This Is How Admiration: He Turned His Cast Into Thanos’ Glove From Avengers After Breaking His Wrist

People’s interest in the Avengers: Endgame movie lately is making them a more creative person. Chris Davies is one of them. He didn’t want his wrist, which was put in a plaster after breaking his hand, to stay so straight and plain, and he got creative. Saying that this was the most logical move to do after watching Avengers: Endgame, Chris explained step by step how he turned his plaster into Thanos’ glove. Let’s see what they said.

“The first step was to turn my plaster into gold. I just used gold metallic acrylic paint.”

“I used some stones I had on hand and at this stage I still had serious doubts whether it was a good idea.”

“I used right-handed to plan and draw the design, but I’m left-handed, so it was quite difficult.”

“Here I was testing the gold 3D fabric paint to see if I could make the ridges on the glove and it turned out to be 3D paint.”

“I used a standard black pencil to start detailing. I added shading with metallic acrylic bronze and some black paints.”

“I just applied several coats of acrylic paint to paint the stones and fixed it with a hair dryer.”

“I added PVA glue to the jewelry paint. This helped it stick and add a shine to them. I also used a silver pen to add subtle highlights.”

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