The Success Story of Walt Disney, Fired from the Newspaper for Saying Uncreative

Pioneer of cartoon movies, creator of Disneyland, 20th Century Walt Disney, known as one of the most creative minds of the century; up to this point, he has been subjected to countless criticisms like many successful people. So much so that he was expelled from the newspaper he once worked for, saying he lacked creativity.

When Walt was young, his family was constantly moving. He had an interrupted childhood, trying to adapt to other places. Also, because his family was not well off, Walt and his siblings were working small jobs.

His family moved from Chicago to Missouri and finally settled in Kansas City when Walt was nine years old. And due to financial difficulties, Walt and his brothers had to work. For these reasons, school life could not be Walt’s top priority.

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A patriotic teenager, Walt was 16 years old. He was preparing for World War II, tried to enroll in the army but was rejected due to his age. But he had found a way to register.

She managed to change her date of birth on her application to join the Red Cross unit. From that time on, he had a personality that was not afraid of the obstacles in front of him and sought other solutions. He assisted post-war operations for the remainder of the war.




When he returned, he took a job drawing political cartoons and comics for a newspaper. But he was fired at work, being told he wasn’t creative enough. Afterwards, he embarked on a short-term entrepreneurial adventure.

His brother Roy worked at Rubun Art Studio and was instrumental in Walt Disney’s meeting with the cartoonist Ubbe Iwerks, and the short-lived company “Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists” was formed.

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Walt Disney was full of excitement and pleasure for the business he founded. He was fascinated and immersed in this world. Shortly after, he found a borrowed camera from somewhere and created his own cartoon called “Laugh-O-Grams”.




It was a success, indeed appreciated by Kansas City. After that, he bought a studio and started creating his own animations. Although he thought it was going very well, it still didn’t happen, he went bankrupt.

Although it was a bold step, it went bankrupt because it was an early attempt. Disney has not been successful in paying the salaries of its employees.

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He was someone who couldn’t give up. He sold his camera and settled in Hollywood. He started to apply to the job postings of the studios for directing.




As a last resort, he asked his brother Roy and his friend, the cartoonist Iwerks, to join him, and together they formed the Disney Brother Studio. Things were going well!

The series they started were successful, and even one of Walt’s cartoons was distributed by the big company Universal.

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A rabbit was created by Iwerks. Although Walt did not scratch the rabbit, it was Walt who gave the rabbit the ability to move, although it was decided that Walt was no longer needed.




Walt was devastated and decided from then on that he would only work on the characters he had drawn, for which he had the rights.

While boarding the train from New York, Walt knew he desperately needed a brand new idea. In the back of his mind, he always had a very sympathetic mouse character that he believed had high potential.

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Constantly thinking about a mouse character, Walt and he made an introduction to the cartoon world history we all know. He changed the name of the mouse he called Mortimer to Mickey Mouse at his wife’s insistence.




“We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things because our curiosity drives us on new paths. We can make all our dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

“I hope we never miss a single thing, it all started with a mouse.”

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Walt Disney fit many awards such as 5 Oscars and 31 Academy Awards in his 65-year life.

At the age of 62, at the height of his career, one of the most recognizable figures in the world, he was diagnosed with cancer. He was so passionate about the world he had created that he excitedly told his brother Roy about his new projects shortly before he passed away at the age of 65.

“Laughter is timeless, imagination is ageless, dreams are endless.” -Walt Disney

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