Turkish Comedy Movies: The Funniest Movies of the Last 10 Years

Turkish comedy films are among the films that find the most place in our cinema. We can say that we have had enough of comedy, especially in the last 10 years. We burst into laughter and our joy came back with funny movies. We wanted our laughter to never subside and we have prepared a list of the best Turkish comedy movies of the last 10 years for you.

1) Wow Friend (2010) | IMDb: 6.3

Vay Arkadaş Fragman

Director: Kemal Uzun

Cast: Ali Atay, Fırat Tanış, Mete Horozoğlu

Manik, Tik and Dildo are three close friends and they live in a suburb of Istanbul. Although they have an ordinary life, each of them are obsessive characters due to some problems they experienced in their childhood. However, they do not hesitate to engage in illegal activities. Continuing their lives with petty theft and fraud, the team one day learns that Dildo’s father has a relentless illness. This time they need a lot more money.

2) Alas Alas (2010) | IMDb: 7.0

Eyyvah Eyvah Fragman

Director: Hakan Algul

Cast: Ata Demirer, Demet Akbağ, Özge Borak

Eyyvah Eyvah, one of Ata Demirer’s most popular films, is the first film of the same-named film series, and is also a must-have in the list of Turkish comedy films. Hüseyin, who lives in Çanakkale and earns his living by playing the clarinet, is a pure, good-hearted and expert at his job. However, setbacks never let up. There is also Müjgan, the woman he fell in love with. Müjgan is a nurse working in the town’s health center. Hüseyin cannot open up to Müjgan and looks for a way to tell him that he loves her. At this point, he learns that his father, whom he never knew, is alive. Hüseyin, who goes to Istanbul to find his father, meets the famous singer Firuzan, and his life suddenly evolves to a completely different point.

3) Recep İvedik 3 (2010) | IMDb: 4.0

Recep İvedik 3 Fragman

Director: Togan Gokbakar

Actors: Şahan Gökbakar, Zeynep Çamcı, Serkan Altunigde

Recep İvedik 3, the third film in Şahan Gökbakar’s film series that is both loved and critically acclaimed, is the lowest-grossing film in the series. However, it is still above average box office success. Recep İvedik, who suffered from a great depression after the death of his grandmother, cannot get out of this depression. Until one day, Zeynep, who is his relative, comes to visit him. Zeynep has come to Istanbul to study at university and stays with Recep because she has no place to stay. Zeynep, who is very upset about Recep’s situation, takes him to all kinds of social activities to get him out of depression. We also witness the funny situations that happened to Recep İvedik in these social activities.

4) Kolpacino: The Bomb (2010) | IMDb: 5.7

Kolpaçino Bomba - Fragman

Director: Safak Sezer

Cast: Şafak Sezer, Aydemir Akbaş, Ali Çatalbaş

The movie, whose lines are known by heart by his fans even today, is the second movie in Şafak Sezer’s famous Kolpaçino series. Özgür, who is a real estate agent and has established a regular life by marrying, also maintains an illegal relationship with his mistress Şale. However, everything turns upside down when Şale blackmails him. Özgür, who seeks help from the unforgettable characters of the series, Tayfun, Sabri, Ganyotçu and Şahin, will burn theirs as well as his own.

5) The Extremely Tragic Story of Celal Tan and His Family (2011) | IMDb: 6.5

Celal Tan ve Ailesinin Aşırı Acıklı Hikayesi - Fragman

Director: Onur Ünlü

Cast: Selcuk Method, Ezgi Mola, Bulent Emin Yarar

One of Onur Ünlü’s most extraordinary films, the production is one of the remarkable comedy films of 2011 with its unique criticism of the concept of family. Celal Tan, a prestigious constitutional professor who is known and respected by almost everyone in the city, married a young student. On his birthday, his family organizes a surprise party for him, but this surprise turns into a completely different surprise. After that night, the lives of both Celal Tan and his family will change completely.

6) Entelköy vs. Efeköy (2011) | IMDb: 6.5

Entelköy Efeköy'e Karşı - Fragman - 2 Aralık'ta sinemalarda

Director: Yuksel Aksu

Cast: Şahin Irmak, Ayşe Bosse, Emin Gürsoy

Yüksel Aksu, one of the most respected and beloved directors that comes to mind when Aegean comedy is mentioned, takes us once again to a unique village in the Aegean. One day, the villagers living on their own receive a large migration by a nature-friendly, environmentalist group. This group begins to establish a brand new village a little outside the village where they will adopt the commune lifestyle. Villagers take advantage of this and sell their fields and animals to them at a high price.

Both sides are happy with the situation. However, one day, news comes that a thermal power plant will be built in the village. While the villagers welcome the news as new job opportunities will arise, environmentalists stand against the thermal power plant. This opposition will both cause arguments between the two groups, up to protests, and will create scenes that will make the audience laugh.

7) Wedding Association (2013) | IMDb: 7.0

Düğün Dernek - Fragman

Director: Selcuk Aydemir

Cast: Ahmet Kural, Murat Cemcir, Rasim Öztekin

Wedding Association is one of the indispensable films of the list of Turkish comedy films. Wedding Association, the first film of the two-film series, became a box office hit the year it was released, and continued to be screened for weeks or even months. The first cinema project of Ahmet Kural and Murat Cemcir after Çalgı Çengi, the film was written and directed by Selçuk Aydemir, with whom the duo worked together on many projects. Tarık, son of İsmail who lives in Sivas, lives in Latvia. One day he comes out unannounced and makes everyone very happy. But there is another reason for this visit. Tarık wants to marry Monica, whom he met in Latvia. After the family got over the surprise, İsmail tells his son that he cannot get married without a wedding and immediately starts working. Taking Tüpçü Fikret, Çetin and the village teacher Saffet with him, İsmail has to deal with all the wedding affairs within 10 days.

8) Celal and Ceren (2013) | IMDb: 2.9

Celal ile Ceren Fragman

Director: Togan Gokbakar

Cast: Şahan Gökbakar, Ezgi Mola, Gökçen Gökçebağ

The film, in which Şahan Gökbakar deals with male-female relationships with his own humorous language, is one of the films of Şahan Gökbakar, which is highly demanded and loved by the audience, despite its low IMDb score. Celal and Ceren are a happy couple who have been together for a long time. Celal works with her father as an electrician and Ceren works in a furniture store. Celal, who wants to go to his friend’s bachelor party one day, cannot get permission from Ceren. He goes to the party without knowing about Ceren. Learning this, Ceren leaves Celal. Although Celal is very happy with his life at first, setbacks do not leave him alone and he realizes that he misses and loves Ceren more and more day by day.

9) Women in Government (2013) | IMDb: 6.5

Hükümet Kadın - Fragman

Director: Sermiyan Midyat

Cast: Demet Akbağ, Sermiyan Midyat, Ercan Kesal

The first film of the two-film series, “Government Woman”, written and directed by Sermiyan Midyat, is among the highly acclaimed Turkish comedy films with its rich cast. The movie takes place in Midyat. Xate is an illiterate mother of 8 children. Her husband, who is the Mayor of Midyat, is also the respected name of the village. Losing her husband in an unexpected accident, Xate unexpectedly finds herself as mayor. He promises to solve all the problems of the village. Working hard for this, Xate’s biggest dream is to show that he can do this job together with the girls and women in the village.

10) The Light of My Eye (2013) | IMDb: 6.4


Director: Hakkı Kurtuluş, Melik Saracoğlu

Cast: Melik Saracoglu, Bilgin Saracoglu, Ismail Saracoglu

One of the lesser-known gems of the recent Turkish comedy cinema, Nuru of My Eyes is a comedy that you must watch. The character named M is a young cinema lover. His goal is to make a movie one day. However, he is faced with the threat of going blind as a result of an illness. Having to lie down with his eyes bandaged for 40 days, M both confronts his fears and questions the contradictions of his passion for cinema. The movie, which has a completely different and unique comedy language, should definitely be watched by those who like black comedy.

11) Yozgat Blues (2013) | IMDb: 6.8

Yozgat Blues / Fragman

Director: Mahmut Fazil Coskun

Cast: Ercan Kesal, Ayça Damgacı, Tansu Biçer

Yavuz and Neşe are two characters who make music the basis of their lives. Yavuz is both a music teacher and a singer, and Neşe is his student. These two receive a job offer from Yozgat and go to Yozgat in haste. The music they make is not very suitable for the musical understanding of the people in the city, but they continue to perform without giving up. Yavuz and Neşe find themselves in tragicomic events as they say the process of getting used to the city, their music being disliked, and their inability to achieve the musical career of their dreams.

12) Insect (2013) | IMDb: 6.1

Böcek Filmi Fragmanı

Director: Bora Tekay

Cast: Uğur Bilgin, Leyla Yüngül, Barış Yılmaz Gündüz

Uğur and Barış are two very close friends. They both work in the DVD shop of Barış’s uncle, Engin. There is also Engin’s sister, Leyla. Uğur and Leyla love each other very much and want to get married. However, Uğur feels financially inadequate. Aware of the situation, Barış offers Uğur and Leyla an offer. They will make a movie starring the two of them. For this, they agreed with director Bora and screenwriter Haluk, one of the former names of the industry, who left the cinema. This crew, each with a problem than the other, starts filming, but nothing goes well. On top of that, when the news that Leyla is going to marry someone else, things get complicated.

13) Coming Soon (2014) | IMDb: 7.4


Director: Cem Yilmaz

Cast: Cem Yilmaz, Tulin Ozen, Ozan Guven

The film centers on Cem Yılmaz’s Yeşilçam and today’s film industry with its own sense of humor. Victory earns his living selling pirated DVDs. Therefore, he came to the stage of divorce with his wife. He says that he will not do this job again because he loves his wife and child very much, and he gets an opportunity to return to his old profession as an extra. He tries to shoot a movie with his filmmaker friends from Yeşilçam culture. His wife will also play the lead role, but his wife does not know that the film was shot under the production of Zafer. The team does not have much money, their talents are limited, and despite all this, they try to make a fantastic movie called “The Spoils – The End of Evil”.

14) Exiled Cow (2014) | IMDb: 5.1

Sürgün İnek | Fragman (Yeni)

Director: Ayhan Ozen

Cast: Hasan Kaçan, Sebnem Sonmez, Vildan Atasever

We are in a village called Gomalak during the 28 February process. Everyone knows each other in Gomalak, a small village on its own. Sevket and Emine, the beloved couple of the village, are happily married. This couple also has a cow named Sarıkız, which they love very much. Sarıkız escapes from the barn one day and breaks the Atatürk bust in the garden of the village school. While investigating who broke the bust, it is understood that no one is guilty and Sarıkız broke it. However, the people of the village, especially Şevket and Emine, are very afraid of the February 28 process and fear that something will happen to Sarıkız and themselves because the bust is broken. Authorized institutions have already gone after Sarıkız. Exile Cow is one of the most enjoyable films of recent years for those who love the political comedy genre.

15) The Time Machine 1973 (2014) | IMDb: 6.3

Zaman Makinesi 1973 | Fragman - 14 Mart'ta Vizyonda!

Director: Aram Gulyuz

Actors: Gürgen Öz, Seda Minister, Mustafa Uzunyılmaz

Inspired by the Back to the Future series, one of the iconic series in the history of cinema, the film takes us back to Turkey in 1973. Tolga is a young man who never works because his father is rich and leads an irresponsible life. One day, his father suddenly dies. Tolga also thinks that he will inherit all the inheritance, but his father left him only an Anadol car. Tolga can’t make sense of the situation and now he has an old model car. One day, while driving on the road with his Anadol car, the car accelerates out of control. When Tolga wakes up, he can’t make sense of what happened; because he finds himself in 1973. He is confused about what to do. He meets a little boy named Çiko, who works as an apprentice in a repair shop. Both his life and those around him will no longer be the same.

16) I Have an Objection (2014) | IMDb: 7.8

İtirazım Var // Trailer

Director: Onur Ünlü

Cast: Serkan Keskin, Umut Kurt, Erkan Kolçak Köstendil

Selman Bulut, one of the most unusual characters in the list of Turkish comedy movies, is an imam. Having a boxing career in the past, Selman is also interested in anthropology. On an ordinary day, gunshots are heard while leading prayers in the mosque. One person from the mosque community died. The cops come immediately and the case is started to be investigated. Selman Bulut is suspicious of some people. That’s why he goes after the people he suspects without informing the police and tries to collect evidence. However, as he deepens his research, he sees that things start to become very mysterious. Selman Bulut is no longer just an imam. Don’t miss this extraordinary detective comedy by Onur Ünlü!

17) Ali Baba and the 7 Dwarfs (2015) | IMDb: 5.7

Ali Baba ve Yedi Cüceler - Fragman

Director: Cem Yilmaz

Cast: Cem Yilmaz, Cetin Altay, Irina Ivkina

Şenay and his brother-in-law İlber are two characters who sell garden ornaments together. The duo, who could not achieve the success they wanted in the country, wanted to represent their brand, which they named Şenay Cüccaciye, abroad and went to Sofia to participate in the garden fair. They sell a large amount of dwarves at the fair, but later they realize that the person they sold the dwarves to is Sofia’s mafia leader, Boris Mancov. Şenay and İlber, who want to get the dwarves back from Boris Mancov so that nothing will happen to them, suddenly find themselves in a manhunt organized by Boris Mancov.

18) Tell Me Tales (2015) | IMDb: 7.4

Bana Masal Anlatma - Fragman

Director: Burak Aksak

Cast: Fatih Artman, Hande Doğandemir, Cengiz Bozkurt

One of the sine qua non of the list of Turkish comedy films is Tell Me Tales. Tell Me Tales is the first directorial experience of Burak Aksak, who is known as the screenwriter of Leyla and Mecnun. Burak Aksak invites us to the adventures of a group of people living in Suriçi. Rıza is a young man who drives a minibus and is loved by everyone in the neighborhood. One day, he meets a girl on the walls and when he realizes that she needs help, he brings her home. Ayperi is a girl from the fairy tale world and it is not easy for her to get used to real life. Both Rıza and the people in the neighborhood do not leave Ayperi alone. As the days pass, an emotional rapprochement occurs between Rıza and Ayperi.

19) Black Trouble (2015) | IMDb: 6.8

Kara Bela - Fragman

Director: Burak Aksak

Cast: Cengiz Bozkurt, Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, Seda Minister

The film, in which we see Burak Aksak once again in both the screenwriter and director’s chair, was released in the same year as Tell Me a Tale. Kudret has always lived monotonously throughout his life. For this reason, both his wife and children and his environment criticize him at every opportunity, and even ignore him. Kudret also shares his loneliness with his car, which he loves very much. Again, one day when he is unhappy and alone, his mother dreams and tells him to go to Antep and help a girl there. When Kudret wakes up, he jumps into his car and sets off for Antep. Kudret’s life full of rules will be turned upside down on this journey.

20) The Voice Within (2015) | IMDB: 6.0

İçimdeki Ses - Fragman

Director: Cagri Bayrak

Cast: Engin Günaydın, Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu, Füsun Demirel

Selim is a quiet writer who has gone through some depressions and lives with his mother. He chooses to stay away from people because of his character. Therefore, he is not good with women. Selim, who wants to break his shell, decides to socialize and enrolls in a gym. Here he meets a woman named Ayşıl by chance. These two, who like each other very much, suddenly become lovers. The one who is most happy about this situation is Selim’s mother Mehpare. However, Ayşıl constantly spends time with Mehpare because she feels compelled to endear herself to him. Selim, on the other hand, will have difficulty getting used to this change in his life.

21) No More (2015) | IMDb: 5.8

Yok Artık 1 - Fragman

Director: Caner Ozyurtlu

Cast: Erkan Kolçak Köstendil, Ceren Moray, Sebnem Bozoklu

Yok Now, the first film in Caner Özyurtlu’s two-film series, draws attention especially with its rich cast. Fikret is a taxi driver and one day he sprains his foot on the way to the taxi stand. When he arrives at the taxi stand, he starts chatting with his friends. The talk opens up and Fikret tells a story that he says is true. But this is just the beginning. Fikret tells a different story to everyone he meets throughout the day. So how true are the stories?

22) Lemonade (2015) | IMDb: 7.4

LİMONATA | Fragman

Director: Ali Atay

Cast: Serkan Keskin, Ertan Saban, Funda Eryiğit

Lemonade, beloved actor Ali Atay’s directorial debut, is also among the funniest Turkish comedy films. Sakip is a young man living in Macedonia. His father is about to die and all he wants from Sakip is to go to Istanbul and find the child he abandoned in time. Learning that he has a half-brother, Sakip comes to Istanbul to fulfill his father’s last wish, albeit difficult, and starts looking for Selim. Selim, on the other hand, lives alone and plays football at an amateur level. When Sakip finds him, he says he doesn’t want to come and doesn’t bother him again. However, Sakip is very determined. One night, he kidnaps Selim and puts him in the car and sets off for Macedonia. When Selim regained consciousness, Sakip was already halfway there.

23) Iftar Soda (2016) | IMDb: 7.4

İftarlık Gazoz - Fragman

Director: Yuksel Aksu

Cast: Cem Yilmaz, Berat Efe Parlar, Adam Bay

Yüksel Aksu takes us to the Aegean once again after the movie Entelköy Against Efeköy. The movie starring Cem Yılmaz is one of the most popular comedy movies of recent years. Set in the Aegean town of the 1970s, the film centers on Adem and Cibar Kemal. Adem has successfully completed primary school and tells his family that he wants to work during the summer vacation. His family gives him to the popular name of the town, the soda drinker Cibar Kemal. On the other hand, the month of Ramadan has arrived. Although Adam wants to fast, both his family and master do not allow him because he is too young. Adam begins to fast in secret from them. The first day of fasting will be the turning point in his life.

24) Bad Cat Serafettin (2016) | IMDb: 7.2


Director: Mehmet Kurtuluş, Ayşe Ünal

Voiced by: Uğur Yücel, Demet Evgar, Okan Yalabık

The film, which is an adaptation of the iconic character Bad Cat Şerafettin and his comic book series created by master cartoonist Bülent Üstün, has a very special place as it is a Turkish-made animated comedy. Şerafettin, Martı Rıfkı and Fare Rıza start to prepare in the morning to play a night on the terrace. When everything is going their way, things suddenly come together. Şerafettin is kicked out of the house by his owner, Tonguç. When he stays on the street, he is attacked by his enemies. As if that wasn’t enough, he learns that he is a father by coincidence. And just when you fell in love for the first time! All this will cause a lot of trouble for Şerafettin, Rıfkı and Rıza.

25) Escape Brother (2016) | IMDb: 6.9

Kaçma Birader Fragmanı | Sinemalarda

Director: Murat Kaman, Defne Deliormanli

Cast: Emrah Kaman, Zafer Algöz, Melek Baykal

The youngest son of a family living in Yozgat flees to Istanbul with the girl he loves. When the family finds out about this, they hurriedly follow their son to Istanbul and suddenly find themselves in Taksim. The family, who came to Taksim for the first time, struggles to find their son, while trying to cope with the funny events that happened to them in Taksim, which they never knew.

26) Between the Family (2017) | IMDb: 7.7

Aile Arasında - Fragman

Director: Ozan Açıktan

Cast: Engin Günaydın, Demet Evgar, Erdal Özyağcılar

Between the Family is among the most popular Turkish comedy films of the last 10 years. Fikret and Solmaz, who had very different lives, separated from their spouses on the same day. While Fikret is a character who has lost everything and has obsessions, Solmaz works as a vocalist in the music hall. The two of them cross paths by chance as a result of a misunderstanding. Solmaz’s daughter Zeynep decides to marry the son of a rich kebab cook from Adana. Since his parents are separated, he hesitates to talk about them and has to lie. The boy’s family has already set out from Adana to ask for a girl. Solmaz and Zeynep convince Fikret to become Zeynep’s father, albeit with difficulty. However, when the families come together, things will turn into an inextricable situation.

27) My Travel Friend (2017) | IMDb: 6.1

Yol Arkadaşım - Fragman

Director: Bedran Guzel

Cast: İbrahim Büyükak, Oğuzhan Koç, Aslı Bekiroğlu

The story of Onur and Şeref is told in Yol Friend, the first film of the two-film series written by İbrahim Büyükak. Onur is a pharmaceutical representative who has been fired from his job. He should get his job back or find a new job as soon as possible; because three days later he will go to Ayvalık to meet his girlfriend’s family. Onur, who is getting ready to hit the road, finds a companion on the internet. Onur and Şeref embark on a mischievous and fun-filled journey to Ayvalık.

28) Republic of Cologne (2017) | IMDb: 5.8

Kolonya Cumhuriyeti - Fragman

Director: Murat Kepez

Cast: Çağlar Çorumlu, Büşra Pekin, Mahir İpek

Peker Mengen is the mayoral candidate of a small town and wins the election with very difficult promises to keep. One of his promises is to bring the prime minister to town when he is elected. He keeps his promise, but a series of unfortunate events occur during the welcoming ceremony. With the decision made, the town leaves the country. From now on, Peker Mengen is the head of the state, which he calls the Republic of Cologne. Moreover, as soon as he became president, he went to war with America. While war, alien invasion, loss of public support, Peker Mengen and the Republic of Cologne will experience challenging and funny events.

29) Honey Honey (2017) | IMDb: 5.6

Tatlım Tatlım - Fragman

Director: Yilmaz Erdogan

Cast: Caglar Corumlu, Sebnem Bozoklu, Bulent Emrah Parlak

Tatlım Tatlım is the film adaptation of the play Haybeden Sürüstü Aşk, written by Yılmaz Erdoğan and acted with Demet Akbağ. The film, in which we witness the stages of the relationships of 4 different couples who have just met, presents a comedy recital on male-female relationships.

30) Arif v 216 (2018) | IMDb: 7.1

ArifV216 - Fragman (Sinemalarda!)

Director: Kivanc Baruonu

Cast: Cem Yilmaz, Ozan Guven, Seda Minister

The sequel to the GORA and AROG movies, the movie takes us to the Istanbul of the 60s this time. 216 comes to Earth to visit Arif. However, missing Arif is not the only reason for the visit. 216 wants to live like a human because he is bored of being a robot. Due to Arif’s trouble, the duo suddenly finds themselves teleported to the 60s. 216 has had the opportunity to experience the warm neighborhood environment that it has dreamed of. Arif is not happy with the situation at all. Because people have begun to understand that 216 is not human, and therefore all kinds of troubles arise for Arif and 216.

31) Mortal World (2018) | IMDb: 7.7

Ölümlü Dünya - Fragman

Director: Ali Atay

Cast: Feyyaz Yiğit, Doğu Demirkol, Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan

Mortal World is one of the most popular Turkish comedy films. Ali Atay’s second directorial experience, Mortal World, is one of the most distinctive, remarkable and most praised comedy films of recent years. The Marble Family runs a restaurant called Anadolu Tat 1071 at Haydarpaşa Train Station. However, this is only the visible part. Their main job is to shoot a 1000-year-old organization. The most important rule in this job is to complete the tasks given by the organization and not to tell anyone about the organization. However, the Marble Family first starts to fail in business, and then leaks information to the outside. When the organization finds out about the situation, the Marble Family has only one option left: to escape!

32) Butterflies (2018) | IMDb: 7.4

KELEBEKLER  Fragman- 30 Mart'ta Sinemalarda (2018)

Director: Tolga Karacelik

Cast: Bartu Küçükçağlayan, Tuğçe Altug, Tolga Tekin

The director Tolga Karaçelik, who achieved great success with his films Box Office Clerk and Sarmaşık, turns his route to black comedy this time. Three brothers, who have not seen each other for many years, set off to Hasanlar Village to visit their father after he fell ill. He does not get along between the three siblings, and he lives a personally problematic life. However, this journey will both connect them to each other and enable them to face the past. One of the most original comedy films of recent years, Butterflies won the Grand Jury Prize in the World Cinema Category at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival.

33) Murder Ornament (2019) | IMDb: 6.7


Director: Ali Atay

Cast: Uğur Yücel, Feyyaz Yiğit, Binnur Kaya

Among the most admired Turkish comedy films of the last 10 years is Cinayet Süsü. Cinayet Süsü, of which Ali Atay is in the director’s chair once again, and whose screenplay he wrote with Feyyaz Yiğit and Aziz Kedi, brings a flood of laughter to the audience with its unique comedy. The Istanbul homicide bureau team and their newly joined crime expert, Dizdar Kosu, go after a serial killer. While the incessant murders arouse great repercussions throughout the country, the team cannot clarify the incident, and just as it can’t, they mess it up. A cat-and-mouse chase begins between the team and the killer, who try different methods each time.

34) Aykut Uncle (2019) | IMDb: 7.1

Aykut Enişte - Fragman

Director: Onur Bilgetay

Cast: Cem Gelinoglu, Melis Babadag, Aegean Origin

Aykut, who has no family, runs a phone shop and tries to stand alone. His only dream is to marry Nurhan, whom he loves very much, and start a family. However, one week before the wedding, a thief breaks into his shop and all his savings are stolen. Gülşah, who works in the insurance company, is the daughter of a wealthy family, but stands on her own feet. Tired of her family’s pressure to marry her, Gülşah comes to Aykut’s shop to prepare a report. Aykut has to help each other to get his money from the insurance and Gülşah has to help each other to get rid of her family’s pressure on marriage.

35) War of the Elti (2020) | IMDb: 5.7

Eltilerin Savaşı - Fragman

Director: Onur Bilgetay

Cast: Gupse Özay, Merve Dizdar, Ferit Aktuğ

Onur Bilgetay, who received great acclaim with Aykut Enişte, sits in the director’s chair again a year later in the movie Eltilerin War. In the film, which tells about the entertaining rivalry between Elti Sultan and Gizem, the two characters’ very different perspectives on marriage and life are handled with funny incidents. The movie has been a huge success at the box office since its release.


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