8 Quotes from Cristiano Ronaldo, The Unstoppable Man of the Fields

Çağatay Gültekin

Çağatay Gültekin

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One of the biggest debates in the world, Ronaldo or Messi? Many brave men perished in this debate to prove the other side wrong. If you ask me, we should think about how lucky we are to be able to watch both of them in the same league at the same time, without getting into such a dilemma. Now, let’s listen to the words of one of these ending duo.

1) “I see football as an art and football players as artists. If you are the best artist, the last thing you will do is redo a work that has already been done.”

Ronaldo is a football player who manages to fascinate the audience with his unique playing style. The protagonist of a fantastic novel makes the impossible possible, giving us a new adventure in every match.

2) “I’m not a perfectionist, but I like the feeling that everything is done well. More importantly, I feel the need for endless learning, development and evolution.”

You’ve seen how ambitious Ronaldo is at matches. You may think that he is a perfectionist, that’s why he is so angry with himself, but he just doesn’t like to make things wrong with himself.

3) “Talent without work is nothing.”

Ronaldo is always the person who does the most intense work in training. He has a training program that is crazy enough to make a documentary about him. That’s why he never gives up working, relying only on his talent.

4) “Your love makes me strong, your hate is unstoppable.”

Ronaldo may be the most loved but also the most hated football player in the world. Ronaldo knows how to use these emotions people have to motivate himself.

5) “I’m living a dream I never want to wake up from.”

Ronaldo is a name that many young football players take as an example. Posters of future stars adorn the walls in their rooms. He is also aware of this and sees it as a dream and does not want to wake up from this dream.

6) “We don’t want to tell our dreams, we want to show them.”

Ronaldo is a football player with dreams. He wants his success to continue. He does what he has to do for this and works all the time.

7) “I never hid my desire to be the best.”

Ronaldo is a name that likes to make assertive statements. In these statements, he clearly states that he wants to be the best. It is one of her greatest wishes that her name be a legend.

8) “We cannot live obsessively with what other people think. It is impossible to live that way. Even God has failed to please the whole world.”

Ronaldo is one of the most criticized names in the world. His every move, his word, is ruthlessly criticized. While people’s emotions motivate him, he doesn’t get hung up on criticism. He also knows that if he is obsessed, it is impossible to live.

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