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Hulk movies are productions that are highly appreciated by the audience. The Hulk character from the Marvel universe was created by Marvel creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. It first appeared in comics in 1962. Afterwards, he is a very important character who has appeared in many movies and series created for the character. The series we are talking about is “The Incredible Hulk”, which was released in 1977. The character last appeared in the movie Endgame in 2019. We’ve compiled everything about Hulk movies for you:

TV Movies Released Between 1977 – 1990

1) The Incredible Hulk – The Incredible Hulk (1977) | IMDb: 7.2

hulk filmleri

Creator: Kenneth Jackson

Cast: Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, Jack Colvin

Season: 5

David Bruce Banner is a physician and scientist at California’s Culver Institute. He is also traumatized by the car accident that killed his wife, Laura. With that feeling of not being able to save his wife at the time of the accident, his partner Dr. Together with Elaina Marks, they study people who have regained superhuman strength in times of danger. He has become obsessed with why he cannot find this power. Banner hypothesizes that the high levels of gamma radiation in sunspots cause the subjects’ power to increase.

Impatient to test his theory, Bruce organizes an unsupervised experiment. But he is unaware that the equipment has been recalibrated. For this reason, it is exposed to a large dose of gamma radiation. He thinks that his experiment has failed, but when he gets angry while straightening the wheel of his car, he turns into a 2.1 m long and 150 kg green monster. When he calms down, he becomes human again. While he tries to figure it out, things are put in jeopardy when journalist Jack McGee starts researching his experiments.

McGee, who causes a fire in the laboratory, also causes the death of Marks, and the Hulk is seen by the entire public. Everyone thinks Banner also died in the fire. He, too, tries to establish a new life by changing his identity and location.

2) The Incredible Hulk Returns – The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988) | IMDb: 5.8

hulk filmleri

Director: Nicholas Corea

Cast: Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, Eric Kramer

In The Incredible Hulk Returns, one of the Hulk movies, Dr. David Banner started working at the Joshua – Lambert Research Institute. Here he is working on a Gamma Transmitter with a team of scientists. He believes that thanks to this transmitter he will avoid returning to the Hulk. He hasn’t turned into the Hulk since he met a young widow, Maggie Shaw. One day she is recognized by one of her former students, Donald Blake, by chance. Blake tells Banner that on an expedition to Norway he found a hammer believed to contain Thor’s soul. Thor involuntarily serves Blake. Thor angers Bruce by damaging equipment, eventually transforming into the Hulk. Hulk easily fights him and leaves.

In the morning, journalist Jack McGee receives news that the Hulk has appeared. He immediately chases after you. Meanwhile, Thor and Blake bond with each other at a bar. A criminal organization within the Institute is planning to seize Banner and the Gamma Transmitter. The Hulk prevents it. Mafia leader Jack LeBeau replaces Banner with Dr. He wants to kidnap Shaw. Despite all the efforts of mafia members Thor and Hulk, who are disguised as cops, Dr. He manages to kidnap Shaw.

LeBeau makes a deal with Banner to get the transponder, and Shaw is spared in return. McGee is once again ridiculed for his obsession with the Hulk and Thor. Meanwhile, Shaw has figured out that Banner and the Hulk are the same person. Upon this, Bruce ends his relationship with Shaw and goes to find a cure again.

3) The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989) | IMDb: 5.9

Trial of Hulk

Director: Bill Bixby

Cast: Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, John Rhys-Davies

Still on the run due to the events of the previous movie, Dr. Banner started a business in the north under the name David Belson. His patience is put to the test by a bully, but he tries to stay calm. He then goes to a big city in hopes of renting a room and remaining invisible. There is something he does not know; The city he goes to is under the control of a crime lord named Wilson Fisk and the protection of a hero named Daredevil.

While he is using the subway late at night, Fisk’s two men get on the wagon with him. One of the men attacks a woman in the wagon, and David transforms into the Hulk, creating chaos. A short time later, he is arrested by the police. While awaiting his trial, blind defense attorney Matt Murdock is assigned to David’s case. Murdock believes that David is innocent and that they will win the case. Seeing that he transforms into the Hulk during the trial in prison, David actually becomes the Hulk and escapes from prison.

Starting to work with Daredevil, Banner learns that Murdock is actually Daredevil. Daredevil is seriously injured while on a mission to capture Fisk and is rescued at the last moment by the Hulk. Upon his recovery, he pursues Fisk again and rescues the kidnapped woman, but Fisk and his assistant escape. Banner and Murdock part ways as friends, and Banner sets off again to find a cure for himself. It is one of the most popular Hulk movies.

4) The Death of the Incredible Hulk (1990) | IMDb: 5.8

death of Hulk

Director: Bill Bixby

Cast: Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, Elizabeth Gracen

David Banner changed his identity again to David Bellamy. She took on the role of a cleaner with a mental disability. In this way, he aims to gain access to a research facility located in Portland Oregon. Working there, Dr. He believes Ronald Pratt has research to solve his own problem. After withdrawing money from the ATM one night, he is robbed and badly attacked by thieves. Then the Hulk comes and takes care of the thieves. But at the same time, it also attracts the attention of the authorities.

The next day, Dr. Entering Pratt’s office, Banner finds the doctor’s formula on the board and corrects the wrong parts. At the same time, a Russian agent, Jasmin, who is threatened with her brother’s life, disguises herself to obtain the fingerprints of one of the security guards. When Pratt returns to the lab, he sees his formula has been corrected and decides to wait in the lab to learn the identity of his assistant. She catches David in the act and is forced to reveal his true identity to Pratt.

It is learned that Jasmin’s brother is the head of the organization, which wants to take over Banner and Pratt’s work. Meanwhile, Banner fell in love with Jasmin. The organization enters the laboratory and kidnaps Pratt and his wife. Responding to Banner’s feelings, Jasmin agrees to help the Pratts. Banner, who manages to get on the kidnappers’ helicopter, sees that the Pratts are not there, during the fight, the helicopter’s fuel tank is hit and the helicopter crashes. The villains die and Banner returns to human form, unable to recover from his wounds and dies. His love and friends mourn his passing. It is one of the most popular Hulk movies.

motion pictures

1) Hulk (2003) | IMDb: 5.6

hulk filmleri

Director: Ang Lee

Cast: Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Sam Elliot

It is the first movie among the Hulk movies that we can watch in the cinema. Daivd Banner is a government genetics researcher who aims to improve human DNA. This project has now reached the testing stage with the help of many students. General Thaddeus Ross forbids human experimentation. David does the experiment on himself. Shortly after, his wife Edith gives birth to their son, Bruce Banner. David soon learns that his son also has mutant DNA in him. Revealing Banner’s dangerous experiments, Ross ends the project. Seeking revenge, David sabotages the gamma reactor about to explode. Believing that Bruce is dangerous too, David tries to kill him, but causes the death of his wife Edith, who is trying to protect her son.

Ross arrests David and puts him in a mental institution. Bruce enters the system to be adopted. Years later, Bruce became a scientist at the Berkeley Laboratory. Ross is also in a relationship with his daughter, Betty. Meanwhile, David comes to Berkeley as a cleaner and tries to enter Bruce’s life. Bruce saves the lives of Betty and another co-worker in an accident involving gamma radiation. Waking up in the hospital, Bruce tells Betty that he feels better than ever, but Betty can’t understand how Bruce survived. The attention on Bruce triggers him to enter a phase of stress and anger, which causes him to turn into the Hulk.

As a result, Ross arrests Bruce and places him under house arrest. Events develop and progress. Bruce and David meet up, while Ross threatens to blow them both up. David wants to use Bruce’s powers to destroy his enemies. When Bruce refuses, David bites into a high-voltage wire, which Ross energizes at the same time. In this way, he turns into a powerful creature. Hulk fights and defeats him. But Ross throws a Gamma bomb on them and they are both presumed dead.

2) The Incredible Hulk – The Incredible Hulk (2008) | IMDb: 6.6

hulk 2008

Director: Louis Leterrier

Cast: Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth

It is one of the most popular Hulk movies. At Culver University in Virginia, General Thaddeus Ross Dr. He is talking to Bruce Banner about an experiment. The main idea of this experiment is to immunize humans against gamma radiation. But the experiment fails. Bruce is exposed to high doses of gamma radiation. Because of this, Bruce occasionally turns into the Hulk. As Banner transforms into the Hulk, he destroys the lab and the area around it, causing several deaths.

Five years later, Banner lives in Rio de Janeiro and seeks treatment for his condition. Anonymously on the Internet, Mr. He starts working with someone named Blue. He keeps the Hulk under control for five months. One day he cuts off his finger and a trickle of his blood spills into the bottle. As a result of this event, someone in Milwaukee drinks this water and gets gamma disease. Upon this month, Ross locates Banner and sends a team against him. The Hulk defeats this team and seriously injures the head of the team, Emil Blonsky. Having recovered, Emil learns from Ross how the Hulk was created and agrees to take a low dose of the same serum.

Unable to get enough of his newfound power, Emil injects Banner’s blood into himself and transforms into a monster called Abomination. It creates chaos throughout Harlem. Captured by Ross, Banner is released as he is the only one to stop the Abomination monster. In the ongoing battle across Harlem, the Hulk defeats the Abomination but does not kill it. Fleeing from New York, the Hulk arrives in Bella Coola, British Colombia a month later. Instead of suppressing his change, he concentrates on controlling it. Later, Tony Stark (Iron Man) tells Banner about a superhero team that will be revealed…

Hulk in the Marvel Universe

The Avengers (Avengers) is a series that gathers the heroes we know thanks to the Marvel Universe and consists of 4 movies in total. Throughout this series, the Hulk character is portrayed by Mark Ruffalo . In the first movie, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Black Widow team up to stop Thor’s half-brother Loki. After a tough fight, they catch Loki, but Loki has different ideas. Having somehow freed the Hulk, Loki escapes and leaves the Avengers team to deal with the Hulk. Recovering somehow, the team gathers on the streets of New York, defeats Loki and the Chitauri army, and recaptures the Tesseract.

In Age of Ultron , Tony Stark, who tries to bring the peace program called Ultron to life, does not go as planned. Capturing Jarvis’ consciousness, Ultron resorts to plans to put the world in danger. Our heroes take action to stop him. Ultron, who wants to create a body, goes to Johannesburg to obtain vibranium and works with two superhuman Maximoffs. One of the sisters, Wanda, disbands the team with her mind control and makes the Hulk appear. Creating chaos throughout the city, the Hulk is hardly stopped with the armor made by Stark. This causes a massive backlash against the Avengers team.

Infinity War (Infinity War) will bring together the team that fell apart after the Heroes’ War. Thor: Hulk, who was with Thor throughout Ragnarok, comes to the world to announce the arrival of Thanos and falls into Doctor Strange’s house. After the war with Thanos, he received a big blow. She finds Stark with Strange and tells him what happened. Meanwhile, Thanos’ men come and fight. The Hulk never shows up. In Banner, he fights with one of Tony’s armors. We can’t see the Hulk throughout the movie. Because Hulk’s pride is hurt and he doesn’t feel well, who has suffered a great defeat against Thanos with Thor. The Avengers, who wage separate wars in space and on Earth, suffer a great defeat. Thanos destroys half of the Earth with all the infinity stones he collects. Tony is trapped in space. The movie ends here.

Endgame was the last movie we saw the Avengers team and Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk. Thanks to Captain Marvel, Tony returns to Earth with Nebula. He argues with Captain America and starts a new life with Pepper in the jungle. Five years pass. Here, the real events begin when Scott Lang (Ant-Man) escapes from his confinement and comes back.

When he returns, he sees the state of the world and goes to the Avengers headquarters. Here he greets himself with Captain America and Black Widow. He learns what’s going on from them. They turn the machine that Scott used to change dimensions into a time machine. Here, the Hulk comes into play first, and he becomes not a primitive monster, but an intelligent individual united with Bruce. Together with Scott, they want to turn the dimension machine into a time machine, but they fail. Meanwhile, Tony steps in and the team splits into smaller teams and over time, they begin to seize the infinity stones. Bringing everyone back, they enter into a great battle with Thanos…

As you can see, the Hulk played a big role in making superheroes our favourite. He has a TV series of his own in 1977, and many movies afterwards. Apart from TV and cinema films, there are also many animations in it. These Hulk movies are as follows;

hulk animasyon

Lionsgate Animated Movies

  • Ultimate Avengers: The Movie (2006)
  • Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther (2006)
  • Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (2008)
  • Hulk vs. (2009)
  • Planet Hulk (2010)

Lego Marvel Movies

  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload (2013)
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Avengers Reassembled (2015)
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Black Panther – Trouble in Wakanda (2018)

Iron Man and the Hulk Movie

  • Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes Unite (2013)

Avengers Special Movie

  • Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher (2014)

Monsters Movie

  • Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell (2016)



Hulk movies are quite a lot. We can say that there are quite variable Hulk stories in each movie. If you want to watch all the movies, we have placed them below in order;

  • The Incredible Hulk (1977)
  • The Incredible Hulk Returns (1988)
  • The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989)
  • The Death of the Incredible Hulk (1990)
  • Hulk (2003)
  • Ultimate Avengers: The Movie (2006)
  • Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther (2006)
  • Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (2008)
  • The Incredible Hulk (2008)
  • Hulk vs. (2009)
  • Planet Hulk (2010)
  • The Avengers (2012)
  • Iron Man 3 (2013)**
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload (2013)
  • Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes Unite (2013)
  • Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher (2014)
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Avengers Reassembled (2015)
  • Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell (2016)
  • Thor: Ragnarok (2017)
  • Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Black Panther – Trouble in Wakanda (2018)
  • Avengers: Endgame (2019)

FOOTNOTE: Thor: Love & Thunder, the fourth solo movie of the Thor character, and a new character called She-Hulk, are among the rumors about the movie. The Hulk character may not be finished with Marvel yet!

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