What is Clairvoyance? An Overview of Clairvoyance, the Star of Parapsychology

21 September 2021


Parapsychology, which is a mysterious subject that most of us try to make sense of, has always continued to be a mysterious area of interest that people try to make sense of based on their own metaphysical experiences. clairvoyant It is one of the most interesting phenomena in parapsychology.

We come across spiritual stories that cannot be proven scientifically and therefore remain as a question mark in our minds at any time in our lives and we try to make sense of them within the framework of our own logic. Clairvoyance is one of the supernatural denominations that we encounter with the sixth sense, telepathy, telekinesis and many other names. So what is clairvoyance and what does it mean? Together we take a close look.

What is clairvoyance?

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The English “ clairvoyance named as “ clairvoyance It is the name given to the ability to visually perceive various events and situations independent of time and place. This can also be defined as a mental ability to see. psychic ability , similar to the sixth stock. Clairvoyance is the ability to imaginatively grasp the events that will occur in general.

We hear from most people who say that they can perceive objects and events without the help of the five senses, that they met this metaphysical dimension early in their lives. When we want to take a look at the similarities of clairvoyants who describe a future situation and event appearing before their eyes like a movie scene, we come across many interesting experiences. Clairvoyants also have many common traits and experiences.

Common features of clairvoyants:

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  • Having very vivid and colorful dreams,
  • Perception of people’s auras and aura colors,
  • Having a developed imagination
  • Have a strong sense of direction due to their success in visualization
  • Seeing various colored light beams and particles.

In this experience, which we don’t hear as much as telepathy or the sixth sense, pineal The gland is thought to have an important function. Various studies on the pineal gland, which is believed to play a major role in experiencing many spiritual experiences, including clairvoyance, are also believed to increase psychic abilities. Since this center in the brain, which is also described as the third eye, secretes the hormones melatonin and DMT in the highest amount at night, it is thought that the highest level of spiritual perception is reached at this time.

Those with this ability can experience it at any time of the day. paranormal of the process, messenger dream We can say that it explains the relationship between the so-called ”’ dreams during sleep hours and the intense activation of the pineal gland at night.

Different types of Clairvoyance and their experiences:

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Clairvoyance, which is divided into various classes within the scope of parapsychology, can be perceived in many different ways and visualized in the mind. E.g;

  • Insight: Being able to see even with eyes closed, making things visual by creating images.
  • Telepathic: Realization of perceptions with an inner cognition independent of the mind and intuition with spiritual communication.
  • Precognitive, Postcognitive: Perception of clairvoyance independent of time, a kind of time travel by perceiving the past, present or future.
  • Alteroscopy, Alloscopy, Otoscopy: Examining the internal organs and skeletal system with the clairvoyant technique in Reiki and similar healing procedures.
  • Teleoptics: Perception of distances and distant regions beyond perception.
  • Critoscopy: Seeing objects and events behind solids, structures and walls.

Psychoanalysis, Carl Jung and Clairvoyance:

Clairvoyance, which is known by many names, has been the subject of movies, books and many stories that have been told. There are many personal opinions about the possibility of this psychic experience being real, which is thought to be achieved through intuition, goodwill, and an enlightened consciousness. Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, was very interested in mysticism in his research.

Jung also makes clear his interest in metaphysics in a letter to Freud. In the letter, Jung stated that metaphysics is a subject that needs to be discovered; In his articles on astrology and alchemy, he made inferences that man is not just a being that can perceive with the senses, and that the phenomena that we cannot yet make sense of are not actually illogical.

Clairvoyance was explained by Jung based on the principle of simultaneity. He explains synchronicity, which he defines as meaningful coincidences, as the connection of causally unrelated phenomena with each other. It states that the realization of an image perceived in the past in the future is also due to a cause-effect relationship based on simultaneity. According to Jung, clairvoyance is a perfectly normal and normal experience.

Is it possible to acquire and develop clairvoyant ability later?

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According to spiritual people, since clairvoyance cannot be experienced in gamma and beta phases, which are active in our daily lives, alpha and theta phases must be experienced consciously.
A meditative artificial sleep is achieved by closing the eyes, attention is fixed at a certain point, and consciousness is directed with imaginations.

in the first phase In order to provide spiritual depth, the person is expected to get rid of the thoughts that are crowded in his mind by going into a deep trance state. Imagination work is done without interruption to keep the consciousness active and to prevent falling asleep. A wall or structure whose back side needs to be seen is imagined and all its details are examined.

into the sleep phase The alpha and theta phases are reached by continuing the imagery work each time. All attention is given to the third eye by visualizing that the building whose back is tried to be seen is standing in front of it. It is imagined that a strong ray is reflected from the middle of the forehead and this ray makes the back of the building visible. There are many clairvoyant development techniques in this and similar ways.

Since natural stones are given importance to their energy and positive effects in psychic experiences, it is seen that they are worn as accessories and kept in a desired area of the house. Although the use of moonstone is widely believed to improve psychic abilities and clairvoyance; Stones such as amethyst, lapis lazuli, crystal quartz, azurite are also preferred to increase intuitive abilities.

Purpose and basic building blocks of Clairvoyance:

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In clairvoyance and other psychic events, which we often hear from people who are interested in meditation and yoga, it is believed that one will approach the spiritual dimension with a calm and purified consciousness. Spiritual people who refer to the importance of having a healthy ego, being free from bad intentions and negative thoughts and remaining conscious of a sense of surrender; thinks that psychic abilities can be realized through spiritual purification.

Mysticism, of which natural stone and similar elements form a small part; teaches self-transformation before objects as a method. It advises to get rid of the features that are described as malign and considered bad in various beliefs. Although the mystical belief or doctrine varies greatly, the common feature is always to make the unknown known is to work.

The modern world and mysticism

The Lovers Whirlwind

The Lovers Whirlwind – William Blake

When we reach even to the time period in which technology is most developed; mysticism always preserves its own mystery. Mysticism, which many people are both interested and frightened by, is a dreaded research. parapsychological teaching looks like it will continue to exist. The curiosity of the unknown, the unique charm of secret and esoteric information, continues to be transferred from the past to the present, nourished by the search for a place where human beings can find shelter at every point where they question their existence.

Various spiritual rituals that drive the masses are spreading much faster, becoming well known with the widespread use of social media. Kabala There is no doubt that occultism, which spans a wide spectrum from belief to astrology, from tarot to coffee fortunes, will continue to be told and discussed from generation to generation, like a legacy that preserves its existence with its mystery. For now, although we cannot explain the unknowns of the experiences described, perhaps we can be one of the people who make spiritual discoveries in the future.

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