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Çağatay Gültekin

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The most respected brands of 2017, which The Reputation Institute researched and announced as a list of 100 brands, were announced. Institute examining public perception in seven subjects; It explores products and services , innovation , workplace , management , citizenship , leadership and performance . The results announced by the institute, which has collected more than 240 thousand votes in more than 15 countries, may be slightly different from your estimates.

We got the top 10 brands in the ranking. Next to them are the averages of their scores in seven areas.

10) Adidas – 77.27

Adidas, a German sportswear brand, comes in 10th place. Its estimated revenues this year are over $1 billion. This year was the first year of Adidas’ 2020 Strategy Plan. CEO Kasper Rorsted wants the company to focus on e-commerce, increase efficiency and focus on corporate culture.

This year, Adidas made a name for itself by working with Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Rita Ora on various campaigns and collections.

9) Rolls – Royce Aerospace – 77.66

One of only a few traditional B2B (Business to Business) brands on the list is Roll – Royce. Among the company’s most famous products, we can point out the Airbus aircraft series. Rolls – Royce manufactures these aircraft for commercial airlines. Despite being traditional, the brand, which also works for future technology, announced that they are planning to establish an R&D center in Finland in the near future. In this center, studies of ships that can manage themselves will be carried out.

8) Intel – 77.74

Intel, one of the indispensable parts of desktop and laptop computers, 8. is ranked. Although he missed the smartphone revolution at the beginning, CEO Brian Krzanich announced that various investments will be made for 5G.

7) Sony – 77.74

Sony, which is in our lives with its cameras, phones, sound systems, game consoles, computers and more technology, comes to number seven in the list with its success in the film industry last year. Playstation, which dominates 50% of the market, still continues to be developed and dominates the market. In addition, Sony manufactures camera sensors for many leading smartphones such as iPhone 7, Galaxy S7.

6) Bosch – 78.13

Bosch, which is present in many areas with German technology, strengthened its position and power in the market with its software and IoT (Internet of Things) studies in 2016. The company also put the software and hardware to the test for the self-driving car.

5) Google – 78.22

Our eyes are on the road! Finally, an American technology giant managed to enter the top 10 on the list. 5. in line, though. Google, which has been higher in the past years, has slowly started to go down. Google made a name for itself with its Pixel phone and Home artificial intelligence this year.

4) Canon – 78.22

Canon received approximately 4,000 new patents in 2016. The brand, which has achieved great success in the field of patenting, is 3rd behind IBM and Samsung in this regard. is ranked. Canon, the world’s largest camera and printer manufacturer, also became the owner of Toshiba’s healthcare division with a $6.5 billion acquisition.

3) The Walt Disney Company – 79.19

Disney has increased its score, although it seems to have slipped down from last year’s rankings. 2016 was the year Walt Disney started reaping the fruits of Star Wars . The company, which achieved over $1 billion in box office first with The Force Awakens and then Rogue One, announced that it has enough Star Wars movies by 2030 (May the force be with you Disney!)

2) LEGO Group – 79.46

LEGO looks like the real winner this year. 6 last year. LEGO ranked 2nd this year. in line. Doubled its earnings from 2010 to 2015, the company experienced 6% growth in 2016. In addition, Bali Padda, the first non-Danish head in the company’s history, took over as CEO.

1) Rolex – 80.38

Behind Rolex’s great success lies the impact of its very high score in products and services. A tough year for luxury goods caused Rolex to experience only 1% growth. The shrinkage of luxury consumption was not the only situation that challenged Rolex, it was wondered how Apple’s announcement of the Apple Watch in the luxury category would affect Rolex. But Rolex seems to have come out of the situation undamaged for now.

You can find the entire list here .

*Spoiler alert* There are no Turkish brands in the top 100. *Spoiler alert*

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