Benefits of Turkish Coffee: A Cup of Health

Turkish coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in our country after tea. Turkish coffee, which is an indispensable accompaniment to conversations, is not that popular just because it is consumed. The brewing, preparation, cooking and presentation of the coffee are all ceremonies. Every detail, from the differences in cooking techniques to the size of the sugar used, adds flavor to the flavor of that cup. The benefits of Turkish coffee are endless. Let’s find out together what are the benefits of Turkish coffee:

What are the Benefits of Turkish Coffee?

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1) It helps to reduce stress.

It has been determined that consuming Turkish coffee in moderation reduces stress. According to many studies, regular consumption of Turkish coffee not only reduces the effects of depression, but also significantly reduces the possibility of being depressed.

2) It prevents mental fatigue and gives energy.

Mental fatigue, which occurs in people for different reasons and periods, is a condition that even reduces the energy of life. This situation also affects the productivity and fitness of the person. Consuming Turkish coffee on a regular basis, on the other hand, prevents the occurrence of this mental fatigue in people.
For this reason, experts recommend consuming a cup of Turkish coffee after breakfast if you do not have any health problems that can prevent this.

3) It gives a feeling of satiety, helps you lose weight with the effect of accelerating metabolism.

Turkish coffee, which does not end with counting the benefits it provides, is around 15-18 calories on average without added sugar. On top of that, the feeling of satiety it provides and the effect of accelerating fat burning make it one of the indispensable drinks.

4) It strengthens memory and mental activities.

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Studies have shown that Turkish coffee encourages the mind to work better with its anti-fatigue effect. Apart from that, its stimulating effect makes the brain open to signals and strengthens memory.

5) It has a painkiller effect.

Turkish coffee provides pain relief due to the caffeine in it. It is especially preferred for alleviating headaches.

6) It is a friend of the body.

Turkish coffee relieves inflammation in the body and prevents the formation of gallstones. Turkish coffee, which surprises the human body with its benefits, also prevents the liver from being lubricated.

7) Beneficial to the skin.

Not only when it is drunk, but also after the application of the remaining grounds to the skin, the skin is refreshed and gets a brand new look.

How Many Cups of Turkish Coffee Should Be Consumed Per Day?

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Since Turkish coffee contains much more caffeine than soluble coffees with similar derivatives, consuming coffee in doses is the key to reaping its benefits. In addition, the consumption of foods such as “chocolate, sugar, Turkish delight” accompanying coffee can invite many health problems if not limited.

Drinking a maximum of 2 or 3 cups of Turkish coffee a day provides the benefits listed above, while constantly exceeding this brings along various health problems. Therefore, as in everything else, moderate consumption is important.

What are the Harms of Turkish Coffee?

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Turkish coffee has some disadvantages as well as benefits. Consuming too much Turkish coffee can cause a wide variety of problems in the body. As it has been said before, as with everything that is not consumed in its dose, excessive consumption of Turkish coffee can cause some health problems.

1) Indigestion

Consuming Turkish coffee on an empty stomach is almost like an invitation to indigestion. In addition, coffee drunk on an empty stomach can cause nausea and burning. For this reason, it is recommended by experts to consume morning coffee after breakfast.

2) Stomach Disorders

Consuming too much Turkish coffee causes the digestive system to not function properly. This can cause stomach ailments such as ulcers, gastritis, and reflux.

3) Insomnia

Excessive consumption of Turkish coffee, which has a higher caffeine content compared to other coffees, causes insomnia problems. Due to the fact that caffeine is a stimulant substance, it is a common situation that a person cannot sleep despite all his tiredness after consuming a lot of coffee. Since the quality of sleep closely affects daily life, too much coffee, which is missed once during the day, has the potential to affect the whole day.

4) Loss of appetite


The feeling of satiety, which we count among the benefits of Turkish coffee, leaves its place to anorexia in excessive consumption. For this reason, it is recommended to be consumed after meals, not before.

5) Irritability, Irritability

It has been mentioned that excessive coffee consumption will bring along insomnia. This insomnia can cause irritability in some people. In order to avoid these and similar situations, it is recommended to consume in a dosed and timely manner. Drinking Turkish coffee close to bedtime will also cause a decrease in sleep quality, just like over consumption, and this will bring irritability in some people.

6) Low Immunity

The intake of more caffeine than the body needs means that the water in the body is withdrawn and the vitamins are reduced. In the long run, this causes the person’s immune system to weaken and its resistance to decrease. The risk of catching diseases, especially colds and flu, increases.

7) Heart Ailments

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While cardiologists recommend coffee consumed in doses for heart health, they draw attention to the fact that excessive consumption of it will cause tachycardia and palpitations. It is said that Turkish coffee, which is consumed more than 1 cup a day, especially in older ages, does more harm than good.

8) Blood Pressure and Body Pain

As a result of excessive intake of caffeine into the body, water is drawn from the body, it is possible to experience pain in the muscles. It is known that excessive consumption of Turkish coffee also has negative effects on blood pressure. The blood pressure problem combined with the body’s thirst is also the trigger of headaches.

When Should Turkish Coffee Be Consumed During the Day?

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Due to the effects of Turkish coffee listed above, it is stated that the ideal time for consumption is 1-2 hours before or after a person’s meal. It is not recommended to consume Turkish coffee before going to bed or before having breakfast as soon as you wake up.


If you want to listen to the benefits and harms of Turkish coffee from a doctor:

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