Everything You Need to Know About Turnip Juice

Turnip juice is a beverage prepared with the turnip plant, which is a type of beet. It helps to protect our immune system, which allows us to fight diseases. The benefits of turnip juice are much more than we anticipated. We can see that this sour and delicious beverage unique to Çukurova is served alongside many meat dishes. Salads made with turnip juice and mixtures prepared for detoxification are also the favorite choices of those who eat healthy. This antioxidant, which is almost a vitamin store, also acts as a detox.

What Does Turnip Juice Contribute to Our Physical Health?

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Our body is exposed to many toxins through respiration or nutrition. Turnip juice helps us get rid of these toxins. It is not surprising that it is preferred by those who do not want to gain weight. If we talk about the other attractive benefits of turnip juice, which has very few calories:

  • It accelerates the healing of throat infections.
  • It strengthens our bones with the calcium it contains.
  • It contributes to the elimination of anemia in iron deficiency.
  • It helps prevent hypertension as it contains potassium.
  • It helps to remove urine easily from the body.

Are the Benefits of Turnip Juice Physical Only?

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In addition to calcium and potassium, there is also phosphorus in turnip juice. Combining this trio is also said to reduce stress. We hear a lot that various teas and herbal foods reduce anxiety. It has been proven by some scientific data that certain minerals and vitamins benefit our mental state. For example, the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and depression has also been observed experimentally. As a result, the way we eat also plays a big part in making us feel good.

Does Turnip Juice Have an Aphrodisiac Effect?

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The aphrodisiac properties of many natural and herbal foods are known. Products that increase libido and positively affect sexual life are called aphrodisiacs. Turnip juice is also seen as a healing source that increases sexual performance. It is said to increase the sex drive to its peak by making the blood flow faster and to support the sperm quality.

How Is Turnip Juice Made?

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Turnip plant mixed with black carrot. Water is added to the black carrot. In the final stage, salt is also added. We can prepare turnip juice ourselves at home. The materials required for turnip juice, which is not difficult and does not require much material, are:

1) A 10 liter jerrycan or glass jar

2) A clean and thin cloth

3) 1 beetroot

4) Half a loaf of bread

5) 1.5 or 2 tablespoons of rock salt

6) 1 teaspoon of lemon salt

7) 5 liters of turnip

8) About 1 kg of black carrots

The preparation phase is as follows:

1) First of all, black carrots, turnips and beets are thoroughly washed in terms of hygiene.

2) After washing, the outer part of the black carrots is separated with the help of a knife.

3) Cut the carrot into quarters and cut the turnip and beet into strips.

4) Bread is placed on a clean cloth and its mouth is tightly closed. It is put in a pickle can.

5) Mix the materials we have with preferably two tablespoons of salt water and fill the entire jar.

6) It is kept in a place out of the sun for approximately two weeks.

7) After the waiting period, the clean cloth inside is removed and the turnip juice becomes ready to drink.

How Often Can We Drink Turnip Juice?

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If we think with the logic that excess of everything is harmful, we should not consume turnip juice excessively. Excessive consumption of turnip juice can cause indigestion in people with sensitive stomachs. Experts say that people with blood pressure problems should not overdo it. Drinking 1 glass of turnip juice a day is enough for us to benefit from its benefits. Due to the high salt content, those with heart disease should also consume as little as possible.

What Are the Recipes We Can Prepare with Turnip Juice?


There is a recipe for turnip juice that people who are fond of pickles will love. As most vegetables are pickled, we can also pickle turnips. Our required materials are:

1) 1 tablespoon of brine

2) 2 cloves of garlic

3) 1.5 cups of grape vinegar

4) 1 kilo of turnips

5) 1 liter of water

If we are ready for the construction phase:

1) Cut the turnips in a circular fashion.

2) Add salt to the boiled water and boil the turnips for 5 minutes.

3) Turnip is poured into a glass jar.

4) Add all the remaining ingredients and close the lid tightly.

5) After 7 days, you can serve your turnip pickle.

Recipe suggestion: Be sure to store your pickles in a cool place. Adding bunches of parsley to the top will make your pickles more delicious.

So, Can We Make a Salad with High Nutritional Value with Turnip Juice?


Although it is generally consumed as a beverage, we can make a delicious salad accompanied by bulgur. How Does?

1) 150 g of pickled cucumbers

2) A bunch of dill

3) 3 spring onions

4) 1.5 cups of coarse bulgur wheat

5) 100 g canned corn

6) 1 glass of water

7) 3 tablespoons of olive oil

8) A little more than 1 cup of turnip

9) Salt

10) A pinch of black pepper

Let’s start with the construction:

1) Coarse-grained bulgur is added to turnip and water and boiled.

2) It is expected to absorb the water thoroughly.

3) The remaining ingredients are sliced thinly.

4) When the bulgur is drained, it is taken from the stove and all the ingredients are added.

5) Finally, pour 3 tablespoons of olive oil and mix well.

Can We Make Soup From Turnip Juice?


The soup, which warms us up especially in the winter months, takes its place on our tables with the complacency of the summer. It is also possible to make a practical and healthy soup with turnip juice. Necessary ingredients for our soup, which we can prepare with turnip juice, which is rich in antioxidants:

1) Half a tablespoon of butter

2) 1 tablespoon of tomato paste

3) 1 large tomato

4) 6 tablespoons of coarse bulgur wheat

5) 7 cups chicken stock

6) 1 kg of turnip

The preparation of this natural and enjoyable soup is as follows:

1) First of all, cut the roots of the turnip and peel the skins with a knife.

2) Turnips are cut into cubes of sugar.

3) Soak the turnip in water for one hour to remove its bitter taste.

4) Fry the butter and add tomato paste.

5) Add the grated large size tomatoes and mix them on low heat.

6) Chicken broth is added and boiling is continued.

7) Turnips, which we cut into cubes by adding coarse bulgur, are also added.

8) After sprinkling the spices we want, it is continued to boil over very low heat.

What should we pay attention to in the Storage Conditions of Turnip Juice?

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As with most nutrients, it is very important to keep turnip juice in the refrigerator. Just as in making pickles, when storing turnip juice, we should close the lid tightly so that no air enters. If there is no problem with the cooling function of your refrigerator, you can store it for about 5 months. Keeping it outside, especially in the summer months, can cause it to deteriorate. If you want to preserve the turnip juice during the winter months, you can keep it away from the heat source and out of the sun for months. In the turnip juice you prepared, you can see pulp-like deposits after approximately 3 days. This is a very natural reaction that occurs as a result of fermentation.

For healthy days, I wish you to add turnip juice to your life!

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