Oils Good for the Skin and Things to Know

oils good for skin

Oils that are good for the skin and the use of these oils is a practice that dates back to ancient times. In fact, the basis of this application is how important skin care is for humanity. It is known that societies give importance to their skins in every period of history. The impetus for this is undoubtedly the effect of the image on people.

In this sense, cosmetics has continued its effectiveness not only today but also in every period of history. Considering that the skin is a direct reflection of the human being, the importance of skin care is better understood. Natural methods used in skin care appear as a legacy from the past to the present.

Why Are Skin-Good Oils So Important?

Today, many different applications can be mentioned in skin care. Among these applications, there are methods developed in the laboratory environment, as well as natural methods. Many factors can be mentioned in the increase of natural methods and products.

Foremost among these are the gradual narrowing of our clean air space and the increase in chemical products. Along with chemical accumulation, it is effective in the transformation of eating habits. Today, this impulse underlies the increasing interest in skin care and oils that are good for the skin. According to many, oils that are good for the skin are among the ideal methods of capturing beauty.

Thus, the existence of oils obtained from various plants throughout history can be mentioned. In this sense, it is not surprising that vegetable oils continue their importance day by day. Without further ado, let’s move on to our list of the best oils for the skin:

1) Shea Butter (Shea Butter)

Shea Butter

Shea butter, named after the tree of the same name found in Africa, is used in many different forms. It is preferred for both medical and cosmetic purposes with its antioxidant properties. Its antioxidant content not only delays aging, but also provides a smooth appearance on the skin. Few oils can moisturize dry skin better than Shea butter.

It also has an abundance of collagen, which attracts the attention of many people today when buying cosmetic products. With the support of collagen, the reorganization of the defective areas on the skin is ensured. Of course, it should be noted that one should be careful about the application.

You can apply the natural form of shea butter to your skin, or you can choose the products it contains. Shea butter can be easily applied, provided that it is suitable for the skin type and the amount of use.

2) Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Coconut oil is among the most widely used oils, considering its area of use and product variety. It is used in hand cream, body lotion, shampoo, lip balm, moisturizer and many more. With this feature, it is very popular among the oils that are good for the skin. Coconut oil, which can also be consumed as food, is very rich in fat burning and skin moisture.

It can be consumed by mixing it with any food, or it can be used directly by applying it to the skin. It is also a frequently preferred oil against problems such as redness and flaking on the skin. Indispensable when skin pores are threatened by weather conditions, genetics or nutrition. With this feature, it continues to enter the life of almost everyone.

3) Aloe Vera Oil

aloe vera oil

Aloe Vera oil is among the oils used in many different areas. This plant, which was used in surgery in its unprocessed form in ancient times, is still used in the pharmaceutical industry today. It is among the plants that have a healing effect thanks to the essence liquid in its leaves and stem.

It is certain that Aloe Vera has a special place among plants that ensure survival in nature. Apart from this, it is also widely used for ornamental and cosmetic purposes. All of us must have had someone who has Aloe Vera in their home. In this state, it is one of the plants that maintains its vitality in the closest proximity of people.

Let’s also mention that it is a complete enemy of infection thanks to the rich vitamins and minerals it contains. In addition, it is a fact that Aloe Vera oil should be sought behind bushy eyebrows and eyelashes.

4) Lavender Oil

lavender oil

Lavender oil is among the oils whose effect tends to increase day by day. The increasing tendency towards organic and natural ones also increases the interest in this oil. Thanks to the beneficial enzymes in its content, it is preferred for psychological regeneration as well as for the skin.

It would not be wrong to say that it is the oil that yoga and meditation practitioners do not spare for a moment. It should also be noted that it has an aromatherapy structure based on its content. Thanks to this structure, lavender oil has a very strong effect on its environment and is completely natural. It is also frequently used in the treatment of rapid wear of the skin, certain spots and acne.

5) Jojoba Oil – Desert Beauty

jojoba oil

It would not be wrong to say that Jojoba Oil is among the most prominent oils among the oils that are good for the skin. It should also be noted that this oil has a very specific story. Jojoba oil, named after its tree, is a plant that has taken on the entire legacy of vitality.

By this we mean that it grows in arid areas such as deserts, where liquid and moisture levels are quite low. The Jojoba tree, which accumulates fluids during radical droughts, has a sparing water absorption. A similar situation is also valid for Jojoba oil used for human skin. It makes the skin look brighter and moister.

It performs a rapid production of collagen that the skin needs for regeneration. It is applied against problems such as excessive oiliness on the skin. Perhaps the most important thing is that it takes an active role in the cleaning process of chemical-containing make-up products. In this sense, we wouldn’t be wrong if we say that there is nothing that Jojoba oil can’t do.

6) Argan Oil

Argan oil

Argan oil, originating from North Africa, is an oil that many of us often encounter in our daily lives. It is possible to see Argan oil in the organic-based shampoos, soaps, lotions or moisturizers used. We can say that this oil, which is frequently preferred by people in their daily life, increases the reorganization of the skin.

While doing this, it draws attention with its structure that balances the vitamins and minerals needed by the skin. It can also be used for the treatment of unwanted conditions such as acne caused by sebum secretion. It is not surprising that it is one of the first to come to mind when it comes to oils that are good for the skin.

The reason for this is that it takes an active role in problem solving as well as its naturalness. In addition, it is a natural elixir that those who do not want to compromise their youth can not give up.

7) Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil

Apart from its positive effects on the skin, Tea Tree oil draws attention with its historical origin. It can also be said that this oil is one of the important parts of human life. The reason for this is that this oil is used for everything in pure nature, where there is no chemical production and consumption.

It has a versatile effect from solving the problem of vermin to its natural malodor removal feature. The tropical nature of this oil, which can also be used as a mouthwash, requires careful use. It should also be emphasized that excessive use without expert advice can adversely affect human life.

This balanced use feature of almost every oil is valid for Tea Tree oil. It helps to keep away bacteria that can harm the skin and the body in general. In addition, thanks to its natural moisturizing effect, it takes its place among today’s lesser-known oils that do a lot of work.

8) Avocado Oil

avocado oil

Avocado oil is among the indispensables of social life as well as our list. Avocado is among the important sources of vitamins and minerals that the human body needs. In addition, avocado, which is a natural fat store, helps to meet this need of the body.

Avocado, which is a tropical product, is used both on the table and in skin care today thanks to this content. The increasing number of avocado-containing products reinforces this situation. It is possible to encounter avocado oil in products such as shampoo, soap, hand cream, lotion and moisturizer.

It not only protects against the harmful effects of sunlight, but also helps to renew the skin. It is effective in regeneration against the damage caused to the skin by diseases that suppress the immune system. It plays a major role in the regeneration of the skin through linoleic acid, oleic acid and beneficial fatty acids.

9) Centaury Oil

St. John's Wort oil

It’s time to talk about an oil that those who care about their health are not far away. Centaury oil is an oil obtained from the centaury plant. Today, it is also used as an alternative medicine. It attracts attention as a healing plant preferred by almost everyone due to the properties it contains.

St. John’s Wort has two different types, yellow and red. It is also used with names such as binbirdelik grass, sword grass and blood grass among the people. Although it has natural antibiotic properties, it is among the plants that should be used carefully. It is recommended that people with allergen predisposition prefer short-term use instead of long-term use.

The benefits of centaury oil are too many to count. Among these benefits are features such as removing the spots caused by sunlight and increasing the moisture level of the skin. In addition, it is one of the vegetable oils that are useful for people who have dandruff and various hair problems.

It should be noted that there is no problem in consuming it with various foods. You can mix it with the tea you drink, or you can also consume it alone. The difference between St. John’s Wort oil and St. John’s Wort oil is negligible. While red centaury oil is obtained from the fresh plant; St. John’s Wort oil is an oil obtained from the dried plant.

10) Olive oil

olive oil

Olive oil has become so integrated with human life that it has now become a name used as a compound. Olive oil, found in almost every culture, is one of the most innocent and beneficial vegetable oils. Olive oil, which first comes to mind when Mediterranean cuisine is mentioned, is also of great importance among the oils that are good for the skin.

In the light of scientific studies, many new benefits of olive oil have emerged besides hair care. Prevention against cancer is undoubtedly the first among these. Of course, it should be noted that it does not have a destructive effect against cancer by itself.

Olive oil absorbs harmful sun rays due to its natural antioxidant effect. It is home to significant levels of vitamins A, E, K and D. In addition, as we all know, it is the active ingredient of natural olive oil soaps.

11) Safflower Oil

safflower oil

Safflower oil is among the most important disease inhibitors among the oils that are good for the skin. As it is widely known, its benefit is valid not only for upper respiratory tract complaints but also for the whole body. It can be applied in a wide variety of areas from nails to hair. It creates a rejuvenating effect with its use on the skin.

It should also be noted that it is a frequently preferred herbal product for dandruff and similar hair problems. It is possible that even a few drops will have noticeable effects on the skin during use. In addition, it should be applied to the hair during the shower and then rinsed with plenty of water.

12) Sesame Oil

Sesame oil

Sesame oil contributes to the brightest appearance of the skin thanks to the abundance of collagen it contains. It is a vegetable oil that has been used since the earliest periods of history. It also contains ingredients applicable to every skin type. It moisturizes dry skin and purifies moist and oily skin.

Apart from this, the meditative aspect of the skin also outweighs. It is often used in massage to any part of the body. With its reorganizing role, it helps the skin to regain its lost vitality. It is also used in the treatment of wounds that are not very clear and leave slight scars.

13) Camellia Oil

camellia oil

Camellia oil, like almost every vegetable oil, has a transnational identity. Thanks to this identity, it is used not only in Japan, where it originated, but also in every part of the world. Camellia oil, which should be used by everyone who cares about their skin, is one of the oils that are good for the skin.

It is an oil that can be applied to the skin both individually and in combination with different natural oils. It is supportive in increasing skin brightness and softening the skin. It owes this feature to the vitamins A, E, D and B in its content. Thanks to these vitamins, it makes an indescribable contribution to the permanent beauty of the skin.

14) Rosemary Oil

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is the vegetable oil obtained from the leaves of the rosemary plant. It is an oil that relieves cardiovascular disorders, especially upper respiratory tract complaints. It is also rich in skin benefits. It is an effective weapon against fungal complaints as well as against skin dryness. It contributes to the relief of redness, swelling and derivative conditions on the skin.

15) Black Grape Seed Oil

black grape seed oil

Black grape seed oil is among the oils that are good for the skin and regulate the appearance of the body. It is a very effective weapon for vascular swelling that lasts for a long time after the formation of varicose veins. It is also known to be effective against swelling caused by edema accumulated in the body.

The seed of black grape, which is beneficial for heart health, also fights with image disorders caused by these disorders. It is also used for the treatment of bruises that accumulate under the eyes and are one of the most common problems of today.

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