20 Quotes from Management and Marketing Guru Philip Kotler

Philip Kotler
If you want to take yourself one step further in the fields of marketing and management; Philip Kotler is one of the most important names to come to mind in these two fields. He is a lecturer at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and is the Financial Times fourth most important guru of all time. He has written many books and developed theories in the field of marketing.
If you want to be a better manager and marketer, you should keep in mind 20 gold quotes from Philip Kotler.
1) “A good company provides an excellent product and service. A great company strives to make the world a better place alongside an excellent product and service.”
2) “Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to get rid of what you produce. Marketing is the art of creating real customer value. It’s the art of helping your customers get better. The motto of marketing is quality, service and value.”
3) “The market always changes faster than marketing.”
4) “There are three important principles in service marketing: Being fast, flexible and friendly.”
5) “There is always one winning strategy: meticulously defining the target market and delivering a superior offer to that target market.”
6) “Our job is to wake the consumers. If we’re predictable, we won’t have woken them up.”
7) “Integrated marketing communications is a way to examine the entire marketing process from the buyer’s point of view.”
8) “Even today’s marketers sell benefits, not products.”
9) “Marketing is a race without a finish line.”
10) “The vast majority of marketing art is the art of building a brand. When something is not a brand, it just appears as a sold item.”
11) “No company in their right mind would try to sell to everyone.”
12) “Today’s economy is shaped by two great forces: technology and globalization.”
13) “Companies need fewer bosses and more self-directed people.”
14) “The future is not in front of us. We are in it.”
15) “Staying the market leader is more difficult than rising in market competition.”
16) “The good news is that it takes an hour to learn to market. The bad news is that it takes a lifetime to master.”
17) “Marketing is the ability to hit the target.”
18) “If your goal is to average, you will fail.”
19) “Marketing is the creative use of truth.”
20) “In five years, if you’re still in your current job, you’re done.”

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