Best Netflix Documentary Recommendations: 80 Documentaries That Bring New Perspectives

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Netflix documentary content is highly appreciated, although not as much as movies and TV series. Netflix documentary It offers productions that satisfy everyone who is looking for informative content and who wants to spend a useful time as well as entertainment. The Netflix content team comes up with a successful curation in this area.
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From science and nature to crime, from food culture to ecology, from politics to history, from popular culture to success stories, Netflix has a wide range of documentary topics. documentaries We find it difficult to decide what to watch in this area, since it cannot find a place in daily conversations as much as TV series and movies. we too Netflix documentaries We have brought together the best productions among them and prepared an up-to-date list as a guide. We have listed all productions according to their IMDb scores.
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Netflix documentaries with an IMDb score of 8-10

*New Documentary: The Last Dance (2020) | IMDb: 9.3

Type : Documentary Series, Biography, History
A documentary series, The Last Dance follows Michael Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls and the 1997-1998 season when the Chicago Bulls won their final championship. The documentary series, co-produced by ESPN and Netflix, was prepared using more than 500 hours of footage shot by the camera team. The Last Dance chronicles the journey of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls to championships.
Duration : 1 Season 10 Episodes (10 Hours)
IMDb : 9.3 Rotten Tomatoes : 96% Google : 95%

one. Vietnam War (2017) | IMDb: 9.1

Type : Documentary Series, History, War
The Vietnam War is a 20-year war that lasted from 1955 to 1975. The USA, on the other hand, was involved in the war between 1963 and 1973 and lost about 60,000 soldiers. Most of the soldiers who returned to their country alive also committed suicide. It is the second hot conflict in the Cold War period.
This documentary, which tells about one of the most important and controversial wars in recent history, bears the signature of Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. It consists of 10 sections in total. This work, which has a budget of over 30 million dollars and took 10 years to produce, was crowned with the 2017 Special Award by the American Film Institute. Written by Geoffrey C. Ward and narrated by Peter Coyote.

Although not a Netflix documentary, this production, which you can watch on Netflix, includes interviews with 79 eyewitnesses. Special care was taken to interview people who fought on two different sides. Ken Burns specifically avoided interviewing historians and other experts. All of the materials used were chosen by paying attention to the fact that they describe the event from many different angles. After almost 1500 hours of archival research, more than 24,000 photographs were found. By using these materials in the documentary, the war is handled objectively with the policies behind it and its results. This production also draws attention with its high IMDb score among Netflix documentary productions.
Duration : 1 Season 10 Episodes (16 Hours 40 Minutes)
IMDb : 9.1 Rotten Tomatoes : 96% Google : 94%

2nd. Chef’s Table (2015) | IMDb: 8.6

Type : Documentary Series, Food
In my opinion, it is the most beautiful documentary series ever, which not only gastronomy enthusiasts, but everyone should give a chance. If you are struggling with thoughts at the end of a tired day, it is perfect to rest your brain and to raise your mood on days when you lose your motivation. Versatile, rich, simple yet impressive. It is an exquisite production where you can see the success of the Netflix documentary genre. The shooting quality and editing are amazing.
Each episode tells the inspiring stories of the world-famous chefs it hosts. It focuses not only on the kitchens of the cooks, but also on their lives and personal journeys. It reveals how the deep passion behind making the impossible possible makes people and the world beautiful. It reflects the dedication required by cooking and pastry making with goosebumps.
The 4th episode of Chef’Table, consisting of 5 seasons. season consists only of pastry chefs. There is also a mini series called “Chef’s Table France” consisting of 1 season and 4 episodes and only French cooks are featured. If you want to witness the stories coming from life, you will love Chef’s Table.
Duration : 6 Seasons 30 Episodes (25 Hours)
IMDb : 8.6 Rotten Tomatoes : 81% Google : 94%

3. Challengers (2017) | IMDb: 8.5

Type : Documentary Series, Biography, Crime
This documentary series, which is in the Netflix documentary category and is an HBO production, was shot by Allen Hughes, who directed films such as New York I Love You and Book of God. Dr. It tells the stories of important names in the world music market such as Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Originally titled The Defiant Ones, the production was originally directed by Jimmy Iovine and Dr. It mirrors Dre’s relationship, both personal and business.
Jimmy Iovine is a successful music and business person who worked with John Lennon and Bruce Springsteen in the 1970s and produced names such as U2, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Stevie Nicks. On the other hand, the successful producer, whose greatest inventor is Eminem, and one of the founders of Death Row Records, Dr. Dr. is included. It is told how these two enriched the hip-hop culture and how they shared success.
Duration : 1 Season 4 Episodes (16 Hours 40 Minutes)
IMDb : 8.5 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 94%

4. Last Chance U (2016) | IMDb: 8.5

Type : Documentary Series, Sports
This Netflix documentary series follows the lives of the American football players of Eastern Mississippi University and Independence College. This series, which should be watched by those who are interested in American football and American documentaries, reveals the private lives of the athletes and the behind the scenes of their lives, which seem so bright from the outside.
Duration : 4 Seasons 32 Episodes (26 Hours)
IMDb : 8.5 Rotten Tomatoes : 93% Google : 94%

5. Springsteen on Broadway (2018) | IMDb: 8.5

Type : Documentary Film, Music
In this documentary, where he shares acoustic versions of his famous songs with his fans, American singer Bruce Springsteen tells his life story and special memories in a candid way. Performing at New York’s Broadway hall, Walter Kerr Theatre, five days a week for 1.5 years, Springsteen meets with the audience on Netflix with the same name after her last performance.
Duration : 2 hours 33 minutes
IMDb : 8.5 Rotten Tomatoes : 96%

6. Senna (2010) | IMDb: 8.5

Type : Documentary Film, Biography, Sports
netflix belgesel senna
You won’t even be able to blink your eyes while watching this movie-like documentary about the life and death of Brazilian world-famous Formula 1 racer Ayrton Senna. You will feel like a close friend of Senna while watching this documentary where you can see the human side as well as the legendary rivalry and interviews of Senna, an extremely passionate, ambitious and confident racer, with Prost.
Duration : 1 Hour 45 Minutes
IMDb : 8.5 Rotten Tomatoes : 93% Google : 94%

7. Daughters of Destiny (2017) | IMDb: 8.5

Type : Documentary Film, Cultural
The documentary, shot by Oscar-winning filmmaker Vanessa Roth, tells the story of 5 girls who start studying at Shanti Bhavan, India’s famous boarding school that accepts only 24 children each year. Witness the struggle of these 5 smart girls, who come from very poor families and live under very difficult conditions, for their future. An impressive Netflix documentary…
Duration : 1 Season 4 Episodes (4 Hours)
IMDb : 8.5

8. Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom (2015) | IMDb: 8.4

Type : Documentary Film, Political
This documentary film, co-produced by Ukraine, the USA and the UK, chronicles the events of more than 90 days in Ukraine between 2014 and 2013 and the formation of human rights in the new world. These events, which started with student groups that took action in a completely peaceful way in the face of European integration in those years, then turn into a bloody conflict that calls for the president to resign. This Netflix documentary film is about the struggle of the Ukrainian people, who came together and mobilized for their freedom.
Duration : 1 Hour 42 Minutes
IMDb : 8.5 Rotten Tomatoes : 88% Google : 93%

9. Abstract Thinking: The Art of Design (2017) | IMDb: 8.4

Type : Documentary Series, Lifestyle
netflix belgesel abstract
A great choice for those who want to watch something inspiring! The documentary focuses on stimulating topics such as capturing the designer’s point of view and discovering their stories and sources of inspiration. In addition to its functionality, the concept called design is handled wonderfully as a storytelling technique. The documentary, which has a total of 1 season, consists of 8 separate episodes. This Netflix documentary series, which focuses on creativity, also draws attention with its 8.4 score on IMDb.
Duration : 2 Seasons 14 Episodes (10 hours 30 minutes)
IMDb : 8.4 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 96%

10. Medal of Honor (2018) | IMDb: 8.4

Type : Documentary Series, War, History
The Netflix documentary series, produced by Robert Zemeckis, who also directed films such as Back to the Future and Forrest Gump, tells the stories of American soldiers who received the Medal of Honor in military operations in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam. The story of a different soldier is told in each episode of the series, each of which is approximately 60 minutes long and consists of 8 episodes.
Duration : 1 Season 8 Episodes (7 hours 25 minutes)
IMDb : 8.4 Google : 96%

11. Dancing With The Birds (2019) | IMDb: 8.3

Type : Documentary Series, Science, Nature & Ecology
Do you think it is possible to watch a documentary with a big smile on your face? If you are wondering the answer to the question, you should definitely watch this short Netflix documentary. This documentary features lots of wit, dance and music, about the shows that different species of male birds do to impress their females. The documentary, with the Turkish voice-over of Okan Bayülgen, is a great opportunity for you to see the tactics developed by male birds and how simple nature works.
Duration : 1 Season 1 Episode (51 minutes)
IMDb : 8.3 Google : 96%

12. Cowspiracy: The Secret to Sustainability (2014) | IMDb: 8.3

Type : Documentary Film, Science, Ecology
While watching this documentary, you will see the serious consequences of factory farming, which has become an increasingly important problem for the world, for us and our environment. You will also become more conscious of our planet and the problems in our way of life as you witness the political reasons why major environmental groups remain silent on this important issue.
Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes
IMDb : 8.3 Google : 95%

13. Five Came Back (2017) | IMDb: 8.3

Type : Documentary Series, History, Biography
netflix belgesel five came back
It is a Netflix documentary series based on the 2014 book Five Came Back: A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War by journalist Mark Harris. Abandoning their careers 2. It is told that five directors, John Ford, William Wyler, John Huston, Frank Capra and George Stevens, who participated in World War II, lived during the war. The aim of the directors who make documentaries on all fronts is to explain the seriousness of the war to the American people.
Duration : 1 Season 3 Episodes (3 hours 15 minutes)
IMDb : 8.3 Rotten Tomatoes : 97%

14. 13 November: Paris Attacks (2018) | IMDb: 8.3

Type : Documentary Film, History
13 November 2015, Germany-France match is at the France Stadium. The French people fill the stadium and its surroundings with great excitement and enthusiasm. The attacks, one of the bloodiest in the history of France, begin at 21:16. At 23:58, the first state of emergency in the history of France after the Algerian War was declared by the then President François Hollande. As a result of simultaneous attacks on the Bataclan Theater building, its surroundings and its stadium, 130 people lost their lives. You can listen to the events in the documentary, which consists of 1 season and 3 episodes.
Duration : 1 Season 3 Episodes (2 hours 45 minutes)
IMDb : 8.3 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 93%

15. Nazi Concentration Camps (1945) | IMDb: 8.2

Type : Documentary Film, History
II. These are the camps established by the Germans during World War II where people were forced to work in harsh conditions. Labor camps are also places where Jews and those with whom the Nazis clashed ideologically were exterminated in the gas chambers. The documentary is prepared by compiling the images taken by military photographers who entered with the armies of the Allies. The images reveal what the Nazis did in the concentration camps and what people went through in the camps. It is one of the oldest movies to be produced in the Netflix documentary category.
Duration : 59 minutes
IMDb : 8.2

16. Bobby Robson: More Than a Manager (2018) | IMDb: 8.2

Type : Documentary Film, Sports, Biography
It is a documentary that should be watched especially by those who are interested in football and those who love sports documentaries. Be sure to watch this movie-like documentary about the life of Bobby Robson, also known as Sir Robson, the legendary English football player and coach of the time.
Duration : 1 Hour 39 Minutes
IMDb : 8.2 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 93%

17. 13. Article (2016) | IMDb: 8.2

Type : Documentary Film, Social and Cultural
In this investigative documentary, academics and politicians try to explain why and how African-Americans have become criminals. The documentary is named after the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution. It takes from the article and deals with how the rights of African Americans who were wronged because of this article were defeated. Also by watching the documentary, you can understand the rise in crime in the USA and how the prisons are so full.
Duration : 1 Hour 40 Minutes
IMDb : 8.2 Rotten Tomatoes : 97% Google : 88%

18. LA 92 (2017) | IMDb: 8.2

Type : Documentary Film, Social and Cultural
The documentary chronicles the protests and violence that began in 1992, when footage emerged of a Los Angeles resident being beaten to death by the police. The documentary, which was published in National Geographic in 2017, consists entirely of striking archival footage recording the events of the period. Oscar winner Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin sit in the director’s chair of the documentary, which won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Documentary.
Duration : 1 Hour 54 Minutes
IMDb : 8.2 Rotten Tomatoes : 92% Google : 81%

19. Virunga (2014) | IMDb: 8.2

Type : Documentary, War, Ecological
netflix belgesel virunga
The documentary, which was screened in film festivals such as Tribeca, Little Rock and Edinburgh and received great acclaim, tells the struggles between oil companies and the guards trying to protect the park in Virunga National Park, which has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. Orlando von Einsiedel sits in the director’s chair of the documentary, which tells the story of those who risk their lives for the protection of Virunga. You should definitely give this award-winning Netflix documentary a chance.
Duration : 1 Hour 45 Minutes
IMDb : 8.2 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 93%

20. Wild Fields (2018) | IMDb: 8.2

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
Wild Wild Coutry chronicles the life of Osho, known as Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. The Rajneesh movement is building a world for themselves in a small town in the US state of Oregon. In a short time, they turn into a community with followers all over the world. This Netflix documentary series, which will surprise you in every episode, won the Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary and Non-Fiction Series.
Duration : 1 Season 6 Episode (6 hours 43 minutes)
IMDb : 8.2 Rotten Tomatoes : 98% Google : 91%

21. Bobby Kennedy for President (2018) | IMDb: 8.2

Type : Documentary Series, Drama, Biography
Bobby Kennedy for President is an American Netflix documentary series about the personality, political career and murder of President of America Robert F. Kennedy. The documentary-series, which also includes historical archives and interviews with important names of the period, consists of 4 episodes, each lasting approximately 60 minutes.
Duration : 1 Season 4 Episodes (4 hours 5 minutes)
IMDb : 8.2 Rotten Tomatoes : 95% Google : 95%

22. Cuba and the Cameraman (2017) | IMDb: 8.2

Type : Documentary Film, Political, Cultural
netflix belgesel cuba and the cameraman
This Netflix documentary film, Cuba and the Cameraman, is composed of two Oscar nominee Jon Alpert’s images taken over 45 years. It conveys the change in Cuba with the narration of three families and Fidel Castro to the audience. It tells about a culture that does not change despite all the changes, and a country that still manages to survive despite the American embargo. Despite all the difficulties experienced, it promises you about two hours to spend with memories told with a laugh and conversations that will warm your heart.
Duration : 1 hour 54 minutes
IMDb : 8.2 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 97%

23. Who Killed Gabriel Fernandez? (2020) | IMDb: 8.2

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
The documentary, which deals with a true story that took place in California in 2013, is about the violent murder of eight-year-old Gabriel Fernandez by his mother and her sociopathic lover. The production, which will shock you deeply when you watch it, also reveals the inadequacy of social service duties. The documentary, directed by Brian Knappenberger, also includes interviews with journalists and lawyers of the case. This Netflix documentary series that you can’t get over for a long time is one of the best and most real productions in the crime genre.
Duration : 1 Season 6 Episode (5 hours 31 minutes)
IMDb : 8.2 Rotten Tomatoes : 80% Google : 96%

24. Night on Earth (2020) | IMDb: 8.2

Type : Documentary Series, Science, Nature & Ecology
netflix belgesel night on earth
This documentary, produced in 2020, allows us to see a different side of natural life thanks to the development of technology. We have watched the life of wild animals in documentaries for years, but this documentary, unlike the others, allows you to witness what the same animals do at night. You will be able to closely watch the hidden world of wild animals with the latest cameras used in the shootings. Netflix is one of the most popular content in the documentary field of recent years.
Duration : 52 minutes
IMDb : 8.2 Rotten Tomatoes : 83% Google : 94%

25. Cheerleaders (2020) | IMDb: 8.2

Type : Documentary Series, Reality Show
The documentary that tells the story of the Navarro College cheerleading team preparing for the National Cheerleading Championship is a 6-part American television documentary. The documentary, which includes elements from cheerleading history, is the type to be finished in one sitting.
Duration : 1 Season 6 Episode (5 hours 54 minutes)
IMDb : 8.2 Rotten Tomatoes : 96% Google : 93%

26. The Chef Show (2019) | IMDb: 8.2

Type : Documentary Series, Food
The Chef Show is a documentary series in which director Jon Favreau and chef Roy Choi both cook and have pleasant conversations with different guests in each episode. The first guest of this delicious program, which you should not watch while hungry, is Gwyneth Paltrow. There are also famous names such as Tom Holland, Seth Rogen, Dave Filoni in the 20-episode series.
Duration : 1 Season 20 Episodes (10 hours 10 minutes)
IMDb : 8.2 Google : 94%

27. Dogs (2018) | IMDb: 8.2

Type : Documentary Series
This 6-part mini-documentary series is about the stories of 6 different dogs and their owners. This Netflix documentary mini-series, which may attract the attention of those who own or want to have a dog, reveals the unchanging love and devotion of dogs, even though they live different lives.
Duration : 1 Season 6 Episodes (5 Hours 8 Minutes)
IMDb : 8.2 Rotten Tomatoes : 92% Google : 94%

28. Dirty Money (2018) | IMDb: 8.1

Type : Documentary Series, Crime, Economy
Kirli Para
In these periods, when we started to shape our lives with money, it is not as easy as we think to predict what money we are under the influence of and what it will make us do. The source of large-scale scams is Dirty Money.
You have the opportunity to look at it from both angles in the documentary, which shows us the stories behind the luxurious lives and the customers who are on the invisible side. In the documentary prepared by Alex Gibney, you can observe the employees who grew up with the ambition of the business world and the events where greed is at its peak.

In the first episode, you witness the shocking corruption starting from Volkswagen. Valeant, which exemplifies that the race is not over yet, also shows itself in the health sector, also constitutes a rapid development section. The final part shows us that everything has just begun and examines Trump Organization deeply. Dirty Money adds a new dimension to your perception of reality by revealing the situations where companies are both hunters and prey. It is one of the oldest productions in the Netflix documentary category.
Duration : 2 Seasons 12 Episodes (15 hours)
IMDb : 8.1 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 92%

29. The Story of Diana (2017) | IMDb: 8.1

Type : Documentary Film, Biography
One of the Netflix documentaries, “The Story of Diana” is an excellent production that tells us about Diana’s sensational Royal family life. The documentary consists of two parts. In the first part, we follow Diana’s passionate life starting from her childhood. He talks about the difficult processes in his family and how his mother left his father. Then, towards the end of the first episode about how she met Charles and how they got married, we see how their marriage collapsed and Diana’s struggle in the face of this great destruction.
In the second part, we witness a completely collapsed marriage and then a Diana trying to resist the greedy press. The ending of the documentary is, of course, quite tragic. Lady Diana, who lost her life as a result of a tragic accident in 97, made millions cry with her death. It is a must-watch documentary for those who wonder how the story of Princess Diana, who took the whole world by storm with her actions, ended.
Duration : 4 hours
IMDb : 8.1 Rotten Tomatoes : 80% Google : 95%

30. Cooked (2016) | IMDb: 8.1

Type : Documentary Series, Food
Cooked, which is the shortest and most self-made production in the field of food among our Netflix documentary recommendations, is a documentary based on Michael Pollen’s book. The documentary, which lasts for 4 episodes, proceeds in this line by determining the main concept of each of the 4 elements in nature in a separate section. Cooked, which draws its own place among Netflix documentary series away from the impositions of popular culture, is perfect for those who want to approach food from a philosophical point of view.
Duration : 1 Season 4 Episodes (3 Hours)
IMDb : 8.1 Google : 91%

31. Wall of Dawn (2017) | IMDb: 8.1

Type : Documentary Film, Biography, Sports
The Dawn Wall is about the adventure of climbing the Dawn Wall, which is the dream of a climber named Tommy Caldwel, who never gives up in the face of difficulties. Tommy Caldwel is also the first person to climb this 3,000-foot-high wall. This success story shows that people can overcome any challenge if they want to.
Duration : 1 hour 40 minutes
IMDb : 8.1 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 94%

32. In Search of Coral (2017) | IMDb: 8.1

Type : Documentary Film, Science, Nature
mercan peşinde
Coral reefs are disappearing at an accelerating rate. A team of divers, scientists and photographers from around the world embark on a fight to document the destruction of the reefs. It is a beautiful and sensitive nature documentary that raises awareness of the audience especially about climate change.
Duration : 1 hour 33 minutes
IMDb : 8.1 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 98%

33. Against the Devil: Harold Evans and the Nazis’ Final War Crime (2014) | IMDb: 8.1

Type : Documentary Film, History
The clever and determined Sunday Times journalist, Harold Evans, embarks on a fight to uncover the truth about a dangerous drug administered to pregnant women in the late 60s and early 70s. The documentary, which emphasizes the importance of old investigative journalism, was directed by Jacqui Morris and David Morris.
Duration : 1 hour 42 minutes
IMDb : 8.1 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 94%

34. The Keepers (2017) | IMDb: 8.1

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
One of Netflix’s best crime documentaries, The Keepers follows the unsolved murder of Cathy Cesnik, a Baltimore nun and Catholic school teacher. The case, which could not be solved at that time, comes to the fore again years later thanks to the striking statements made by one of his students. This production, which will give you goosebumps while watching, consists of 7 episodes in total.
Duration : 1 season 7 episodes (7 hours 16 minutes)
IMDb : 8.1 Rotten Tomatoes : 97% Google : 94%

35. Somebody Feed Phil (2018) | IMDb: 8.1

Type : Documentary Series, Cultural
Somebody Feed Phil is a Netflix documentary about gastronomy and culture by Phillip Rosenthal, creator of Everybody Loves Raymond. The documentary, in which you will discover the cultures and foods of different cities in each episode, consists of 12 episodes in total.
Duration : 2 seasons 12 episodes (11 hours 26 minutes)
IMDb : 8.1 Google : 96%

36. The Mind, Explained (2019) | IMDb: 8.1

Type : Documentary Series, Science, Social and Cultural
If you are wondering what is going on inside your mind and ask some questions about your inner world.
If you are looking for an answer; You should definitely take a look at this mini-series that deals with important topics such as dreaming, anxiety and awareness. Thanks to this series, you will find answers to many of your questions by spending an average of 20 minutes per episode.
Duration : 1 Season 5 Episodes (1 Hour 40 Minutes)
IMDb : 8.1 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 94%

37. The Toys That Made Us (2017) | IMDb: 8.1

Type : Documentary Series, Comedy History
This documentary series takes us to the stories of successful toys that were popular in our childhood years and sold hugely around the world. The production, which tells about the creation phases and metamorphoses of these legendary toys that swept the world, focuses on toys such as Star Wars, He-Man, Barbie, Transformers, and Lego. The production, which tells about a different toy in each episode, also sheds light on the lives and successes of toy manufacturers. The documentary has a strong nostalgic effect. It is also a great option for those who are looking for creativity!

Duration : 3 Seasons 12 Episodes (8 Hours 36 Minutes)
IMDb : 8.1 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 95%

38. The Innocence Files (2020) | IMDb: 8.1

Type : Documentary Series, Crime, Drama
More than 2,500 people have been wrongfully sentenced in the United States over the past 30 years. This 9-part series called The Innocence Files tells the search for justice of these people who were innocently convicted. In addition to being a documentary series, the drama and mystery side of this production dominate. In the 9-part series, 8 different wrongful judgment files come to light. The founders of The Innocence Project, Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld, reveal the injustices experienced by these people with experts in their fields.
Duration : 1 Season 9 Episodes (9 Hours)
IMDb : 8.1 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred

39. Don’t Mess With Cats: Online Killer Hunt (2019) | IMDb: 8.1

Type : Documentary Series, Crime, Mystery
It is a true crime documentary that tells the story of a potential murderer who broadcasts the images of his brutality to cats on the internet, and a group of people who organize against this brutality on the Internet and go after the killer. Surprising events continue in the chase, which turns into a tough struggle in the triangle of police, internet and murderer. The production, which is a 3-part mini-series, reveals the emergence of Canadian murderer Luka Magnotta and what happened afterward in all details.
Duration : 1 hour 33 minutes
IMDb : 8.1 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 90%

40. Unnatural Selection (2019) | IMDb: 8.1

Type : Documentary Film, Science
This documentary series, titled Unnatural Selection, is about the extent of genetic engineering, especially the DNA editing technology of CRISPR, by scientists, companies and biohackers working at home. The documentary makes you question the moral dimensions of these genetic technologies, which are described by some as bio-attacks against nature. Powered by the narratives of experts from all over the world, the production reveals the damage of the human species to nature and genetic diversity.
Duration : 1 hour 6 minutes
IMDb : 8.1 Google : 93%

41. Hitler’s Circle of Evil (2018) | IMDb: 8.0

Type : Documentary Series, History, Biography
We all know the brutal moves of Nazi Germany during the Second World War. And whenever we think of Nazi Germany, we think of Hitler. Although this idea is not so wrong, the Netflix documentary called “Hitler’s Circle of Evil” invites us to see things a little further back.
Struggles for survival, betrayals and assassinations… . The documentary-series, which consists of 10 episodes, each of which is approximately 50 minutes, tells the story of Nazi Germany and also includes people who had a share in Hitler’s career. In the British documentary, the lives of Hitler’s co-workers such as Heinrich Himmler, Rudolf Hess and Reinhard Heydrich are told with real footage, animations and interviews with historians.
Duration : 1 season 10 episodes (8 hours 40 minutes)
IMDb : 8.1

42. Long Time Running (2017) | IMDb: 8.0

Type : Documentary Film, Music
Long Time Running is a Canadian documentary directed by Jennifer Baichwal and Nicholas de Pencier, who have known the band for over 20 years. The documentary is about the last tour of the Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip after the lead singer Gord Downie announced his cancer diagnosis.
Duration : 1 hour 37 minutes
IMDb : 8.0 Rotten Tomatoes : 88% Google : 94%

Struggle 43: The Life and Lost Art of Szukalski (2018) | IMDb: 8.0

Type : Documentary Film, Biography
The documentary is directed by Irek Dobrowolski, produced by the successful Italian-born actor Leonardo Dicaprio and his father, George Dicaprio. Starring Stanislav Szukalski, Glen Bray and Robert Williams. The book containing the works of Szukalski, a Polish sculptor, begins with the discovery of a collector named Glen Bray. This discovery reveals the life story of Stanislav Szukalski. If you have any interest in art, this documentary, which examines the production story of works that can be described as different for most people and Szukalski’s private life, is waiting for you to watch.
Duration : 1 hour 55 minutes
IMDb : 8.0 Rotten Tomatoes : 93% Google : 96%

44. Mission Blue (2014) | IMDb: 8.0

Type : Documentary Film, Drama, Ecology
It is about the American oceanographer Sylvia Earl and her struggle, who leads a research team that tracks the threats to nature, such as climate change, overfishing and overfishing. Sylvia explains her childhood at the beginning of the documentary: “My father used to tell me that when I took something apart, I had to keep all the pieces and never forget how to put them together. We are losing so many parts of nature and we don’t know how to put it back together.” Combining many images from the depths of the ocean and parts of Sylvia’s life, the documentary will make you think about nature.
Duration : 1 hour 34 minutes
IMDb : 8.0 Rotten Tomatoes : 85% Google : 95%

45. A Plastic Ocean (2016) | IMDb: 8.0

Type : Documentary Film, Science, Nature, Ecology
When Leeson was little, he saw a picture of a blue whale in a book he was reading. He promises himself to one day see that huge blue whale in his own environment. It takes 40 whole years to keep this promise. The documentary, directed by journalist Craig Leeson, begins when Leeson encounters plastic waste in the ocean while searching for the very rare blue whale. In Sri Lanka, the first stop of Leeson and his team of experts in the field, plastic waste on the surface of the sea attracts their attention. Then they try to draw attention to plastic waste by giving the documentary a different direction. The documentary conveys its message to the audience with Tanya Streeter’s dives and unique images of the ocean.
Duration : 1 hour 40 minutes
IMDb : 8.0 Google : 95%

46. The Battered Bastards of Baseball (2014) | IMDb: 8.0

Type : Documentary Film, Sports
Battered Battards of Baseball is a 2014 documentary film about the Portland Mavericks, a minor league baseball team in Portland, Oregon. They played five seasons in the Class A Short Season Northwest League from 1973 to 1977. Owned by player Bing Russell, the Mavericks were an independent team in the major leagues with no affiliation with a main team. The title comes from a line in Jim Bouton’s book Ball Four: “Us baseball battered bastards are the biggest clients of the U.S. Post Office’s forwarding address department.”
Duration : 1 hour 20 minutes
IMDb : 8.0 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 93%

47. Explained (2018) | IMDb: 8.0

Type : Documentary Series, Science
This series of documentaries, which Netflix adds a new episode every week and whose length varies between 15-25 minutes, aims to inform its viewers, albeit superficially, by giving summaries about certain topics. If you are one of those who like to take pills quickly, you should definitely watch this documentary series.
Duration : 2 Seasons 30 Episodes (9 Hours 33 Minutes)
IMDb : 8.0 Google : 86%

48. Flint Town (2018) | IMDb: 8.0

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
The documentary focuses on the thoughts and conflicting emotions of the men and women who serve to protect the urban areas of Flint, Michigan (unofficially nicknamed “Flint Town”) as they grapple with poverty, crime, financially distressed utilities and the Flint water crisis. The series covers the period from November 2015 to the beginning of 2017 with the 2016 presidential elections. Throughout the episodes, the police face a substantial peasant vote and a stifling city government over funding.
Duration : 1 Season 8 Episodes (6 hours)
IMDb : 8.0 Rotten Tomatoes : 95% Google : 95%

49. Shot in the Dark (2017) | IMDb: 8.0

Type : Documentary Series, Reality Show
Every day, we watch dozens of news images on television channels or on our phones. Maybe sometimes we don’t even look at what we see. How are those images prepared? Three reporters who go from adventure to adventure to chase news in America. Whoever gets to the scene sooner and gets the best footage gets the money from the news channels. Three companies operating in the Los Angeles TV News Market are followed throughout the documentary.
Duration : 1 Season 8 Episodes (4 hours 40 minutes)
IMDb : 8.0 Google : 96%

50. Street Food: Asia (2019) | IMDb: 8.0

Type : Documentary Series, Food
A documentary in which David Gelb reflects street flavors to the screen. On his way to search for some of the world’s most delicious street food, Gelb visits many places. It is a documentary that brings different street flavors from many Asian countries such as the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam to the audience. Archive footage is combined with face-to-face interviews and follows street food chefs and their history. I recommend not watching on an empty stomach.
Duration : 1 Season 9 Episodes (4 hours 30 minutes)
IMDb : 8.0 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 95%

51. Rise of Empires: Ottoman (2020) | IMDb: 8.0

Type : Documentary Series, Drama, History
This documentary series, whose script was written by Kelly McPherson under the leadership of professor Celal Şengör and Emrah Safa Gürkan, and Emre Şahin is in the director’s chair, brings history together with the audience. Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu, Tuba Büyüküstün and Birkan Sokullu share the lead roles in the series about Fatih Sultan Mehmet and the conquest of Istanbul.
Duration : 1 Season 6 Episode (5 hours)
IMDb : 8.0 Rotten Tomatoes : 93% Google : 91%

52. Accounting of Conscience (2019) | IMDb: 8.0

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
Albert Sol sits in the director’s chair of the documentary, which was created by Enric Hernández, Luis Mauri, and Albert Solé. We hear about a lot of harassment, but we pretend we didn’t. Maybe we ignore dozens of harassment cases around us, in our school, in our neighborhood. There are dozens of harassment cases in the Catholic Church of Spain, just like in many other religious institutions. However, this time, the living are trying to break their silence and show the events to people. Thanks to interviews with victims, clergy, journalists and experts, the existence of different cases is revealed.
Duration : 1 Season 2 Episodes (2 hours 30 minutes)
IMDb : 8.0

53. Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates (2019) | IMDb: 8.0

Type : Documentary Series, Science, Biography
Directed by Davis Guggenheim, this 3-part mini-documentary series explores the life and primary motivations of Microsoft’s founder, former CEO and founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates. The production, which takes Bill Gates on a small journey in his mind, reveals where Gates wants to bring the world with technological steps and innovations. Melinda Gates is one of the names that played an important role in this documentary. It chronicles the life of Bill, who appears to be aloof and arrogant because of his wealth.
Duration : 1 Season 3 Episodes (2 hours 30 minutes)
IMDb : 8.0 Rotten Tomatoes : 50% Google : 92%

Netflix documentaries with an IMDb score of 7-8

54. Icarus (2017) | IMDb: 7.9

Type : Documentary, Sports, Thriller
netflix belgesel ikarus
The documentary takes its name from the Greek God, who tries to escape from the prison his father built with wings he made out of wax. In mythology, Icarus’ father Daidalos instructs his son not to fly too high so that the wings he made from wax do not melt, and not to fly too low so that they cannot be seen from the ground. It can be noticed immediately after watching that naming the documentary was really the right decision.
In the documentary, director Bryan Fogel, an amateur cyclist, begins to explore the impact of doping in sport. Fogel then decides to dope on himself, for which Russian scientist Dr. He begins to work with Grigory Rodchenkov. While everything was normal up to this point, things suddenly change and they find themselves in a big doping scandal. This documentary is one of the most original Netflix documentary productions, providing a wonderful experience for the audience with its very realistic, surprising and suspenseful scenes.
Duration : 2 hours 1 minute
IMDb : 7.9 Rotten Tomatoes : 94% Google : 90%

55. The Staircase (2014) | IMDb: 7.9

Type : Documentary Series, Crime, Mystery
This 13-part documentary series is about the American novelist Michael Peterson being accused of murdering his wife, Kathleen Peterson. Was the author, who followed the examination of his own life and claimed to be innocent, really a murderer or was he imprisoned innocently? If you’re curious about the answer and love mystery or crime-themed documentaries, be sure to check out this story that has been in the making for over 15 years.
Duration : 1 Season 13 Episodes (9 Hours 6 Minutes)
IMDb : 7.9 Rotten Tomatoes : 94% Google : 88%

56. The Story of Faith with Morgan Freeman (2016) | IMDb: 7.9

Type : Documentary Series, Adventure, History
Morgan Freeman ile İnancın Hikayesi
Looking for answers to different mystical questions in each episode, this National Geographic documentary is a great option especially for documentary lovers interested in deep topics such as religion, belief, creation and evil. One of the factors that makes the documentary special is Morgan Freeman. The successful actor in the lead role of the documentary makes us feel like we are inside the documentary and traveling with him.
For now, we can say that another feature of the documentary, which consists of 2 seasons and 9 episodes, is that it hosts many special places and that each answer is sought by experts in their fields. Sometimes we find ourselves in the depths of the pyramids in Egypt and sometimes in the middle of two different beliefs in Jerusalem. Sometimes we can talk to a life sentence prisoner in prison, and sometimes we can talk to a Buddhist lama. It would not be wrong to say that we have many reasons to watch this diverse documentary series. If you want to watch something on faith and religion among Netflix documentaries, you are in the right place.
Duration : 3 Seasons 15 Episodes (11 Hours 15 Minutes)
IMDb : 7.9 Google : 95%

57. The Game Changers (2019) | IMDb: 7.9

Type : Documentary Film, Sports
the game changers
Trying to break taboo diets and answer questions about vegan and vegetarian diets, this documentary chronicles the journey of plant-based athletes and a UFC fighter. “I do sports, not without eating meat!” If you are one of those who say; Be sure to watch this documentary, which proves that it is not necessary to consume meat products to be strong, healthy or muscular.
Duration : 1 Hour 25 Minutes
IMDb : 7.9 Rotten Tomatoes : 70% Google : 92%

58. The Lost Secrets of Princess Diana (2017) | IMDb: 7.9

Type : Documentary Film, Biography
England’s beloved princess, Diana, is as passionate about her life as she is with her tragic death.
attracted attention. If you want to see the life of this clever but unfortunate woman, who is among the most talked about princesses, do not miss watching this documentary, which consists of personal records and archive footage of the princess.
Duration : 1 Hour 53 Minutes
IMDb : 7.9 Google : 94%

59. The Ivory Ivory Game (2016) | IMDb: 7.9

Type : Documentary Film, Nature, Ecology
The human species is the only creature in the world that harms its own kind and other species. This species of elephants, which deprives many animals of their nature, hunts animals for their skin, and puts animals in cages for fun, also kills them for their tusks. Thousands of elephants are slaughtered annually for ivory, which has a legal market in China. Directed by Kief Davidson and Richard Ladkani, this documentary features narratives and images of volunteers trying to protect elephants from humans.
Duration : 1 Hour 52 Minutes
IMDb : 7.9 Rotten Tomatoes : 81% Google : 94%

60. Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2011) | IMDb: 7.9

Type : Documentary, Cultural, Food
The documentary is about the life of the famous 85-year-old sushi master, who said that after choosing your job, you must devote your life to your job and work hard to be more successful. Its three-star Michelin restaurant is located in Sukiyabashi Tokyo subway station. The restaurant is for 10 people. Jiro’s two sons are also sushi masters just like him. After watching the documentary featuring the talks of the three and the customers, you may crave sushi.
Duration : 1 hour 19 minutes
IMDb : 7.9 Rotten Tomatoes : 99% Google : 89%

61. Taco Diaries (2019) | IMDb: 7.9

Type : Documentary Series, Cultural, Food
Watch this documentary series about one of Mexico’s favorite delicacies, the taco.
You may get hungry while watching. The series, which has very beautiful visuals and appetizing scenes, also touches on the history of the taco. If you see food as an art and are curious about its culture, you can learn about tacos by watching this series.
Duration : 1 Season 6 Episodes (3 Hours)
IMDb : 7.9

62. Ugly Delicious (2020) | IMDb: 7.8

Type : Documentary Series, Cultural, Food
Celebrity chef David Chang presents his viewers with every meal in this documentary, “Let’s Travel and Eat”.
The episode tries to introduce a different kind of food. At the end of this delicious journey, you can join the chef’s fun trips, trying to find the best taste. While watching this series, you will realize that food is not just a food.
Duration : 2 Seasons 12 Episodes (11 Hours)
IMDb : 7.8 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 88%

63. Jane (2017) | IMDb: 7.8

Type : Documentary Film, Biography, Nature, Ecology
In 1960, 26-year-old Jane, who went to Tanzania with her intense love for animals, began to conduct research on chimpanzees. The soundtrack of the documentary is composed by successful composer Philip Glass. When Jane discovers that chimpanzees are actually intelligent animals and can use tools, she makes newspaper headlines around the world, as well as her own astonishment.
Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes
IMDb : 7.8 Rotten Tomatoes : 98% Google : 85%

64. Pharmacist (2020) | IMDb: 7.8

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
The son of pharmacist Dan Schneider is murdered. However, the murderer or killers cannot be found. The grieving father, who wants justice for his son, does everything he can to search for his son’s murderer. While searching for the murderer, he witnesses the distribution of the pill that poisoned many young people. The father, who learns that this distribution is carried out by a doctor who needs to help people, does everything he can to find evidence against the doctor.
Duration : 1 Season 4 Episodes (3 hours 20 minutes)
IMDb : 7.8 Rotten Tomatoes : 89% Google : 94%

65. The Movies That Made Us (2019) | IMDb: 7.8

Type : Documentary Series
Do you think that in some cult series, everything went according to the script? If you think so, you are unfortunately wrong. In this documentary, you will see that the scenes that make a mark in the TV series that once left their mark are actually improvised. In addition, you will witness how those series are made.
Duration : 1 Season 4 Episode (3 hours)
IMDb : 7.8 Rotten Tomatoes : 83%

66. Killer Ratings (2019) | IMDb: 7.8

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
netflix belgesel killer ratings
Wallace Souza is a Brazilian television presenter. With a program with a format such as missing search and solving secrets, which has many examples in our country, it gains a great reputation throughout the country. After this reputation, rumors arise about Wallace, who is the deputy, that he committed murder to increase the ratings of the show. Although Wallece says it’s a fake news that other politicians put out because they can’t pull him off, he disappears when his immunity is lifted. This documentary series, which consists of one season, includes many images from the program as well as comments from different people.
Duration : 1 Season 7 Episodes (5 hours 50 minutes)
IMDb : 7.8 Rotten Tomatoes : 83% Google : 95%

67. Diagnosis (2019) | IMDb: 7.8

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
The documentary series, by the same name in the New York Times Magazine, Dr. by Lisa Sanders
Adapted from columns. The documentary series, which seeks solutions to different and rare diseases that could not be diagnosed until now, also reveals the power of social media and the masses. Also, since the series includes the treatment process of diseases, it can be useful for those who are interested in the field of medicine.
Duration : 1 Season 7 Episodes (5 Hours 43 Minutes)
IMDb : 7.8 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 95%

68. Statements of a Murderer: Ted Bundy (2019) | IMDb: 7.8

Type : Documentary Series, Crime, Biography
You may have heard of Ted Bundy. He is a serial killer who completely destroyed the perception of serial killer with his impressive character, respectable appearance and social communication skills and killed more than thirty women until he was caught in 1978 by hiding easily thanks to these effects. In this documentary, produced by Emmy Award-winning producer and director Joe Berlinger, images that have never been seen on TV channels, the Internet, and radios and speeches that have never been heard are brought together successfully. This 4-part series enters the mind of Ted Bundy as a chilling journey into his terrifying world and murderous psychology.
Duration : 1 Season 4 Episodes (3 Hours 56 Minutes)
IMDb : 7.8 Rotten Tomatoes : 56% Google : 90%

69. Cuba’s Freedom Story (2016) | IMDb: 7.7

Type : Documentary Series, History
Netflix started to steal our hearts not only with its series but also with its documentaries. “The Cuba Libre Story” (Cuba’s Freedom Story), in the taste of a documentary-serial, reveals the tumultuous history of Cuba in 8 episodes of 50 minutes each.
According to a study by Unesco, Cuba, which is the most desired country in the world to be seen, attracts attention with its colorful houses and classic cars as well as its socialist nature. With the participation of Che Guevara in the July 26 Movement initiated by Fidel Castro in 1955, a guerrilla war begins in the country against the dictator, and in 1959 Cuba takes the first step towards socialism.
The documentary, co-produced by Germany, France and Russia, sheds light on the rise of Fidel Castro, the arrival of Che Guevara in Cuba, the intrigues that returned from Cuba during the cold war years, and many other events in Cuban history. This production, which I can say is more objective than many other productions, is a great choice for those who are curious about the 500 years of Cuba.
Duration : 1 Season 7 Episodes (5 Hours 43 Minutes)
IMDb : 7.7 Google : 86%

70. FIGHTWORLD (2018) | IMDb: 7.7

Type : Documentary Series, Social and Cultural
When you think of Netflix documentary, don’t immediately think of heavy science or boring history. Fight World is a 5-part Netflix documentary narrated by American actor Frank Grillo. In each episode of the documentary, it takes the viewer to the most important combat sport of a particular country and to the education world of this sport. In addition, since Frank Grillo is experienced in mixed martial arts, he conveys his own experiences to the audience in the narration of the series. The documentary Fight World not only tells about martial arts but also offers cultural information about the countries where it was shot. It is also emphasized that the martial arts shown in the documentary are not only sports but also a part of art.
Fight World documentary is not a series that deals with different fighting styles intensively, on the contrary, besides the name ‘Fight World’, the fight scenes in the series are very few. According to Grillo’s discourse, this documentary is not about martial arts, it is a series about people. The lives of people who fight are examined in depth and their perspectives on life are conveyed to the audience. In the documentary, the philosophy of fighting was discussed rather than the fighting techniques, and subjects such as traditions, beliefs and the reasons for fighting were discussed. It is also unique in subject matter in the Netflix documentary category.
Duration : 1 Season 5 Episodes (3 Hours 30 Minutes)
IMDb : 7.7 Google : 93%

71. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat (2018) | IMDb: 7.7

Type : Documentary Series, Food
This Netflix documentary series that focuses on the topic of food; Based on Samin Nosrat’s New York Times Best Seller cookbook of the same name. Nosrat; a food lover woman who wants to hold a magnifying glass to the whole process from the preparation stage to the tasting part. He even travels around the world with this desire to taste everything and see everything in its place. According to Nosrat, four basic elements determine the flavor of a dish, and beyond cooking well, you need to dance skillfully with these four ingredients to become a perfect cook. He also argues that this idea is valid for all cuisines in the world.
Nosrat travels to four different countries for these four components; Japan, Italy, Mexico and USA. While watching, Samin Nosrat’s enthusiasm for research and discovery arising from his passion for food is directly felt. After tastings, Nosrat’s reactions are so natural and funny that it is impossible not to wonder what they eat. Since he’s a pretty good cook himself, it’s inevitable to sigh while watching, wishing he was my neighbor.
Duration : 2 Seasons 12 Episodes (11 Hours)
IMDb : 7.7 Rotten Tomatoes : %one hundred Google : 93%

72. Evil Genius (2018) | IMDb: 7.6

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
Evil Genius is a Netflix documentary series about the death of pizzeria Brian Wells, who tried to rob a bank with a handcuffed bomb in 2003, and the strange events that followed. The documentary, which tells about one of the most mysterious and complex robberies in the history of America, manages to hook the audience for 4 episodes.
Duration : 1 season 4 episodes (3 hours 12 minutes)
IMDb : 7.6 Rotten Tomatoes : 80% Google : 90%

73. I AM A KILLER (2018) | IMDb: 7.5

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
In this documentary, where the life stories of different killers are told in each episode, not only what the killer told but also interviews with the relevant people and experts. In the documentary, each of which is 50 minutes long and consists of 10 episodes, you can learn the background of the murder while listening to the interrogations of the murderers’ own voices.
In this production, which allows you to understand the psychological state of a murderer while watching, you can sometimes notice the situations caused by childhood violence and lack of love, and sometimes watch how bad luck or wrong decisions shape life through lived examples. It is a choice that can be watched breathlessly for those who are curious about how the murders were committed and the psychology of the murderer.
Duration : 2 seasons 20 episodes (17 hours)
IMDb : 7.5 Google : 91%

74. The World’s Most Extraordinary Houses (2017) | IMDb: 7.5

Type : Documentary Series, Lifestyle, Reality
Presenting the buildings that change our perception of home with their architectural and structural features, Netflix takes them all over the world in this document. From New Zealand to Greece, you can listen to the structures that combine natural environments and houses as a whole, from the narration of the architect Piers Taylor. Traveling with Piers, Caroline Quentin becomes an ‘inner voice’ of the house for us. It reveals the advantages and disadvantages of living in extraordinary houses with the homeowners.
If one day you have a home and you want to add a piece of yourself to your home, this documentary reveals for us how the perception of ‘subjectivity’ is reflected in homes.
Duration : 2 seasons 12 episodes (12 hours)
IMDb : 7.5 Google : 97%

75. Dope (2017) | IMDb: 7.3

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
netflix belgesel dope
Dope is a Spanish documentary that tells about the reasons for the emergence of drugs from the eyes of the traffickers, how the users become addicted and the latest situation in their lives.
We witness what lies deep in the human psychology of the documentary crime, which tells through the eyes of traders, users and the police. First of all, this documentary, which goes so deep on a subject and reveals everything, from the starting point to the last point, clearly tells what people risk at the expense of one’s life depending on the reason for the loss. In this struggle, the audience is also influenced and offers a different perspective.
Duration : 3 seasons 12 episodes (9 hours 36 minutes)
IMDb : 7.3 Google : 87%

76. The American Meme (2018) | IMDb: 7.3

Type : Documentary Film, Popular Culture
We all know, see and follow social media phenomena. When it comes to likes, comments, sponsorships, brands, they seem to be in a bright life. But in fact, the invisible part of the work is very tiring. During their popularity, they are trapped in an unreal life and a character they are not. This production, of which Paris Hilton is among the producers, tells the lives and interesting struggles of today’s social media celebrities.
Duration : 1 hour 38 minutes
IMDb : 7.3 Rotten Tomatoes : 94% Google : 83%

77. Food Crimes (2018) | IMDb: 7.1

Type : Documentary Series, Social and Cultural, Science
“Food Crimes”, one of the original productions in the Netflix documentary category, includes us on a different adventure as a documentary series. This production, which should be watched by those who are curious about what is happening in the background of the food industry, deals with different sectors in each section. At the end of the season, we see the bad sides of various sectors from chicken production to honey production. The unpleasant facts you encounter while watching the documentary will affect you greatly.

The section names of the documentary, which goes to the center of the food supply chain and confronts us with the facts, are chosen according to the sectoral issues. In the first part, beekeeping and honey production are mentioned. In the second part, he informs us about peanut and food allergies. In the third part, we learn the facts about the garlic industry. The fourth part is a bit sad, we witness the cruel side of chicken production. In the fifth chapter, we follow the sensational dimension of milk production. In the sixth chapter, we talk about sectoral crises such as fraudulent bosses in the fishing industry, dubious imports and contested regulations, while talking about how we reduced fish reserves. you will not be able to.
Duration : 2 seasons 13 episodes (11 hours)
IMDb : 7.1 Rotten Tomatoes : 86% Google : 88%

Netflix documentaries with an IMDb score of less than 7

78. Drug Barons (2018) | IMDb: 6.8

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
Despite being illegal, there are also many drug lords among the world’s most well-known names. Each episode of the Drug Lords (Drug Lords), which aims to tell the most famous ones at the international level, consists of 45 minutes and the lives of names such as Pablo Escobar, Christopher Coke, El Chapo Guzman and Cali Cartel are told. In addition to the interesting memories and difficult lives of the names among the biggest bosses of history, the documentary also includes interviews with other cartel members. Mirroring where such large networks came from and how they were formed, the documentary also deals with the issue from the point of view of the CIA and detectives who are working day and night to catch these gangs. Although drugs are not legal, you will not regret watching the series, which is a good option for those who wonder how they became such big barons.
Duration : 1 season 4 episodes (3 hours 12 minutes)
IMDb : 7.6 Rotten Tomatoes : 80% Google : 90%

79. The World’s Toughest Prisons (2016) | IMDb: 6.8

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
This production, which has remained popular since the first years of its entry into the Netflix documentary field, tells the world-famous, tough prisons where brutality reigns. Investigative reporter Paul Connolly presents the first season, and investigative journalist Raphael Rowe, who spent 13 years in prison in the UK despite being innocent, and is really good at communicating with inmates. The server, who lived like a prisoner for a week, experiences what conditions they live in.
Duration : 3 seasons 12 episodes (8 hours 48 minutes)
IMDb : 6.8

80. Minimalism: A Documentary About What Matters (2016) | IMDb: 6.7

Type : Documentary Film, Lifestyle, Social and Cultural
We have started to hear the word minimalism quite often in recent years. “Less is more.” A documentary that takes a closer look at the philosophies of minimalists who use less items in their lives by saying (Less is more). Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.
Joshua Fields Millburn and his close friend Ryan Nicodemus are two names who are devoted to minimalism. The duo, who founded the blog “The Minimalists” together, are writing a book about minimalism, Minimaliz: A Meaningful Life. Leaving their jobs at the corporate company, Joshua and Ryan dedicate themselves to minimalism and decide to shoot this documentary. Released in 2016, Minimalism: A Documentary About the Matter introduces us to the philosophy of minimalism while telling the stories of both Joshua and Ryan and other minimalists.
Duration : 1 hour 18 minutes
IMDb : 6.7 Google : 92%

81. Tony Robbins: I’m Not Your Guide (2016) | IMDb: 6.7

Type : Documentary Film, Personal Development
Tony Robbins is a popular motivational speaker! He meets with more than 200,000 people in 1 year and gives a seminar only once a year. This seminar lasts about 6 days and more than 12 hours per day. People flock from all over the world to the seminar, which costs more than $5,000 to attend. There are even many people who sell their belongings in order to participate. The seminar is very interactive, and some participants can even share their stories with Robbins and establish one-on-one dialogs. In the production of “Tony Robbins: I’m Not Your Guide”, important sections from this 6-day seminar were brought together in an impressive way. We gathered these notes before at CEOtudent. That content too from here⇗ you can reach. If you’re looking for a Netflix documentary on personal growth, Tony Robbins will show you the way.
Duration : 1 hour 55 minutes
IMDb : 7.6 Rotten Tomatoes : 45% Google : 92%

82. Take Your Pills (2018) | IMDb: 6.4

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
How easy can it be to survive in a world where your sense of competition drives you? When you need support, what can you apply when you think that the people close to you are not enough? Take Your Pills has the answer for you: Adderall.
This drug, which is used especially by American youth with an ‘addiction’ degree, makes you believe that you can be the best in everything you do by keeping your focus high. However, this drug may not be as innocent as it seems. The experiences of the people who use the documentary are also transferred to us. You learn from the mouths of the users what the drug means to them. On the one hand, you will be listening to the scientific side effects of the drug, while there are users who have moved away from the real reality. Even if what you do for the sake of your ambition hurts you, is it indispensable to be the ‘best’, maybe we can find an answer after watching.
Duration : 1 season 4 episodes (3 hours 12 minutes)
IMDb : 6.4 Rotten Tomatoes : 62% Google : 75%

83. Hot Girls Wanted (2015) | IMDb: 6.1

Type : Documentary Film, Erotic
hot girls wanted
This documentary, made in 2015, focuses on the processes of young women’s involvement in the porn industry. The experiences among these young women, their families’ approaches to the subject and the reasons why people choose this profession are explained in detail. The documentary also deals with the course of the porn industry in the digital world. With the inclusion of the Internet in our lives, the porn industry, which has changed a lot, reveals how terrible it has become nowadays. Proceeding through real individuals and their stories, the documentary also resolves the question marks about the porn industry that have been in our minds from past to present. Apart from the documentary, there is also a 6-episode mini-series called “Seeking Sexy Girls: On and On” on Netflix. At the same time, this documentary is among the most discussed Netflix documentary films about its objectivity.
Duration : 1 hour 24 minutes
IMDb : 6.1 Rotten Tomatoes : 82% Google : 67%

84. Freemasons (2017) | IMDb: 5.5

Type : Documentary Series, Reality
There are many unknowns and secrets in the world. Masons, one of the most curious of these unknowns and met with great prejudice because they are not known, are tried to be introduced in the documentary Inside the Freemasons. The documentary, which is a guest of various lodges in England, which is believed to be the birthplace of Freemasonry, explains the past and rituals of the Freemasons quite clearly. We can even see some of the rituals that need to be hidden. In the documentary, we are guests of the personal stories of some masons and we watch their lives and choices.
Stating that the myths spread about the freemasons in the media are wrong, the documentary gives the Masons a chance to better introduce themselves, and answers many questions. In the documentary, which can only include small parts of the ceremonies in order to protect privacy, important information about rituals, authorities and symbols can be obtained. In particular, we can get to know freemasonry, masonic virtues and principles more closely, with a few pieces of information that came out like a public service announcement. The documentary, which is also entertaining from time to time, is a good learning resource for those who are curious about the Masons.
Duration : 1 season 5 episodes (3 hours 40 minutes)
IMDb : 5.5

85. Journey to Guilty Minds (2017) | IMDb: 5.4

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
It measures the elements of crime and crime on people who have committed crimes. You can see the effects of psychological factors in the process of committing a crime and how much integrity every detail that is overlooked actually creates in the event. The backgrounds of the events that you do not want to see, hear or know, put you in the event. You see how a criminal mind works and you come face to face with your own value judgments. Maybe you have common aspects that you didn’t know about. You see how committing a crime can have so many different dimensions.
The documents used, sound recordings and most of the materials that can constitute evidence have been prepared on a ground suitable for the flow of the event, so you will be immersed in the fluency of the documentary. If you think you can’t even imagine what people can do, you might want to think again after you embark on a journey to criminal minds.
Duration : 1 season 4 episodes (3 hours 28 minutes)
IMDb : 5.4

86. Mysterious Diseases (2018) | IMDb: 4.9

Type : Documentary Series, Crime
netflix belgesel Esrarengiz Hastalıklar
While 7 people with a mysterious illness struggle to cope with complex symptoms, incurable diagnoses and expensive treatments, they have to deal with their loved ones and doctors who say that their illness is not real and is a game of their minds.
Duration : 1 season 7 episodes (5 hours 15 minutes)
IMDb : 4.9 Google : 66%

87. Follow This (2018) | IMDb: 4.8

Type : Documentary Series, Social and Cultural
The necessity of conforming to the patterns began to draw us in more and more day by day. In these times when our level of addiction has increased, research writers bring us together with surprising facts in every chapter.
You can find a piece of yourself in the documentary, which brings together different voices from internet addicts to substance addicts. While social media has blocked the way of realism, you find an answer to the question ‘what is it’ what we see and want to see. In recent years, when we have been shaped by our desires, you realize whether what we ‘actually’ want will be similar to what we have.
Duration : 3 seasons 20 episodes (6 hours 40 minutes)
IMDb : 4.8 Google : 63%

Last update: 10 July 2020

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