10 Tips for Getting a Better Perspective

Emre Ülkem

Emre Ülkem

Boğaziçi Uni.

The environment we live in and the conditions we live in can sometimes push us to pessimism and pessimism. In such cases, we can criticize everything too much and ignore good things. But the truth is that if you want to have a great life, you have to change your mindset and strengthen it. Opening your eyes and seeing the beauty around you will strengthen your senses. Only in this way can we experience good change.
I would like to share with you 10 tips I have prepared in order to see your surroundings better, to be happier and stronger.
1) Happiness is often a choice, so choose wisely. Sometimes life comes along and tries to sweep you away. At this point, you can inspire others if you choose to stand up. Of course, it’s up to you to stay on the ground and keep crawling.
2) Complaining makes you contented. These may make you feel better, but something needs to be done to change the situation.
3) Social media is a community, not a one-person showcase of your life. It’s kind of funny, but the more we use social media to validate and prove ourselves, the better we start a change for our environment.
4) Differences are not bad. Sometimes we can get angry with a person just because of their differences and generally we like to be with people who are like us. But what will improve us is to be able to communicate with different people.
5) The #1 cause of death for passion is jealousy. You won’t get anywhere by constantly comparing yourself to more successful people. Use your time and passion to turn it into something that will change the world.
6) Acting irrationally is not such a bad thing. Be crazy. Don’t try to think too much. Love, beauty and kindness don’t mean absolute, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t embrace them.
7) Life is sweeter when celebrating small victories. Did you pay off a small debt? Have you finished your 3-day project? Before diving into the next thing, take the time to throw a little victory party with your loved ones.
8) History only matters in how you use it. Your past does not define you, imprison you or free you from anything. Learn to continue and change conditions; this way life becomes more meaningful.
9) Forgive others, do not blame. Instead of justifying yourself when undesirable situations arise, focus on the greater compromise you may have. Take responsibility if necessary and make an effort to rectify the situation.
10) Your loved ones are the best rehab center to go to if you are a workaholic. Sometimes, to work effectively, you need to remember why you are studying.

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