12 Excerpts from the ‘School of the Gods’ Book to Open Your Perception on Your Journey to Your Self

“An empty stomach, an empty pocket and a broken heart are life’s best teachers.”

Everyone experiences falls from time to time in life, it is entirely your choice to complain or change your point of view in these falls. “The School of the Gods” by Stefano D’Anna focuses on how you find yourself in such events and the consequences of your reactions.
Stefano D’Anna, founder of the European School of Economics, is also an entrepreneur, writer, sociologist and scientist.
In his book, School of Gods, he aimed to change the reader’s perspective on life by constructing his own life story with philosophical motifs, and according to most interpretations, he was successful.

The book tells the story of an unhappy person who is fed up with his life, meeting with ‘Dreamer’ and then the steps to change his life. Let’s look at the dialogues between the Dreamer and our main character.

1) “Don’t blame events. No event is good or bad. It’s just an opportunity.”

2) “A person can change not the events in his life, but only the way he faces them.”

3) “The greatest revolution, the greatest, even the only and most meaningful of all attempts, is to change oneself.”

4) “Man’s biggest mistake is to believe that he can change external conditions and fix the world. However, we can only change ourselves, change our attitudes, correct our reactions, and try not to express the negative emotions we feel.”

5) “The world is as you imagine it; it is a mirror. Outside you find your own world, the world you have created, dreamed of. Find yourself outside! Go and see who you are… You will discover that others are reflections of the lie, of compromise, of your ignorance that you carry inside of you. … Change… so that the world will change.”

6) “Looking within oneself is the key to knowing the world, this is also the path that leads to understanding and foresight.”

7) “As the quality of our thoughts increases, so does our quality of life.”

8) “Ask, but never become addicted to your desires.”

9) “There is no such holy war as defeating oneself; there is no greater victory than transcending one’s own limits.”

10) “You want to know the future? So know yourself.”

11) “Stop worrying about the world, worry about yourself. Only in this way can you help the world.”

12) “Man is given the opportunity to watch the full moon at most a thousand times in his life, but most likely this person will not find time to watch it even once for the rest of his life … If you think that the moon is outside of a person, then a person’s self-observation, his attention will be directed towards you. Think how hard it would be for him to translate it to himself.”

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