3 Key Reasons for the Trust Starbucks Has Built in All of Us

Batıhan Dizdaroğlu

Batıhan Dizdaroğlu


Humans naturally avoid surprises. While it is obvious that experiencing something different is interesting to all of us at times, we often gravitate towards familiar brands as a “customer”.
Let’s put aside being a “customer”. Don’t we look for a familiar face to feel better in a foreign place? The trust felt by the familiar determines the decisions and orientation of the human being by nature.
I am experiencing this feeling quite often these days. Although it is my priority to experience the differences during my stay in South Korea, sometimes a familiar person, thing; As I will talk about in this article, I feel good when I see the “brand” and I prefer to interact with it.
Let’s get back to being a customer while concentrating on the concept of the brand. When I want to sit in a cafe and drink coffee when I spend outside in South Korea, like every customer, my preference is not just coffee. Because, besides the product that the customer will experience, the environment and many other features determine the customer’s preference. I usually prefer Starbucks in order not to encounter any surprises, to drink a quality beverage, and to be in an environment that I know and experience. This is the reason why not only me but also thousands of customers prefer Starbucks; “Starbucks Trust”.
According to current data, Starbucks’ trust in Starbucks, which has more than 26,000 branches in 75 countries around the world, increases its turnover dramatically every year and becomes the world’s largest coffee chain. Let’s examine the three main reasons behind this trust and success that Starbucks has built.

1) Starbucks for everyone!

Undoubtedly, one of the most important advantages of Starbuck is its wide price range. Although it is known that there are serious discussions on this issue in our country, I think that Starbucks offers products for both low and high budgets. Thanks to the wide price range, most of the society can go to Starbucks. Addressing a wide customer base is an important reason for Starbucks’ success.

2) Starbucks for everything!

Although Starbucks is a coffee chain, it has started to offer a significant variety in the food menu as well as the beverage menu in recent years. The fact that it offers various snacks and desserts on its menu has a positive effect on the number of customers who prefer this brand.

3) Starbucks everywhere!

The familiar feeling that I mentioned at the beginning of my article is the basis of Starbucks trust. From South Korea to Japan, from China to Brazil, people in 75 different countries are greeted with the same brand identity. The fact that it uses the same corporate identity in every detail from the venue dressing to the clothes worn by the baristas and that it offers the same menu to its customers all over the world are the factors that attract customers. Before I come to Seoul from Istanbul and enter a Starbucks branch here, being sure of what I will eat, what I will drink, how much I will pay, and I do not know that I will not encounter any surprises determined the step I will take inside the door of Starbucks. Just like millions of other Starbucks customers!

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