What is the Department of Anesthesia? What Do Graduates Do?

Tercih 2021

Tercih 2021

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The Department of Anesthesiology trains students with the capacity to put the patient to sleep (ie. anesthesia), which is an important step during a surgical procedure. Most of the time, they assist anesthesiologists, but when necessary, technicians can also perform the anesthesia process. “What do graduates of this department do? What lessons does he take? What is the general anesthesia department?” We have compiled an article to answer your questions such as, have a pleasant reading.

What is the Department of Anesthesia?

anesthesia department
Anesthesia is the pre-operative numbing and sleeping operation performed to prevent the patient from feeling pain during the surgery. Anesthesia department is the department that trains technicians who prepare for this procedure. Most of the time, experts perform the sleeping process, but in a possible case, the technicians should also be equipped to do this job.

How many years is the Department of Anesthesiology Education?

Anesthesia department is a 2-year associate degree department. Students can graduate by successfully completing 120 ECTS courses and fulfilling the graduation requirements of their university. The department recruits students with the TYT score.

What are the Department of Anesthesiology Courses?

Candidate students who will choose the anesthesia department will be faced with many courses on basic medical science and anesthesia. Some of these are those:
● Infection Control and Sterilization Principles
● Nutrition Principles, Enteral, Parenteral Nutrition
● System Diseases
● Basic Anesthesia
● Surgical Diseases and Procedures
● Infection Control and Sterilization Principles
● Biomedical Technology
● Infectious Diseases
● Clinical Anesthesia
● Advanced Life Support Applications
When you successfully complete these courses, you are entitled to receive an “Associate Degree in Anesthesia”.

What Do Anesthesia Graduates Do?

Graduates of the department receive the title of Anesthesiologist. Graduates of this department work in operating room units in hospitals. Their primary duties are to prepare the patient to be operated on and perform the anesthesia procedure. It takes care to work in harmony with all health personnel in the operating room unit. There is no sector or place that has the opportunity to work other than hospitals.
The responsibilities of department graduates are as follows:
● Preparing drugs before anesthesia
● Assisting in setting up equipment and making sure all reusable equipment is washed and sterilized
● Supporting the transportation of patients from their rooms to the operating room and ensuring their safety and comfort.
● Removing disposable materials after anesthesia, sterilizing equipment
● Monitoring the patient’s vital values during the surgical intervention
● Supporting the anesthesiologist in the placement of breathing tubes to the patient
● Reporting broken anesthesia tools to the relevant department
● Providing stock of anesthesia equipment
● Organizing and maintaining the anesthesia study room
● Working in partnership with an anesthesiologist to develop a personalized care plan that reflects clinical findings
● Provide patient care according to the anesthesiologist’s instructions
● Staying loyal to patient privacy

How Much Salary Do Anesthesia Graduates Get?

Anesthesia graduates can work in public and private hospitals. The salary they receive will be in the amount determined in state hospitals. In private hospitals, it will be calculated according to the policy of this hospital. On average, however, anesthesiologists’ salaries range from 4000 TL to 4500 TL.

What are the Challenges of the Department of Anesthesiology?

In Anesthesia, which was one of the most popular departments of its time, the possibility of appointment decreased as the need in hospitals began to be met to a large extent. The quota is opened every year, but the number is low. However, it is possible that you will be appointed to the required exams when you study consistently and get adequate marks. As long as people get sick and need surgical intervention, they will exist in this profession.

Who Can Be Successful in the Department of Anesthesia?

Students of this department should be able to work under high stress and have hand-eye coordination. At the same time, they should be compatible in teamwork and successful in individual work. He should have a pre-existing interest in the required courses that will be needed in the field of health.

What are the Opportunities for Vertical Transfer to the Department of Anesthesiology?

The 4-year undergraduate departments that students can pass with the DGS exam are as follows.
● Social Work
● Nursing
● Nursing and Health Services
● Health Management
● Emergency Aid and Disaster Management

What is the Future of the Department of Anesthesiology?

It is up to the anesthesiologists/technicians, after the doctors, to ensure patient survival through essential procedures. This chapter will continue to exist in universities as people require medical procedures, and its graduates will be on a mission to save lives. Especially in the pandemic process, we were in 2021, our need for health workers has increased even more. This has shown the importance of each profession in the field of health.
All other university departments can be found here.

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