25 Quotes to Put a Stop to Your Procrastination Sickness and Get You Moving

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Sometimes we have so much work to do that we find ourselves watching a movie under the blanket. Procrastination is a common behavior. We all commit the crime of procrastinating from time to time what we know is important. And it turns out that the more demanding the job, the better we avoid doing it. I’ve put together 25 quotes that will keep you motivated so that you don’t find yourself lining up all the books in alphabetical order at your desk to study.

1) “Never leave for tomorrow what you can do the day before tomorrow.” – Mark Twain

2) “It is easier to resist at the beginning than to resist when finished.” – Leonardo da Vinci

3) “’Sometimes’ is not a day of the week.” – Janet Dailey

4) “Success is not achieved overnight. It comes piecemeal; You get a little today, a little more tomorrow… A little every day until you get it all… The day you postpone, you lose the success you got that day.” – Israelmore Ayivor

5) “He who waits to know everything never does anything.” – Craig D. Lounsbrough

6) “Procrastination is like going to a fancy restaurant and eating bread until you can’t afford to eat.” – Pichie Norton

7) “Procrastination is the lazy cousin of fear. When we feel anxiety about something, we postpone it.” – Noelle Hancock

8) “Doing things at the last minute is a reminder of the importance of doing it in the beginning.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

9) “You cannot escape tomorrow’s responsibility by shirking today.” – Abraham Lincoln

10) “If you are consciously avoiding the things you need to do, you may be really missing out on a day. – Bill Watterson

11) “By what right do I want something from tomorrow as someone who wastes today?” – Alain Fournier

12) “If you want to get anywhere in life, discover that ‘tomorrow’ is the most useless word.” – Jose N. Harris

13) “Overthinking hinders you. It’s important to think about some things, but most people use thinking as a tool to avoid taking action.” – Robert Herjavec

14) “Just put off until tomorrow the things you want left unfinished when you die.” – Pablo Picasso

15) “Do the thing you most avoid doing first.” – Clifford Cohen

16) “How often do you find yourself saying ‘In a minute’, or ‘I’ll get it done by tomorrow.’ and you find yourself saying one of all the other excuses? It’s like ‘It has to be done, so let’s get to work and do it.’ Compare with how many times you choose to say This will help you understand how serious your procrastination is.” – Stephen Richards

17) “Stopping procrastination starts when you believe you can overcome your procrastination problem.” – Robert Moment

18) “Never procrastinate. One day you will wake up and find that all the opportunities have gone.”

19) “Do something other than kill time. Because time is killing you.” – Paulo Coelho

20) “If you spend a lot of time deciding what to do with your life, you will find that you have already passed your life.” – George Bernard Shaw

21) “What is postponed is inevitable.” – Thomas More

22) “Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work.” – Chuck Close

23) “If you always do the easy thing and choose the path with the fewest obstacles, you will never get out of your comfort zone. And, great things don’t happen in comfort zones.” – Roy Bennett

24) “Your ideas have feet, and they can run into the minds of others just as they run into yours. The only thing that matters at this point is who crosses the finish line first. Nothing under the heavens is new, so get your ideas in motion.” – Sanjo Jendayi

25) A year from now you will find yourself saying, ‘I wish I had started that day.’ you can find it. – Karen Lamb

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