Cycling: 16 Reasons to Cycle Every Day


Cycling is an activity that benefits you in many different areas, not just for sports, as it occurs in the minds of most people. You may also be riding in nature, or you may be cycling the city streets.

Spending time on the bike; it can give you a fitter body, increase your body resistance, help you lose weight and even make you feel happier.

We have witnessed the explosions in bicycle sales as the world struggles with the pandemic. Although it is reflected as an increase in sales in our country, it is unfortunately still not as widespread as abroad. We have prepared reasons for you to take your bike out of your dusty pantry or to buy a new bike.

1) Cycling is good for the heart

Doing aerobic movements is good for your heart health. Cycling is one of the aerobic activities. Oxygen depletion in the muscles forces your heart to pump more oxygenated blood, making your heart work faster. In addition, this activity, which actively works your blood vessels and lungs, also indirectly benefits your heart health.

2) Let the bikes appear, depression and anxiety disappear


Cycling is one of those moderate-intensity exercises. It has been observed that this level reduces the stress level in the body and symptoms of depression and anxiety. This situation is experienced as a result of lowering the stress hormones in the body, adrenaline and cortisol levels. In addition, the increase in socialization of cycling, the fact that group and club awareness is an advanced sport, are also observed as increasing positive effects on people in terms of mental health.

3) Let’s save the world together

Did you know that 20 bikes can fit in the space of a single car? However, the material and energy used to manufacture a bicycle is 5% of the material and energy used in a car. As you can imagine, waste generation is zero in bicycles. Along with all this, regular cyclists are also environmentalists who fight air pollution.

4) Although not immortality, the secrets of living longer may be hidden in your bike


Research shows that cycling can literally add “years” to your life. When comparing cyclists and non-cyclists, people who cycle at moderate intensity for up to 60 minutes a day; It shows a 20 percent reduction in the risk of death from all causes.

5) Do you want to lose weight? Cycling is for you

You may want to lose weight. Then get on the bike. Cycling; While it allows you to burn about 300 calories in an hour, driving faster also increases our calorie consumption. For example, a 68-year-old individual; if he keeps his speed around 20-22 km/h, he can burn almost 300 calories even in a 30-minute ride.

6) Respond to the plague of the age, cancer, with a bicycle, the solution of the ages.

According to studies, it has been predicted that regular cycling can reduce the risk of cancer in general. Research conducted on adult men; It was revealed that cycling for 60 minutes a week reduced the risk of cancer by 20 percent. Again, in line with the same research, it was observed that cycling for 90 to 100 minutes a week led to a 40% to 45% reduction in the risk of cancer.

7) Your time is valuable, don’t waste it in traffic

trafikte bisiklet

Cycling is always faster than cars, trams, buses and all similar vehicles, especially at distances of 3 to 4 km in urban transportation. You can notice this best even if you’re in your car, stuck in traffic. You can get a bike before you reach this awareness.

8) Nature is waiting for you, don’t wait too long

Leaving nature walks aside, you can’t travel with any vehicle other than a bicycle without damaging the nature and without any noise. In your trips and camping trips by bike, you will not have any traces other than your rut. Try exploring nature by bike.

9) Cycling also boosts your wallet

Cycling is more of a savings tool than you might imagine. You don’t have to use gas or pay parking fees to ride a bike. You prefer to sell your car and buy a bicycle, and you will have a large amount of money left.

10) Experience both sports and entertainment together

bisiklet sürmek spor

The person who prefers to use a bicycle, even as a means of transportation, will also have exercised on a daily basis. Moreover, when he works with an exercise program, he does one of the most effective cardio exercises by riding a bicycle. Thus, besides doing sports, you can also add a fun culture to your life.

11) You don’t need just live friends to socialize, you have a bike

Thanks to bicycle tours, you will not be fixed with your own environment. Thus, you can meet many different people and establish new bonds starting from your common tastes. You can meet brand new people in your country or in different parts of the world.

12) Let the bike improve your stance

Staying in balance is among the fundamentals of cycling. This balancing act improves your posture and overall coordination, and strengthens your upper body muscles. Take a 30-minute bike ride every day; muscle strength, fitness, weight etc. helps you overcome problems.

13) Your joint pains are waiting for you to ride a bike


We know the question on your mind. “How can you reduce joint pain when cycling is such a strenuous activity?” The miracle of cycling reduces joint pain, especially knee pain. Regular cycling helps improve your joint movements.

14) What does it take to get a driver’s license?

You may be one of those who do not want to enter these jobs when you say the endless ordeal of driver’s license courses and the frightening of the exams. Here is the bike for you. No one will ask you for a license or a document to ride a bike. You can drive carefully and with your equipment exactly as you wish.

15) One of the most nourishing sports activities for your creativity; cycling

The neurons activated as a result of the increase in the amount of oxygen going to your brain while cycling affects your creativity positively. In this way, you can gain different perspectives. Regular exercise by artists helps nurture their creative perspectives.

16) Cycling to relieve fatigue? Yes!

Another reason that might sound silly. But it’s true. According to scientific studies, it has been revealed that being in physical activities , albeit for a short time, has a stimulating effect on the body and exercising in moments of fatigue benefits the feeling of fatigue.

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