28 Quotes from Former California Governor and Famous Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Arnold Schwarzenegger; businessman, actor, producer, politician, ex-professional bodybuilder… He is a name that should inspire us all with his outstanding success and efforts in every field he enters. He also motivates us with Schwarzenegger’s words, showing us that we can achieve our dreams if we believe and make sacrifices. Remember; You have to ignore other people and believe in yourself, because no one will make your dreams come true for you.
1) Power does not come from winning. It is your efforts that develop your strength. Strength is not surrendering and overcoming difficulties.
2) What’s the point of being on earth if you’re going to be like everyone else?
3) Just like in bodybuilding, failure is a necessary experience for our development. How do we know how strong we are without testing our limits? In fact, how can we improve?
4) If you want to make your dreams come true, you must give yourself 100% and never stop believing in your dreams.
5) We may encounter things that we call insurmountable. But I have learned some things from years of training and competitions. All the sets and reps I did when I thought I couldn’t lift a little bit more taught me something: We are always stronger than we think.
6) There are no shortcuts; Everything is just repetition.
7) Do what you have to do. Do it now.
8) Success never comes by accident. Every dream carries a certain risk, especially the risk of losing. But I did not hesitate to take risks. Imagine that a successful person takes risks and loses. So that person should try again. You will not always lose. If you try ten times, you will be luckier on the eleventh try.
9) The biggest difference between those who adapt and those who don’t, according to Gorton, is the willingness to commit completely.
10) All I know is this: The first step is to create a dream. Because when you have a vision, you will find the power to will.
11) Be hungry for success. Be hungry to be seen, heard and made an impact. Make sure you’re hungry to help others as you progress and succeed.
12) If I can see and believe, then I can achieve.
13) Your mind is your limit. As long as your mind believes you can do something, you can do it. You have to believe in yourself 100%.
14) The physical obstacles you encounter in sports and the obstacles you encounter in life enable you to create a strong character.
15) Start broadly, expand further and never look back.
16) Ever since my bodybuilding days, I’ve realized that it’s all about the path you take and repetition. The more you ski, the better you will be at skiing; The more repetitions you do, the more successful you will be.
17) Failure is not an option. Everyone has to be successful.
18) The worst thing I could do would be to do the same as everyone else. I hate this.
19) Stop whining.
20) As a kid, I always saw winning athletes as my role models. You should always idolize heroes. This is another way of seeing yourself in their place. Whenever I’ve seen successful people, I’ve said to myself: ‘I have to be there.’
21) I didn’t care about basic education. But it taught me that what seemed impossible at first can be accomplished.
22) I want to hear and appreciate their ideas, but don’t come to me with small ideas. Come up with big ideas that will shape our future.
23) What strengthens your muscles is the last 3-4 reps. This painful stage leads a non-champion to the championship. This is what people lack: to feel that they have to go on and to continue suffering no matter what.
24) Everyone has pity on the weak; To be strong, all you have to do is make others jealous of you.
25) The meaning of life is simply to exist, not to survive; To go forward is to go up and succeed.
26) Positive thinking is contagious. Being surrounded by winners will help you win too.
27) If you can’t find time, you can’t do your job and get results.
28) My rules of success won’t work unless you follow them.

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