What Happens to Your Body If You Stop Eating Sugar? (Day by Day, Month by Month Changes)

Sugar is delicious and addictive, but it doesn’t do you any good. Long-time top-selling health author Sara Gottfried says that in addition to causing weight gain, increased consumption of refined sugar can cause insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, and affect cognitive function and memory.
Eating sugar on a daily basis not only gives you brain fog, but also accelerates aging, according to author David Wolfe.
Eliminating refined refined sugar from our diet may seem difficult or even impossible. But understanding the extraordinary things that happen in your body the moment you cut out sugar can help you break the habit. (At least we can leave it after the holiday. ?)

An hour later

It is possible to get results even after a few hours. “Sugar is addictive and activates the dopamine response in the brain’s reward center like a drug,” Wolfe said. With the change of blood sugar levels depending on the amount of sugar you consume daily; You may experience fluctuations in sweating, shivering, moodiness, hunger, and sadness.” Gottfried, on the other hand, suggests combating these symptoms by consuming fresh vegetables with fiber, protein sources, and healthy fats.

a day later

The days right after you stop consuming sugar are the hardest times. “You may have withdrawal-like symptoms such as headaches and decreased energy levels,” Gottfried says. You will probably also have strong cravings for something sweet.

But this is how your body begins to heal itself. According to Wolfe, sugar feeds harmful microorganisms like candida, which can affect your gut health. Cutting out refined sugar helps keep these microorganisms in check.

One week later

Here the magic begins to happen! After the sugar is out of the body, your body repairs quickly, starting with improvements in insulin levels and inflammatory responses. In just 72 hours, your insulin levels begin to stabilize and other hormones return to normal levels, according to Gottfreid. In addition, Wolfe says there will be improvements in the skin and the swelling on your face will decrease.

After a month

Wolfe says, “What sugar does to you; “You’ll find that it causes hunger, weight gain, yeast infections, and increases inflammation,” she says. Because when you give up sugar, many of these ailments and cravings for unhealthy foods will disappear.

Add to these benefits stable blood sugar levels, improved mental activities, natural weight loss and improved gut health. “A healthy gut reduces inflammation in your body and overall risks for many health problems,” says Gottfried.

Six months later

“You will be so far from the habit of eating sugar that you not only want to eat it but can’t even look at it,” Wolfe says. Gottfried adds that when blood sugar levels are stable, stubborn fat, especially in the abdominal area, will melt away. More importantly, you will be healthier overall. Six months without refined sugar will lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and premature aging.

One year later

You won’t believe how your skin improves when you spend a sugar-free year. Your acne, irritated areas and fine wrinkles will be visibly reduced. Better still, the overall risk of preventable diseases such as heart attack, stroke and diabetes will also decrease. In short, when you quit sugar, you will increase your quality of life and life expectancy.
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