What is EMT? What are the Duties of an Emergency Medical Technician?

The question of what EMTs do is one of the most frequently asked today. With the opening of health vocational high schools and higher schools, interest in this field has started to increase. For this reason, it is among the most frequently preferred professional fields today. So what is EMT? Att abbreviation stands for the emergency medical technician.

In the most general sense, an emergency medical technician is a person who has received training for emergencies. He is also the person who ensures that patients, casualties and victims reach hospitals in emergency situations. The emergency medical technician also offers medical support. In addition to providing medical support, they also have duties such as answering emergency calls.

What Does an Emergency Medical Technician Do?


The duty of the emergency medical technician is very essential for public and individual health. The EMT officer must reach the help of people in need quickly and on time. As a result of the emergency medical technician fulfilling his duty, patients can reach medical support in a short time. The EMT officer arrives at the site in case of any accident, disaster, injury, or medical need.

First aid is naturally given by the emergency medical technician. In this sense, let us state that the field of duty and responsibility of the emergency medical technician is quite extensive and important. EMT officers must first receive extensive training and then work as head physicians.

In the first intervention, patients should be provided with first triage by mouth or on the condition of opening a vascular access. Then the patients must prepare the transport conditions in full. Meanwhile, patients should be assured that they are safe. To intervene to stop the bleeding if the patient has any open wounds or bleeding. They also have duties such as providing oxygen support to patients whose oxygen levels have decreased. Other duties are to use medical and medical equipment meticulously and to transfer patients to the nearest hospital.

What Training Is Required?


Perhaps the most curious question of the title of what EMT does is undoubtedly the education formation of the profession. In order to become an emergency medical technician, first of all, it is necessary to graduate from health vocational high schools. Perhaps the most curious question of the title of what EMT does is undoubtedly the education formation of the profession. After this training, people can start the emergency medical technician job.

What should be the characteristics of the people who will do the EMT profession?


Since the emergency medical technician covers extraordinary health conditions, he must first be at a mental level. Then, in certain events, the patients need physical equipment to carry the patients in case they are unconscious. Some patients need to offer psychological support to prevent them from wearing down on a psychological basis. Perhaps the most important thing under the title of What does EMT do is that the employee can keep up with his busy business life.

They have competencies such as being open to joint and collective work and acting in harmony with the team environment. It is necessary to have abilities such as being able to overcome quite complex and complex situations. It is very important to have strong verbal and body language communication. Male candidates considering emergency medical technicians have to be exempt from military service. Military service must be postponed or completed in this sense.

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