Cooking Movies: The 10 Most Delicious Movies in Cinema

Are you ready to open the doors of the world of taste with cooking movies? In most movies, food is largely out of the frame or is an unimportant element of the scene. Whereas, food-oriented movies where the characters stir soup, chop onions, fry steaks or spin a fork of spaghetti on a plate are quite enjoyable to watch. Scenes that are both colorful and delicious.

We have compiled for you the culinary movies where cooking and eating are not just a small part of the movie, but an integral part of the plot. From children’s movies like Ratatouille to Oscar nominees like Chocolat, the movies on this list are all about cooking and the kitchen in some way. According to the IMDb score, the 10 best cooking movies that are generally accepted are on this list.

Cooking Movies

10) Burnt – Too Cooked (2015) | IMDb: 6.6

Director: John Wells

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Daniel Bruhl

Rotten Tomatoes: 28%

The first movie of our list of cooking movies is Very Cooked. Adam Jones (Cooper) was one of the top chefs in Paris until drugs and alcohol affected his career. After moving from New Orleans to London, Tony (Brühl) reluctantly hires him as the head chef of a famous restaurant. Adam gets a chance to save his profession. Expecting excellence from his newly formed team (Miller, Omar Sy), Jones will do his best to earn his Michelin star. Burnt offers an excellent insight into the world of high-end dining and professional kitchens.

9) Comme un Chef – The Battle of the Chiefs (2012) | IMDb: 6.6

Director: Daniel Cohen

Cast: Jean Reno, Michael Youn, Raphaelle Agogue

Rotten Tomatoes: 47%

Self-taught chef Jacky has talent but no luck. Star chef Alexandre Lagarde (Reno) is in danger of losing his reputation with his restaurant. Fate brings the two together and they begin a journey through the dizzying world of French cuisine. In order not to lose her three-star chef status, Lagarde works with Jacky and together they try to find the balance between tradition and trend, family life and obsession with food.

8) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Charlie’s Chocolate Factory (2005) | IMDb: 6.7

Director: Tim Burton

Cast: Johnny Deep, Freddia Highmore, David Kelly

Rotten Tomatoes : 83%

Based on the Roald Dahl story, this fantasy comedy begins with the mysterious journey of young Charlie Bucket (Highmore) and his grandfather Joe (David Kelly). Willy Wonka (Depp) announces a contest in which children who find five golden tickets will receive a chocolate bar for a lifetime and one of them a chance to win an unknown grand prize.

Charlie struggles to find a ticket. Grandpa Joe finds a ticket and he and Charlie are on the way to the factory. Everything in the factory is made of chocolate. Children and parents cannot hide their surprise at what they see, and a fierce race begins for the grand prize. Although it looks like a chocolate movie, this movie is a must in the list of cooking movies.

7) Julie & Julia (2009) | IMDb: 7.0

Director: Nora Ephron

Cast: Amy Adams, Merly Streep, Chris Messina

Rotten Tomatoes: 78%

If cooking isn’t your thing, how about some culinary drama to pass the time? New Yorker Julie Powell (Adams) embarks on a daring project: she vows to try all 524 recipes in Julia Childs’ culinary pinnacle “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” The true story of how Julia Child (Streep) conquered French cuisine passionately, fearlessly and with lots of butter is intertwined with Julie’s story.

6) Bella Martha (2001) | IMDb: 7.2

Director: Sandra Nettelbeck

Cast: Martina Gedeck, Maxime Foerste, Sergio Castellitto

Rotten Tomatoes: 92%

Martha (Gedeck) relies on her culinary skills as her primary communication tool. He lives for his job and works in the kitchen with a perfectionist, obsessive care. Martha’s sister dies in a car accident and her 8-year-old niece, Lina, has to live with Martha.

Martha doesn’t know what to do, she can barely take care of herself because her dedication to her job requires her to put everything else first. Martha’s order begins to fall apart. Martha has to deal with Lina and run her business with the same discipline. But achieving this will be much more difficult when you meet a chef who will melt your heart.

5) Chef – Chef (2014) | IMDb: 7.3

Director: Jon Favreau

Cast: Jon Favreau, Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson

Rotten Tomatoes: 87%

When it comes to cooking movies, you can’t pass without watching Jon Favreau’s Chef. The movie begins when a famous chef, disillusioned with his restaurant job and lack of freedom in the kitchen, goes on a road trip with his son, selling Cuban sandwiches and other local dishes in a food truck.

Carl joins forces with his ex-wife (Vergara), best friend (John Alberto Leguizamo) and son (Emjay Anthony) to start a food truck business. It is clear throughout the movie that Favreau has a genuine love for cooking and especially Cuban cuisine. It’s worth a look if you just want to hang out with fun people who love to cook for a while.

4) The Hundred-Foot Journey – Recipe for Love (2014) | IMDb: 7.3

Director: Lasse Hallström

Cast: Helen Mirren, Om Puri, Manish Dayal

Rotten Tomatoes: 68%

Hassan Kadam (Dayal) is an extraordinarily talented and self-taught apprentice. When he and his family leave their homeland of India and settle in a quaint French village, they decide to open an Indian restaurant. However, Madame Mallory (Mirren), the owner of a famous restaurant just 30 meters away, strongly opposes this.

Another movie on our list of cooking movies, Aşk Tarifi successfully tells the story of two cultures coming together with a common love of food. It is a delicious movie with lots of flavor conflicts, where you can watch both French cuisine and Indian cuisine at the same time.

3) Chocolat – Chocolate (2000) | IMDb: 7.3

Director: Lasse Hallström

Cast: Juliette Binoche, Jonny Deep, Judi Dench

Rotten Tomatoes: 63%

When the mysterious Vianne (Binoche) and her child arrived in a quiet French town in the winter of 1959, no one could have imagined the impact she and her daughter would have on a traditional community. In a few days, Vianne opens a chocolate shop in the square opposite the church, in a style that the town is not used to.

Impressing the villagers with her ability to perceive the desires of her customers and satisfy them with the right chocolate, Vianne endears herself to this small community. But the mayor spreads malicious rumors about Vianne that she is a sinner. A tough fight awaits Vianne and her chocolates…

2) Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011) | IMDb: 7.8

Director: David Gelb

Cast: Jiro Ono, Yoshikazu Ono, Masuhiro Yamamoto

Rotten Tomatoes: 99%

Prepared by the producers of Chef’s Table, this classic food documentary is about the world-renowned sushi chef, 85-year-old Jiro Ono, who is completely devoted to his job. The film focuses on how Ono became the creator of sushi and revolutionized the kitchen with new techniques. Jiro Ono is considered the greatest living sushi chef, and watching his relentless pursuit of perfection is awe-inspiring and mouth-watering.

1) Ratatouille – Ratatuy (2007) | IMDb: 8.1

Director: Brad Bird

Cast: Brad Garrett, Lou Romano, Patton Oswalt

Rotten Tomatoes: 96%

There is little chance that Ratatuy is not the first movie that comes to mind when it comes to cooking movies. You might not expect an animated movie about a mouse living in Paris to be one of the best movies about cooking. However, Ratatouille manages to surprise everyone.

The movie is about Remy the mouse, who is obsessed with good food, and teams up with an inept kitchen assistant to cook delicious meals at a famous restaurant in Paris. Ratatouille draws attention not only to great food, but also to the passion, hard work and art that goes into making it, giving a great message to those who fear the kitchen: Anyone can cook.


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