Marketing doesn’t respect the boundaries of humanity

Humanity discovered the machine revolution a couple of hundred years ago whether it has discovered the tools again a couple of thousands years ago. Today humanity is strong in producing stuff. We still connected to the machinery which are controlled by human brain and sometimes manpower. Sure it will change to artificial intelligence. My curiosity is starting in just that moment. Stop we will not even argue what will happen with artificial intelligence, our examination is just about the producing and marketing for consumption today.

Human being is producing so wide range of products and even so great amounts but after the investment they don’t know where to sell. Besides the worlds’ economic system is capitalism which forces the companies grow and produce faster which causes a big destruction on the market. Think a company just started, it seems quite okay while producing some need of the market. Quite well. Now add capitalism to the game, while the company growing, the market need cannot grow with the same acceleration. Now we encountered the problem, as where to sell those much stuff.

Mankind have a solution for this. Believe me, usually it is not for the sake of human. Just think the welfare of human, you should better think that, there should be some needed human beings, maybe in the other side of the world, but sure there is. Than you start to believe that those products should go to the needed ones. Capitalism says no and puts its force; you should better sell those to ones who has money, I need some fresh money! Here comes the greatest solution ever; commercials.

What do commercials do? They forces us to buy something that usually we don’t need. You really get bored seeing the same commercial most of the time. You can even think ‘Oh my God, will it stop if I buy it?’ Actually there is a special expression for this too; we mean that the companies assaulted us in some way, whether it is the price or gift or loyalty card, coupons, etc. Now we come to the point, we bought something that the need doesn’t exist. Factories are producing, everyday more and more, they force themselves to grow, it is a technical point but growing is a must for capitalism, so factories become needed to sell stuff to needless ones. I hear that you say, ‘How could it be possible?’ Solution is commercials, they force us to buy, trying every method, expressing themselves thousands of times during the day, on all screens, on all boards, e-mails, everywhere than what, believe or not, we buy them; consciously or subconsciously. What we see becomes our behavior. We loose our humanity, we loose the belief of justice, we loose to remember the respect to others rights. We become a money hunter, working harder and forgetting sometimes even our families for what, just to buy needless products just because the capitalism pushes us someone which it want us to be.

To conclude try to not to be a unconscious consumer, feel the marketing pushes you to hard and try to resist for a better world, which there is no needless products are produced, no mental strain on you, just better products for you and the needed ones far away even in poor countries as well as Africa, India and so on. Don’ let marketing pushes far away than whom you are.

Live in good wealth, health and future.

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