not clear exactly what it is.

Pennywise’s favorite place, which appears everywhere in the macrocosm and is fed with hunger wherever he goes, is the sewers of Stephen King’s fictional city of Derry. Pennywise, who returns every 27 years and feeds off the fears of children and consumes them, is one of the most talked about characters of the horror genre.

Valak – The Conjuring 2 , The Nun

valak korku seansı

The Conjuring series ushered in a new era in the modern horror genre. Valak, who appeared in the second movie of this series and later in the spin-off movie The Nun, quickly took its place among the scariest horror movie characters of recent times.

Appearing in the form of an extremely frightening priestess, Valak is an ancient demon with a very ancient origin. Valak, the scariest demon that horror cinema has ever seen, appears as a very powerful and intelligent being who can create terror just because he wants to.

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