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Muhammed Yavuz

visita interiora terra rectificando invenies occultum lapidem. Porto, Portugal.

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Essay Series Born out of Insomnia Vol.1 : Me and Life

      I do not write  I’ve been feeling the pressure for a long time. I don’t know why I’m posting here as well. Maybe I just like to share. I just...

10 Steps to Self-Discipline: The Key to Success

I explained what self-discipline is in The Key to Success: Self-Discipline. You can access it by clicking the link. In this article, I will write about how to achieve Self-discipline st...

Self Discipline in 10 Steps

I try to continue my writings without slowing down. Previously, I explained what Self-discipline is in the content called The Key to Success: Self-Discipline . You can access it by clic...