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IMDb, the largest cinema, series, documentary and TV show platform in the digital world, announces the best of that year in December every year. IMDb has now announced the best series that marked this year.
So which series are these? Let’s see together.

10. The Crown ( IMDb: 8.7 )

The Crown is a British-US co-production of The Crown, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. It deals with the ten years after Elizabeth’s marriage and accession to the throne. We also witness essential details about the communication between Elizabeth II, who we will see as a newly married woman in her mid-20s, with Winston Churchill. Stephen Daldry is in the director’s chair of the series, including Matt Smith, John Lithgow, and Victoria Hamilton.
IMDb : 8.7 Rotten Tomatoes : 89% Google : 94%
Type : Drama, History
Duration : Avg. Episode Length 58 min – 5 Seasons 41 episodes in total

Review and comment: Queen Elizabeth II and many of her royal family are still alive today. Despite this, The Crown is a brave series that contains a lot of criticism and tells about some scandals from time to time. Do not watch the series with the expectation of a history documentary, because it contains a lot of fictional events as well as real events. It is a really attractive period production with its costumes, decor and colors. The acting is poetic. All of the actors are proven names in the series industry. Even if you don’t like period productions, let’s underline that it is a series that you should definitely give a chance.

9. The Witcher ( IMDb: 8.2 )

The series takes place in a very fantastic universe; dwarves, elves, dragons, witches and more. Different species that have lived together with humans for centuries decide to disrupt the peace and events develop. Meanwhile witcher The notorious Geralt of Rivia, who kills monsters for money, tries to keep the peace. The Witcher, who wants to protect a child who has the power to change the whole balance, will fight evil on the one hand and love on the other while searching for his promised child.
IMDb : 8.2 Rotten Tomatoes : 67% Google : 95%
Type : Fantasy, Adventure, Action

Review and comment: The Witcher is a production that Netflix made a strategic move when it lost interest and users. We were all very excited when he announced that he would make a series of a story that already has a book and a game. We were afraid of disappointment, but the series managed to satisfy the majority. Another thing we need to say about the series is the visual feast it brings to the audience. In fact, this series was Netflix’s production with the most visual effects so far. The most criticized aspect of the series is that it is a bit complicated. But those who like the series also say that this complexity is what makes the series special.

8. Westworld ( IMDb: 8.7 )

Taking us into a dark future, Westworld is about an amusement park that caters to a wealthy community. Visitors are also a part of the game in this amusement park full of artificial intelligence and robots. Every game played is legal and it’s a dangerous world where the rich can do anything to robots in the game. In the wild west adventure themed part, a problem occurs that no one can predict. There is a sniper after the customers who come to the party. This dangerous game, in which robots under human command gain consciousness as a result of an error, brings the conflict between humans and robots from the future to the present. Who do you think will win this war?
IMDb : 8.7 Rotten Tomatoes : 82% Google : 92%
Genre : Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction
Duration : Avg. Episode Length 1 hour 2 min – 4 Seasons 29 episodes in total

7. The Umbrella Academy ( IMDb: 8.0 )

At The Umbrella Academy, siblings with special abilities come together after the death of their father. Offering an unusual superhero world, The Umbrella Academy invites you to a series of marathons with the universe it has created. When we look at the cast, we can see successful names: Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan.
IMDb : 8.0 Rotten Tomatoes : 75% Google : 95%
Critic Rating (Metascore) : 61/100
Type : Action, Adventure, Comedy

Review and comment: The Umbrella Academy is actually a comic book adaptation. But it is not based on noble and charismatic stories and characters like Daradevil, Punisher, Batman we know. A fun production that blends action and adventure with comedy. If you are interested in fantasy comedy series, it is possible to have a pleasant time with The Umbrella Academy.

6. The Queen’s Gambit ( IMDb: 8.7 )

The script is based on Walter Tevis’ 1983 novel of the same name. It tells the story of Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy girl who grows up in an orphanage in Kentucky in the 1950s. Silent and sullen, Beth’s life changes when she plays her first game of chess. He competes in the United States Open Championship at the age of 16. But as Beth enters the professional circle, the risks begin to increase. Moreover, Beth has become addicted to a tranquilizer given at the orphanage. Beth, who takes the pill with alcohol, turns into a total addict day by day.
IMDb : 8.7 Rotten Tomatoes : 100% Google : 98%
Type : Drama, Mini-series
Duration : Avg. Episode Length 50 Minutes – 1 Season 7 Episodes

Review and comment: It can be expected to be slow and boring from the series whose plot is shaped by chess. However, contrary to all these expectations, it was a fast-paced production that drew the audience in. In addition to its captivating plot and cast, there are also emphases on women’s rights in the series. “The self-sufficient woman is strong.” The idea of gender in society is also discussed in the series.

5. The Mandalorian ( IMDb: 8.7 )

Mandalorian loses his parents as a child and is raised by Mandalorians. He wears a mask peculiar to them and does not show his face to anyone. Our character is a skull hunter as well as a gunslinger. He provides services to all parts of the universe and does things for money. Greef Crow tasks Mandalorian with picking up a package and bringing it to him. He receives the package and realizes that it is a child-like entity. When he realizes that this childlike being will be killed, he refuses to deliver it. The New Galactic Republic is also in pursuit of the childlike existence. The Mandalorian, on the other hand, is determined to kidnap him, and Cara Dune, a former soldier, will help him along the way.
IMDb : 8.7 Rotten Tomatoes : 93% Google : 97%
Genre : Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Duration : Avg. Episode Length 40 Minutes – 3 Seasons 18 Episodes

4. Ozark ( IMDb: 8.4 )

Ozark tells the money laundering story of an investment banker father who specializes in money laundering and the problems he has with his family along the way. Father Martin goes to Ozark with his family to launder more money. Although everything seems easy on the plan, the family and Martin are not getting out of trouble because of this strange place and the problems experienced.
IMDb : 8.4 Rotten Tomatoes : 81% Google : 93%
Critic Rating (Metascore) : 66/100
Type : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Duration : Avg. Episode Length 1 hour – 1 Season 38 episodes in total

Review and comment: Jason Bateman, who plays the main character of the series, is also the producer and director of all four episodes. Just like Ricky Gervais in After Life. This adds a remarkable coherence to the series, in our opinion. Ozark is a compelling money-laundering story of genius wielding for evil purposes! Its similarity to Breaking Bad is frequently discussed, but we think it is a very different productions. The color palette of the series is a bit heavy and consists of dark colors. It’s a little overwhelming, but it keeps the tension high. Ozark’s action and suspense pace does not drop for a moment. The stories come together perfectly and the plots are very successful.

3. Dark ( IMDb: 8.8 )

One of the rising stars of Netflix science fiction series in recent years! Dark, a science fiction and thriller genre, deals with the mysterious events that occurred after the disappearance of two children in a small town. The story takes place in different periods, and its mystery sets it apart from other science fiction series, making it an elusive puzzle. Baran bo Odar, who also directed films such as Who Am I, Das letzte Schweigen, Nuit Blanche, directed the series full of horror and tension.
IMDb : 8.8 Rotten Tomatoes : 94% Google : 96%
Critic Rating (Metascore) : 67/100
Type : Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Duration : Avg. Episode Length 1 hour – 3 Seasons 26 episodes in total

Review and comment: A great confusion and an unsolved mystery. Dark is one of the most influential and impressive series of recent times, which requires focus on everything, where the mind blur is at its peak, and the concept of time is disappearing. You may need to take notes and watch the series by looking at some of the diagrams that the series gives you in order to solve and comprehend the events, people and times. This takes this series far beyond the “sit and watch” experience. Being in German also adds a different texture to Dark. In addition, a lot of clues are given at many points in the series. Capturing these details and seeing the effect on the result provides a completely different satisfaction as well as the pleasure of watching the series. The first few chapters may seem boring to you. There are so many characters, and they are all part of the story somehow. But after a few episodes, you will be watching an excellent series that wraps your mind and keeps your thoughts busy.

2. La casa de papel ( IMDb: 8.4 )

The Professor, who brings together the notorious criminals of history, has a big robbery in mind. He plots for a long time to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. He assembles the team and starts training them. Considering all kinds of possibilities, the Professor teaches in every field. Now the plan is perfectly ready and the team steps into the mint. Then all Spain and the world turn their eyes to the mint. The hostages inside, the huge crowd supporting the robbery outside, the police force, the robbery team and the fast-paced minutes. A mind-blowing robbery will draw you in.
IMDb : 8.4 Rotten Tomatoes : 93% Google : 96%
Type : Action, Crime, Thriller
Duration : Avg. Episode Length 1 hour 10 min – 4 Seasons 31 episodes in total

Review and comment: It is a unique adventure with striking scenes, carrying sociological and philosophical values, delving into the depths of human psychology at every opportunity, admiring intelligence and where the tension does not decrease for a minute! It’s never a standard heist and action drama. Behind this image is a story with immense depth. The Spanish series La Casa de Papel is arguably the best TV series to come out of Europe in recent times. In addition to all these, it is a phenomenon that has become a phenomenon with its music, art direction, acting, cast and editing! If you haven’t watched it, watch it now! 🙂

1. The Boys ( IMDb: 8.7 )

The Boys is a very different series from the superhero stories you’re used to. Superheroes abuse their power and reputation. The careers of superheroes led by a large corporation seem to be quite glamorous, and the public is their constant supporter. But things are not as they seem. Made up of ex-villains dedicated to upholding the law in this corrupt universe, The Boys will understand their language and are determined to take down the villains.
IMDb : 8.7 Rotten Tomatoes : 90% Google : 95%
Type : Action, Comedy, Crime
Duration : Avg. Episode Length 1 hour – 3 Seasons 17 episodes in total

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