15 Conor McGregor Quotes You May Be Inspired To Be A Champion

Edanaz Aksoy

Edanaz Aksoy

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Although it is very difficult for people to include sports in their lives, it is not easy to quit. Conor McGregor is an Irish mixed martial artist. He started his career by kickboxing and made a rapid rise, making his name known to the boxing world. He won, became the champion, the place came, he was defeated. And he did not give up the struggle on a difficult road.
1) Doubt comes with events. If you don’t make an effort, you start to doubt.
2) Our troubles are hard to swallow, we can run away from them, or we can go ahead and fight them.
3) I was always a dreamer, my first wish was to be a football player. I was training after dark. I had a great passion for getting somewhere. I loved football very much, playing rather than watching was for me. Besides, when I was introduced to martial arts, football took over. I can not stop myself.
4) We are not just here to participate, we are here to take over.

5) I believe in myself too much so nothing can stop me.

6) If my successful dreams are as vivid as reality, it is time to sleep.
7) True champions are those who take the challenge.
8) Whenever I say something it happens, it always happens.
9) The more you look for something disturbing, the more disturbed you become.

10) I’m just trying to be myself. Not someone else.

11) My success is not the result of my arrogance, but the result of my faith.
12) What matters is how you see yourself. If you think of yourself as a king, you will be a king as long as you believe, no matter what anyone says with his belt and all that stuff.
13) Being perfect is not a skill. Excellence is an attitude.
14) What defines us is how high we rise after we fall.
15) It is not good to worry about yourself and sit around doing nothing… Try to be positive and push yourself, things will work out.

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