10 Quotes From George RR Martin Books That Will Make You Courageous

Master author George RR Martin, the owner of unique and gripping works such as Game of Thrones, The Wandering Knight, A Clash of Kings, contains deep life lessons in the language of the characters he creates in his series. You can listen to 10 quotes from Martin’s books that will make you braver.
1) “A lion doesn’t mind the sheep’s opinions.”
2) “Can’t a man be brave despite his fear?”
3) “The day you hit all the targets is the day you stop progressing.”
4) “The man who is afraid of losing has already lost.”
5) “Tomorrow’s exams were more important than yesterday’s victories.”
6) “Defeat is a disease and its cure is victory.”
7) “Death is a cruel ending, but life is full of possibilities.”
8) “Knowledge is a weapon, Jon. Arm yourself well before you go into battle.”
9) “Sacrifice…is never easy Davos. Otherwise it is not a real sacrifice.”
10) “Never forget who you are because the world will never forget. Make it your strength. So you can’t have a weakness. Wear it like armor so they never use it to hurt you.”

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