Dumbbell Moves: Awesome Workouts You Can Do At Home

Dumbbell moves can be done without going to the gym. Here we have compiled miraculous exercises for you that you can apply at home for a fit and fit body.

dumbbell moves

1) Lunge


It is one of the great dumbbell movements that works our leg, abdominal and hip muscles and strengthens our balance mechanism. Take weights available in your home in both hands. Take one step forward for the lunge, which you will perform on both legs alternately. Make sure it is slightly longer than your normal stride length.

Lower toward the floor without touching your back knee. Feel the burning in your leg muscles and carefully return to your standing stance. Then repeat the same exercise for the other leg.

If you’re just starting out, you can use your own weight by placing your hands on your waist. You will realize that you can do the movement with dumbbells by getting stronger over time.

2) Dumbell Movements and Hips: Squat


Squat is perhaps the most important of the exercises performed with the indispensable doublebell movements for a tight butt. Although it is possible to try without weights, squats with dumbbells play a greater role in the development of your hip muscles.

First, hold two dumbbells with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Come to a sitting position with your hips, be careful to keep your back straight. Squat down and keep your weights at your torso. Tighten your abdominal muscles well and do not let your knees go beyond your fingertips. Keep squeezing your hips as you return to your standing position.

To do the movement correctly, your back must be in a straight position. For this, you should take a forward stance from your waist, not from the upper part of your back.

3) Bench Press

dumbbell moves

Now it’s time for our chest muscles. It is possible to gain strength with this dumbbell movement, which also works the shoulder and triceps regions. Since it is considered a resistance exercise, you will have more effective muscles in terms of thrust and strength. As for how to apply it, start by laying down your mat. If you have a flat and solid coffee table in your home, you can use it instead of a mat. You should choose equipment that you are sure will not fall or get injured.

Open your arms just beyond your shoulder width. Your palms should be facing forward as you hold and lift weights. Bend your elbows and position your arms at a 90-degree angle. Exhale and raise your hands. As you lower it, exhale and bring it closer to your chest.

During the movement, your arms should not go further than your shoulders. You must make sure that your feet are completely on the ground.

4) Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press

An important exercise that has a great contribution to the development of our shoulders is the bench press. If you are ready to practice the movement that will also work your triceps and biceps muscle groups:

Sit in a place that will support your back. Take your weights in your hands and bring them to shoulder level. Make sure your forearms are perpendicular to the ground. Be careful not to hold it in an out or in position. Your palms should face forward. Maintain the same upright position as you move up. Exhale as you lift the weights. Be careful not to bend your arms inward as you lower them. Since shoulder injuries may occur in a long time, you should apply it very carefully.

5) Dumbbell Movements for Different Muscle Groups: Bridge With Chest Press

dumbbell moves

Bridge (bridge); It works your hips, abdominals, hamstrings. It is one of the most effective exercises in melting the hips. Since the chest press is also involved, your chest muscles are also activated at the same time. It is a combined movement for both a more shaped butt and stronger chest muscles.

Lie on the floor and touch the floor with your feet hip-width apart. Hold the weights at chest level. Squeeze your hips and lift your pelvis up. Your ribs and pelvis should stay in line. Lift your weights as you bridge your hips upwards. As you push your hips down, lower your arms to the ground in a controlled and simultaneous manner. Be careful not to disturb the natural shape of your spine while performing the movement.

6) Weighted Crunch

Weighted Crunch

Let’s come to the abdominal region, which is the most difficult to melt. Besides genetics; Burning belly fat becomes more difficult due to alcohol use, irregular sleep, and consumption of harmful fats. Having less moving muscle groups also creates a disadvantage in having a flat stomach. Lie on your back to start the movement. Bend your knees by placing your feet on the ground. Take your weight in your hands and hold it above your chest. This should be your starting position.

As you exhale, lift your shoulders off the ground. At the highest point of the movement, inhale deeply. Hold this position for a short while, then slowly return to the first step by breathing in. Whatever your exercise option, don’t train right after eating. When you get up from the table, a waiting period of 1-2 hours is ideal. Do not forget to stretch before exercise, consume enough fluids and drink one mineral water a day.


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