From Stephen King to JK Rowling 6 Benefits of Fiction Books for the Reader

“Books are the ultimate stupid lovers: Even if you put them down, they will wait for you forever. Give them your attention because they will always love you.” – John Green

It is quite difficult to find someone who would doubt the veracity of the above statement. Although the concepts of development and becoming a better person are generally valid for personal development books ; I think that these concepts reach the reader in a more permanent and aesthetic way in fictional books. Most people create works of imagination, not with the expectation of personal development; reads with the expectation of entertainment or entertainment. Here, we have 6 items to show that fiction books are so much more than that. Let’s see.

1) Improves Your Creativity

Literary fiction is a fascinating example of art because; always creates the space where you can state your personal comment. It shows you your direction, but basically you create the path with your own imagination. This initiates an active creative process.

2) Your Experience Can Increase Through Reading

Most fictional stories have a protagonist —that is, the main protagonist trying to overcome obstacles—and an antagonist who creates those obstacles, the opposite of the protagonist . This allows the reader to experience both sides and observe closely.

According to a study conducted in 2011 : When participants read any experience, they display stimuli in the same neurological regions as if they were experiencing the experience themselves, and they adopt that experience. In this way, when they encounter the same situation, they start to apply the experiences they read in their own lives.

3) Improves Your Empathy Ability

Empathy is one of the most important factors for communication, both professionally and in our daily lives. According to a study in Scientific American in 2013 : Reading literary fiction incredibly increases the level of empathy of readers.

When we read a story, we don’t just witness the flow of events. In parallel, we can observe the thoughts of the characters and their interactions with other characters. Thus, our ability to empathize increases.

4) You Can Cope With Obstacles More Easily

Thanks to our learning from experience, we are also better prepared when we encounter difficulties. E.g; Thanks to Paulo Coelho ‘s work, The Alchemist , many have changed the way they perceive obstacles and life’s journey.

5) You Have Superior Focusing Skills

If you can sit down and focus on a job for half an hour, you are considered to be someone who has no focus problems in today’s world. Our environment is full of thousands of stimuli that will distract us, and while they are present, the focus time of our brain decreases. In order to prevent this, you can manage to both focus and increase your focus time by taking a fluent fiction book and reading it for hours in isolation.

6) You Can Find Your Peace of Mind

Immersing yourself in a story, even for a few seconds, can calm you down more than you might expect. According to research conducted at the University of Sussex in 2009 ; A 6-minute reading reduces your stress level by 68%. The best part of the job is that you can’t let go of a story in 6 minutes, so you get a longer period of calmness and relaxation.

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