You Can Strengthen Your Brain By Using Your Opposite Hand In Daily Activities

Have you tried brushing your teeth, using a mouse, or drinking soup with your non-dominant hand? This idea, which may seem ridiculous at first, actually has many advantages.
The preferred hand is connected to the opposite side of your brain; The right hand is connected to the left brain, the side responsible for language, judgment and intelligence. The left hand is connected to the right brain, the side responsible for creativity, perception and empathy. As a result, since our hands are directly connected to our brain, we can also stimulate our brain by activating our hands.
Doing the same sports exercise over and over again without increasing the degree of difficulty will not benefit the body after a while, and it is not possible to expect better results from the brain while doing the same things.
According to research, it is said that a person who increases the performance of using the other hand can adapt to his environment better than the average person and can experience any subject at a higher level. If we take a look at some famous people who can use both hands; The list includes names such as Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, LeBron James, Adam Levine, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nikola Tesla.
Using the other hand from time to time instead of the hand that is used constantly, strengthens memory, prevents brain laziness, and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. Although task sharing is not half, the fact that both sides are active from time to time is perfect for creating new pathways in the brain by integrating the two hemispheres of the brain better. So how can we advance our friendship with our other hand?

Simple Daily Activities

It would be better to start with simple but effective activities to progress step by step. Open new horizons in your brain by turning door handles, buttoning buttons, turning pages, turning on the tap with your other hand. While reversing the movements can be difficult, it’s a good exercise for our brain.

Shift Your Field of View to the Opposite Side

To improve hand-eye coordination, try tossing and holding a small ball, such as a tennis ball, with your unused hand. It won’t be as simple as doing it by hand, but it’s possible to make progress.

If you are using a wrist watch, another method is to wear it on your other hand and check the time on that side during the day. Although your eyes are always insistent on going where they want to get used to, they will adapt over time.

Teach Your Other Hand to Write From Scratch

Using your non-dominant hand, draw vertical lines as if you have just started primary school, and write the alphabet in lowercase and uppercase letters. At first, your hand may tremble, the letters may be crooked. As you practice, you will do the letters better and gain speed.

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