Information About Animals: The Unknowns of the Animal Kingdom

The animal kingdom is a different world with no end. There are different kinds of animals with different appearances. Some of them can live with us, while others are much happier in their natural environment. But as the different features of each of them are discovered, those who do not know are stunned. We start our list of interesting facts about animals with ostriches.

1) It is known by everyone that ostriches run fast. But did you know that male ostriches can roar like a lion?


2) Butterflies, renowned for their beauty and nobility, taste with their feet!


3) Seahorses, which are the only male creatures in the world that can give birth, have only one mate throughout their lives.

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4) Male emperor penguins can survive without food for about two months, waiting for the female penguin to bring food.

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During these 2 months, the female penguin travels almost 80 km for each hunt. If he manages to hunt and return at the end of the hunt; At the end of this period, it returns to its newborn baby with a full stomach.

5) Cows are fat magnets who know how to deal with the “hardware disease”. They have to live with a magnet in their stomach for the rest of their lives.

Interesting information about animals is a very remarkable item on our list.

The “hardware disease” mentioned above is referred to as damage caused by cables, staples and nails regularly ingested by livestock such as cows.

6) Raccoons’ hands are incredibly sensitive. Animals use their hands more than their senses of sight or smell to detect food and understand its quality.


7) Donkeys, like elephants, use their ears to communicate and cool off. The ears of donkeys are much longer than those of horses.

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8) Naked mole rats lack the sense of pain.

They do not have neuroconducting chemicals called “Substance P”. This is likely the result of an evolution they went through to survive in their poisonous stuffy burrows. Information that will almost top the list of the most interesting facts about animals!

9) Scorpions are known to be incredibly hardy animals. In fact, it has been recorded that a frozen scorpion found by scientists started to move again after thawing.


Spring peeper frogs also have a similar resistance during hibernation. Such frogs will knowingly allow most of their body to freeze and still survive afterward.

10) Many mammals eat their own feces or that of their young. But only koalas feed their young with it. In addition, koalas almost never need water throughout their lives.


“Koala” It means thirsty in Dharuk language.

11) Sheep are their own doctors. When they are sick or feel discomfort, they find the plants and herbs that are most suitable for them and consume them with pleasure.

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12) Penguins have a denser layer of feathers than most other birds. In this feather layer, which provides waterproofing, 70 feathers fall per 6 square centimeters. Their black and white colored structures prevent them from being seen both from below and from above, just like in fish.


13) Sharks are sensitive enough to detect even a drop of blood in almost 100 liters of water. They can also sense even a single drop of blood from 5 km away.

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14) The teeth of beavers, one of the first animals that come to mind when rodents are mentioned, never stop growing. They constantly gnaw at tree branches and trunks to prevent their teeth from getting too long. Thus, they keep their length in balance by filing their teeth.

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In addition, the front teeth of beavers are red in color.

15) The Alpheidae shrimp is also known as the loudest animal. One gripper is larger than the other, and using the larger one it propels the water at almost 100 km/h. With this movement, it creates a sound of 200 decibels. This violence stuns and kills its victim.

16) Polar bears have black skin to better absorb the sun’s rays.

17) Anteaters consume about 35 thousand ants in a day!


18) Three-toed sloths are so sluggish that they sleep nearly 20 hours a day. In fact, they are so motionless that algae grows on their backs.

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19) Wolves consume 9 kg of meat per day!

20) The pupils of goats and sheep are rectangular. This gives them the advantage of 360-degree viewing angles.

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21) Tarantulas drink their prey! Thanks to the digestive enzymes they secrete, they liquefy their prey and in this way drink them instead of eating them.

22) Tiger stripes are like human fingerprints. All of them are different and characteristic.

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The nose prints of dogs are also unique. Every dog’s nose print is different.

23) The Indian giant squirrel has colorful feathers, unlike the squirrels we know. This magnificent beauty can grow up to 90 cm in length.

24) Water deer have vampire fangs.

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25) Bearded vultures wear makeup. Known as the only animals that wear make-up in nature, this species consciously dyes its white feathers with red mud.

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26) The physical characteristics of pigs make it impossible for them to look at the sky.

27) Crocodiles cannot stick out their tongues.

28) Gentoo penguins propose to their wives with “stones”, just like humans. One with pebbles, of course.

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29) There are over “500 million” cats in the world, who are descended from only 33 different cat breeds.

30) Pandas do not have any criteria for sleeping. They can sleep where their sleep comes, as they come.

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If you are interested in information about animals, “Who knows what’s going on? Well, you need to learn!” if you say. We have a book recommendation for you!

Book of Ignorance 2 – Animal Kingdom


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