Future Jobs and Salaries

We have given the future jobs and the 2021 salaries in our article. These salaries may vary depending on the company, location, economy of the country, and your level of experience. These salaries are average annual salaries.

According to the researches, the occupational sectors that will develop in 10 years are:
In its LinkedIn US emerging jobs report, AI and data science roles continue to grow.
Product owners, “customer success specialists,” and “sales development representatives” are also in high demand.
Numerical and Equal Weight jobs with open prospects 2021
If you are wondering which professions are open in Turkey, here are the top 10 professions in the list of the most popular future jobs in Turkey:
Artificial Intelligence Specialist
Robotics Engineer
Data Scientist
Customer Sales Specialist
Data Engineer
Behavioral Health Technician
Cyber Security Expert
Backend Developer
Business Development Manager
Javascript Developer

Source: https://eniyimeslekler.com/gelecekin-meslekleri/

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