10 Precautions To Take Against A Sleepless Night

For people who have an intense and tiring work pace, sleeping can sometimes be extremely difficult. However, a good sleep is essential for maximizing productivity during the day. So, what should we do before going to sleep?

1) Turn off your room lights

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth refreshing: The worst thing you can do for yourself at night is keep the lights on. Bright light—especially bluish light—tells our brain that it’s still daytime and prevents the release of chemicals important for sleep, such as melatonin. Harvard Medical School recommends using red lights in the evening. She thinks this helps regulate her sleep schedule by counteracting the bright light exposure during the day.

2) Pixels are the biggest enemy of sleep!

As your bedtime approaches, step away from your phone and position your phone away while you sleep. However, another bad factor is television. It causes mental fatigue before sleep.

3) Quit your coffee habit.

Coffee not only helps you cope with insomnia, it can also cause sleep problems. Caffeine alters the brain’s melatonin levels and prolongs the time it takes to fall asleep. Therefore, it is recommended not to use more coffee than necessary during the day.

4) And quit your alcohol habit.

Alcohol is the worst factor, especially for insomnia. As a result of years of research by the National Institutes of Health, the bad effects of alcohol consumption on sleep after working pace have been revealed. At the same time, alcohol increases the likelihood of sleep disorders such as apnea.

5) Create a routine.

We know that habits play a dominant role in many different aspects of our lives. That’s why setting a consistent bedtime routine each day will help. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough research on the effects of these routines in adults. But research on children shows it to be very helpful.

6) Adjust your hand and foot temperature according to yourself.

One of the important factors for falling asleep is the temperature of the limb. Researches made; He states that hand and foot temperatures should be determined by people according to their own constitution and it would be good to take precautions accordingly.

7) Try to stay awake (!)

As a result of several paradoxical experiments conducted by the researchers, it was determined that doing reverse psychology in the mind had positive effects on patients falling asleep. Sending a message to your mind that I will not sleep when you feel like you cannot sleep; it might be worth a try.

8) Take a hot shower.

Taking a shower with hot water; It creates a massage effect by helping your muscles to relax. For this reason, it relaxes your body and helps you fall asleep faster.

9) Think of things that will make you feel happy.

The biggest reason for many people’s insomnia problems is that they repeat the bad moments they experience during the day in their minds and tire their minds by thinking about their future. Researchers, in order to fall asleep and sleep efficiently; He states that focusing on calm and happy memories can help you more.

10) Fill your room with the scent of lavender.

As a result of the research; The scent of lavender has been found to help young men and women get a deeper sleep and feel refreshed.

Try to figure out what works best for you. Remember that every person is unique and the precautions we mentioned above may differ from person to person. For this reason, we recommend that you try the suggestions we have mentioned once or twice, and take care of their continuity according to the effect on you.


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