The World’s Best: Journey from the World’s Deepest Point to the Highest


everest in the world

Are you ready to visit the most interesting and surprising places around the world, from Europe to Africa, from America to Australia, from Asia to Antarctica? These locations, which are also called the world’s best, once again reveal how extraordinary the planet we live on is.

Without further ado, we invite you to read our 30-item list of the world’s best.

1- Lake Baikal – The Deepest Lake

lake baikal


Our first stop on our list of the world’s greatest is Russia. Lake Baikal, which has a depth of approximately 1.5 km, also accounts for 20% of the fresh water on the earth’s surface.

2- Mount Everest – Highest Point

everest best in the world


Mount Everest, located on the borders of China and Nepal, has an elevation of 8848 meters above sea level, according to official data. The mountain, which is one of the frequent destinations of mountaineers, is quite dangerous for climbing. Although there are many climbers who managed to reach the summit of the mountain, more than 200 people died during the climb, according to the records.

3- Mauna Kea – The Highest Mountain From Bottom To Top

Mauna Kea


Mauna Kea is an inactive volcano located in Hawaii. When it is called the highest mountain , it is confused with Everest. The reason for this is the part that is under the ocean. It has an altitude of 4207 meters from sea level. However, it also has a height towards the bottom of the Pacific Ocean over which it is located. Adding this height, it reaches a total of 10211 meters from the ocean floor to the peak above the ocean.

4- Mount Chimborazo – The Farthest Point From The Center Of The Earth

Mount Chimborazo


As it is known, the Earth is curved in Ecuador due to its structure. Chimborazo Mountain, which is located almost above Ecuador, is also considered to be the furthest point from the center of the world due to its peak. If it were not possible to talk about such a bomb, this title would belong to Mount Everest.

5- Challenger (Mariana) Trench – The Deepest Point in the World

The Challenger Pit is the world's largest

The Challenger, or more commonly known as the Mariana Trench, is the deepest known point in the world. The pit, located on the Pacific Ocean, has a depth of 10994 meters according to the latest measurements.

6- Angel Falls – The Highest Waterfall

Angel Falls


Located in Venezuela, the waterfall has a height of about 980 meters. Let’s explain this height as follows: In certain periods, some of the water flowing from the waterfall evaporates before it reaches the ground!

7- Atacama Desert – The Dryest Place

Atacama Desert

We continue our South America tour on our list of the world’s greatest. Our current stop is Chile. Atacama Desert, one of the largest deserts in the world, is famous for its drought. So much so that, according to official records, not a single drop of rain fell on the desert between 1903 and 1918.

8- La Rinconada – The World’s Tallest City

la rinconada the best in the world


Located in Peru, La Rinconada is located in the Andes Mountains. According to the 2012 census, 50,000 people live in La Rinconada, which is the city with the highest altitude, with an altitude of 5100 meters. The city is also of great importance in terms of mining.

9- Death Valley – Highest Temperature

Death valley


Located in Southern California, USA, Death Valley is actually a desert. It was recorded as the place with the highest temperature ever measured with 57 °C. Death Valley is also the driest, lowest, and hottest place in North America.

10- Tristan de Cunha – The Farthest Place on Earth

tristan de cunha island


Known as the loneliest island in the world, Tristan de Cunha is located halfway between South America and South Africa. The population of the island, which is a part of the British Commonwealth, is known as 275 people according to the latest census. The closest piece of land to the island is St. Helena Island.

11- Krubera Cave – The Deepest Cave

krubera cave the largest in the world


Located in Russia’s Abkhazia region, the cave has a depth of more than 2000 meters. The cave, whose discovery is still very recent, was discovered in 1968. It is two and a half times deeper than the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world, and six and a half times deeper than the famous Eiffel Tower.

12- Hill of Thor – Highest Abyss

thor hill the best in the world

Located in Canada, Thor Hill has an elevation of 1250 meters at an angle of 105 degrees. This height not only makes it the highest cliff in the world, but also makes it a popular destination for climbing athletes.

13- Dallol – The Warmest Settlement



Dallol, located in Ethiopia, is considered to be the hottest settlement in the world . Although a very small number of people continue to live in this place, which has an average temperature of 34.5 throughout the year.

14- Kaffeklubben Island – The Northernmost Point

kaffeklubben island


Located in the north of Greenland, Kaffeklubben Island is considered the northernmost point in the world.

15- Vostok Station – Lowest Temperature

vostok station


Vostok Station, located on Antarctica, is a place that Russia uses to conduct research in Antarctica. The temperature of -89.2 °C measured at the station was the lowest temperature ever recorded.

16- Bentley Subglacial Trench – Deepest Glacier

bentley subglacial ditch


Bentley Subglacial Trench, located in Antarctica, has a depth of 2.5 km according to known measurements.

17- Kola Drilling Well – The Deepest Artificial Well

coke drilling


The result of a scientific study initiated by the Soviet Union in 1970, the well has a depth of more than 12 kilometers. This project, which Russian scientists aim to dig to the farthest point possible to reach the core of the earth, was terminated in 2005 due to lack of resources, and was completely abandoned in 2008.

18- Tautona Mine – Deepest Artificial Point

taautona mine the largest in the world

Another artificial place on our list of the best in the world is located in South Africa. Tautona Mine, a gold mine, has a depth of 4 km. The most extreme point of the mine is wide enough for only 1 person to fit.

19- Oymyakon, Russia – The Coldest Settlement

oymyakon russia

Although the temperature rises above 0 degrees in May in Oymkyakon Town, where approximately 500 people live, it starts to fall below 0 degrees in September. In January, the average temperature reaches -45 degrees. In the harshest winter periods, temperatures as low as -60 are also officially recorded.

20- Aucanquilcha Mine Road – Highest Road



Located in Chile, Aucanquilcha is essentially a volcanic mountain. On the mountain, which is more than 6000 meters high, mining works were carried out before and trucks used the same height road to climb this mine. The road is not actively used today.

21- Marsimik La Road – Highest Mountain Road

marsimic la pass

The Aucanquilcha Mine Road, which we mentioned in the previous article, is the highest known road, as we said, but it is not used today. Marsimik La Road in India is located at an altitude of 5582 meters and is still actively used today.

22- Lake Titicaca – The Highest Lake

Lake Titicaca is the best in the world

Lake Titicaca, located in the region between Peru and Bolivia, is located at an altitude of 3812 meters. The lake is also the largest freshwater lake in South America. In addition, it is possible to fish and provide transportation on the lake.

23- Bouvet Island – The Farthest Island

bouvet island


Bouvet Island is a place belonging to Norway although it is located above the Atlantic Ocean. It is located approximately 1600 km north of Antarctica and approximately 2400 km southwest of the Cape of Good Hope. There are no settlements on the island. Therefore, it is also known as the most desolate island in the world.

24- Nile River – The Longest River

The Nile river is the longest in the world

The basin of the river, which has three main tributaries, namely the White Nile River, the Blue Nile River and the Atbarah River, covers one-tenth of Africa. With a length of 6650 km, the river is considered the longest river in the world.

25- Xinjiang, China – The Farthest Point From The Ocean

xinjiang china


Also known as the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, this region is located in northwest China and is the furthest point from the ocean, according to official records.

26- Inaccessible Point – The Farthest Point

bust of lenin Antarctica

The Inaccessible Point, located in Antarctica and considered the most remote place in the world, is located at the South Pole. This is not the only feature of the Inaccessible Point. There is also a bust of Vladimir Lenin in the relevant region.

27- Uyuni Salt Lake – The Flattest Place

Uyuni salt lake is the best in the world

Located in Bolivia and one of the largest salt lakes in the world with an area of 10,582 km², Uyuni Salt Lake consists entirely of a plain. Yes, it’s a salt lake on 10,582 km² and it’s completely flat!

28- Commonwealth Bay – The Windiest Place

commonwealth bay

In the Commonwealth Bay in Antarctica, wind speeds sometimes exceed 240 km/h. The annual average wind speed is 80 km/h.

29- Roe River – The Shortest River

roe river

Located in the US state of Montana, the Roe River is only 60 meters long. In other words, the length between the place where the river originates and the point where it empties into the sea is 60 meters!

30- Grand Canyon – The Greatest Valley

grand canyon world's tallest

The Grand Canyon , located in the US state of Arizona and one of the most famous places in the world, has a length of 350 kilometers and a depth of 1.6 kilometers. Known to have been carved by the Colorado River, the canyon is also one of the first national parks in America.

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