Words Come Out Once: 16 Mistakes Historical People Made About the Future

Science has progressed in ways that people could not even imagine for hundreds of years, and it continues to progress. Those who can dream are mentioned not by what they say, but by what they do and achieve. In addition, those who cannot imagine are remembered for the gaffes they have voiced in history. I’ve compiled a few blunders for you that show just how wrong the surprising names are when it comes to science.

Never stop dreaming!

“There is nothing new anymore. Everything that can be invented has been invented.”
//Charles Duell – Head of the US Patent Office
“Anyone with a little education knows that sound cannot be transmitted from one place to another via wires. And even if it did, such an effort would be of no practical value.”
//Boston Post newspaper editor, 1865
“This invention called the telephone has many negative aspects in order to become a useful and serious communication tool. This device, by its very nature, is worthless to us.”
//Western Union firm, 1878
“It is impossible to find a second bias to which we are more accustomed from childhood to the belief that stupid animals can think.”
//René Descartes – French mathematician and philosopher
“Environmentalists worry for nothing. You can even store a year’s worth of waste from a nuclear power station in your desk drawer.
//Ronald Reagan – former US president, 1980
“Horses will always be used. The automobile can only be a temporary fashion.”
//A bank manager giving an appraisal on the future of the automotive industry at Henry Ford’s loan request, 1903
“I believe that the horse will emerge victorious from this fight. The automobile will only be a passing fad.”
//German Emperor II. Wilhelm, 1905
The television will be removed from the market within six months at the latest. People don’t want to look at a box like this every night.”
//Daryik F. Zanuck – president of Twentieth Century Fox, 1944

“I think there is room for at most 5 computers in world markets.”
//Thomas J. Watson – President of IBM, 1943
“Computers will weigh 1.5 tons in the future.”
//Popular Mechanics Magazine, 1949
“What does it mean for people to have computers in their homes? I don’t think anyone has any valid reason to have a computer in their home.”
//Ken Olson – president of DEC company, 1977
“There is no scientific or market possibility for systems that use high voltage and alternating current to become widespread. All these systems[alternatif akım] It is applied purely to hit the copper wire and real estate market. (…) My personal request is that the use of alternating current be completely prohibited. Alternating current is unnecessary and dangerous. Therefore, I do not see any reason behind the introduction of these systems that will harm life and property.”
//Thomas Edison, 1889

“I’ve had enough of this thing called science… We’ve spent millions on what we’ve achieved in the past few years, and it’s time to stop it.”
//Simon Cameron – Pennsylvania State Senator, 1861 (on the Smithsonian Institution’s funding cuts)
“Now science has nothing left to find, science is stuck at this point. We’ve found everything we can find and we don’t need it anymore.”
//Charles Duell – Head of the American Patent Office, 1899
“Anyone who hopes that there may be a source of energy from the fission of atoms is wandering around in a fantasy world.”
//Ernest Rutherford, 1933 (Relating to Nuclear Power Plants)
“X-Ray scans are a scam!”
//Lord Kelvin, 1900

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