Leaving One’s Personal Personality and Taking on Another Personality: Dissociative Fugue

Dissociative fugue is a kind of psychological disorder that occurs as a result of traumas that have different causes and causes the person to move away from home, work environment and environment. As a result of this distancing process, the person acquires a new identity as if he had a completely different life and begins to live in accordance with this new identity.
The individual who is in this psychological process no longer recognizes his family members or his friends at work. With this new identity he has acquired, symptoms such as appearing more assertive and ostentatious than his old identity and claiming to have a new job are typical indicators of this disorder. In other words, when viewed from the outside, the individual appears to be extremely healthy.
Although the disease is temporary, it is claimed that it is triggered by some psychological burdens. It usually takes a few days, but in some circumstances, it can take several months, although in rare cases. Although a strong external stimulus or conscious realization of the situation is considered an extremely normal situation, this long-term loss of identity pushes the person to do many behaviors that he would not normally do and causes him to be aimless.
The individual who returns to his old identity does not remember anything he did with his other identity. Dissociative fugue, which should not be confused with identity disorder, is claimed to occur as a result of sudden and temporary identity change, sometimes as a result of traumatic consequences, sometimes as a side effect of a drug used, and sometimes as a result of long-term anxiety disorder or depression.
An example of dissociative fugue is when an individual leaves work one evening and tries to travel the world with a backpack without even remembering the names of his family and friends. It can be said that he was a farmer or businessman at that time. He may even introduce himself as a student, although he sees himself as a business person. While he continues his daily life in this way, when he returns to his old identity, he does not remember anything he did during this process.
To give a more interesting example; During a shamanic ritual or any religious ritual, it is a dissociative fugue when the person conducting this ritual takes on a completely different identity, thinking that he has come out of his own self and entered into a spiritual being. The ritual ends, the person returns to his old identity and does not remember what happened during the ritual.

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