The Matrix Topic: What is the Matrix? What Does It Actually Tell Us?

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Matrix series movies: The Matrix is a 4 series consisting of Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions and Matrix Resurrections movies. The first series was published as The Matrix in 1999, followed by Matrix Reloaded in 2003 and Matrix Revolutions on November 5 of the same year. The Matrix was a very interesting and expected series in terms of its subject . The fourth series of Matrix, which has been rumored almost every year for years, finally met its audience in December 2021 after 18 years.

The movie was released as Matrix Resurrections . It is actually the last movie that divided its fans into two. But seeing the actors and this narrative again by all, going back in time was exciting. What is the subject of The Matrix, which has made such an impact in the world, thousands of articles have been written about it and its philosophy has been made, and what does the movie actually tell? We will write for you. Let’s take a closer look at our Matrix content together.

Matrix Subject

Beginning – Second Renaissance

matrix second renaissance

The Second Renaissance is of great importance when it comes to the subject of the Matrix. To tell the story of the Matrix, it is necessary to go to the Millennium Age. Mankind has created machines similar to itself. It kind of gave life to artificial intelligence. Thus, the burden of mankind was lightened.

People were just consuming now, there were no heavy chores, an era of consumption had begun. Machines began to handle all the work that required heavy labor. And everything was going well for mankind. In fact, human beings have designed robots as an open-ended artificial intelligence in order to better perform these heavy tasks and improve themselves.

Artificial intelligence could be the end of the human race:

Robots were carrying out all the orders and tasks given by human beings. This artificial intelligence, which was designed for self-improvement, could eventually become the end of the human race. Problems started when these robots, which could learn, use decision-making mechanisms and think in the face of sudden situations, could not control these situations.

The human race was constantly mistreating the robots and treating them like slaves. Everything would change when a robot finally attacked and killed its owner. This robot was tried in court because it has artificial intelligence that can act like a human. At the end of the case, the process of destroying the model of the murdering robot begins, both in order to reduce the panic in people and before the situation creates a snowball effect. Hundreds of thousands of robots were destroyed.

Robots are ahead of human beings in terms of technology and power:

The remaining and excluded robots merged. They came together in a remote area and built a city they called “01”. They continued to develop themselves, learn and produce new products in this region. They invented a superior AI in their own AI. Robots began to surpass human beings in terms of technology and power.

When the balances changed, a world leaders meeting was held. The people in the meeting got more angry when the representatives of 01 attended the meeting with two robots wearing human clothes. They wanted to live together and make peace, but all of their requests were denied. It was decided to fight against robots.

War – Humans and Robots

people and machines

In this war with machines, human beings were left behind and they were losing more in each attack. Seeing this, the leaders decided on an extremely dangerous and insane operation. This operation is called Darkstorm. In this plan, which they called Darkstorm, humans would destroy solar energy, the main energy source of robots.

They would darken the sky with this operation. In other words, the earth’s atmosphere would be darkened with chemicals such as special smoke bombs. In other words, no part of the planet would see the sun and an attack would be launched on machines that could not find energy.

However, the machines found a solution to this, created alternative energy sources, and by winning the war again, they attack against all human beings without distinguishing between good and bad. They began a series of years of research on the human captives they captured. They researched people’s brain structures, body systems.

New world order

Losing their energy sources, robots discovered after long research that there is bioelectric energy in the human body. They combined the heat in the human body with fusion and turned it into electrical energy. Thus, they began to meet their energy needs. Robots began to create human fields.

A treaty was signed between humans and robots. People would surrender to robots and allow their bodies to be used as batteries in these fields or places called power plants. In return for this energy in robots, they would connect humans to a simulation called the Matrix. While energy was supplied from the bodies, human beings would continue to live in a fantasy world. The subject of The Matrix thus moves towards an even darker point.



matrix subject

Architect, who is also the designer of the Matrix program, has established a perfect, perfect, heaven-like world for people in the first version of the Matrix. People connected to the simulation were allowed to experience all emotions virtually. It was a transcendent simulation for humans. They started to live a wonderful life in the virtual world. They were happy and always pleasant.

There was no malice, no restlessness. But some people slowly realize that living in such a perfect paradise is too perfect to be true. They started waking up from the Matrix simulation. It has become a big problem that people who do not accept the program start to wake up and their bodies die. They began to lose half of their human fields.

Architect Creates A New Version Of The Matrix

But this version was the opposite of the first version. Pain was a simulation with evil. In this simulation, which was the opposite of the first, people were dying. However, when he was not successful in this version, the Architect adds an intuitive program called the Oracle to the system. He enlists the Oracle to study human psychology, human nature, and choices.

They thought that people made their own decisions and made their own choices, and they were adapting to it. Although the oracle was a part of the system, he was a character who stood for humanity. The oracle adds the Chosen One scenario to the program, and according to this scenario, the person who will have different anomalies in the Matrix with superior powers will save people from the Matrix.

Zion City

zion city

Zion is the name of the city that the people thought to be the chosen one founded after being rescued from the Matrix. Zion is an underground city and humanity tries to live a life free from robots there. They can come to the earth with their flying ships and pass to the Matrix with pirate signals.

In order to prevent these illegal transitions, some programs called Agents have been installed on the system. Those who could pass from Zion to the Matrix were both looking for the chosen one and trying to escape from these agents. The city of Zion was founded five times in total. And each time it was destroyed by robots.

The Architect and the Oracle updated the system and set up a system that resets each time. By adding to the system the awakening of 16 women and 7 men each time, these 23 people in each cycle were building the city of Zion. Humans were given a choice in this virtual life, and the robots thought they were thus under control. 23 humans become aware of the system, wake up, run away and build Zion, then robots destroy this city and this cycle repeats over and over. Reset loop (reset-loop). That is, the five Chosen Ones added to the system by the oracle have failed.

Oracle and Morpheus

The reason for these five failures was the choice made by the chosen one when the architect met with the chosen one. The Oracle contacted Morpheus, asking him to find the Chosen One, and Morpheus removed the people he found from the Matrix and brought them to the Oracle. He also brings Neo to the Oracle. It actually starts here in the first movie.

Thomas Anderson – Neo “The One”

thomas anderson neo

Thomas Anderson, programmer. A hacker using the alias Neo. He is someone who is in the virtual life of the Matrix connected to the battery pool like everyone else. Despite the agents, Morpheus managed to get Neo out of the Matrix and showed Neo the truth. Morpheus takes Neo to the Oracle.

The Oracle gave Neo a cookie loaded with software to make him the Chosen One, and Neo unconsciously ate the cookie. The Oracle tells Neo that he is not the Chosen One, but devises a foolproof plan by telling Trinity that he will fall in love with the Chosen One.

Neo’s becoming the Chosen One actually depended on Trinity falling in love with him. Neo learns to be the Chosen One and to use the Matrix system. Morpheus trains Neo down to the last detail with all kinds of gear. Stopping Neo is the job of an agent named Agent Smith. While Neo wants to destroy Agent Smith, the Agent Smith software mixed with Neo’s codes has become a virus that can copy itself to other programs.

Attack on Zion

When word comes to Zion that robot sentinels will attack, the ship captains hold a meeting. They prepare to defend against the Sentinels. Agent Smith infiltrates Zion with one of the ships by duplicating himself. By copying, he can manipulate the people he enters as he wishes. Neo is meeting with the Oracle by entering the system. The Oracle gives candy to Neo, and with this candy he hides software with which he can control robots. Neo can now fight robots in the real world. Unlocking must be recovered for this software to work.

Merovingian and Persephone

Merovingian and Persephone

Merovingian, 1. He is the son of the Chosen One. He is a person whose real life body has been destroyed and exists in the Matrix system with his virtual existence. He doesn’t give Keymaker, but his lover Persephone tells him where Keymaker is for his own reasons. Merovingian and his devotees pursue Neo.


Keymaker’s mission is to cut the electricity to the building that is the headquarters of the Chosen One’s robots. But the Keymaker is shot and dies. Before he dies, he gives Neo the key to the center of the robots.


While Neo fights in the building, the Sentinels kill the people on the ship. In order to save Trinity, Neo and Morpheus, the source is entered as a result of the building’s backup systems by entering the Matrix system. But he is caught by the agents. These are the events that must happen in order to achieve the result. The scenes in which Neo sees Trinity being shot in his dreams have to come true.

The Encounter of Neo and the Architect

matrix neo and the architect

Neo enters the source of the center. He meets the Architect, the designer of the Matrix program. He tells Neo the whole system and the facts. The Architect tells Neo that what he has to do is pretend to be the Chosen Ones before him and pass the code to the source. He orders the destruction of Zion.

He tells him to accept the need to rebuild Zion, with 16 women and 7 men to choose from. And the Architect reveals that Trinity is heading for a bad end, just as Neo saw it in her dreams. If Neo enters through the door on the right, Zion will be reconfigured with 23 re-selected after it is destroyed.

If he goes through the door on the left, he will help Trinity who was shot, but everything will be destroyed, including Zion. The previous 5 chosen have chosen the right door. The architect thinks Neo will choose the right door, relying on his superior mathematical software. However, Neo chooses the door on the left to save Trinity, who was shot and fell. Extracts the bullet and brings Trinity back to life. All parts of the Oracle’s plan were coming true.

They thought the war would be over once they reached the source, but it wasn’t. Neo tries to go to Zion because the city will be attacked. Thanks to the sugar given by the Oracle on the way (there are new codes in it), he stops the sentinels who are after him with the power of thought.

However, Neo faints and is caught between the Matrix and the machine world. Morpheus, Trinity and Seprophine go to Merovingian and ask him to save Neo. Merovingian’s request states that he will give Neo in exchange for the Oracle’s eyes. They finally get Neo.

Oracle and Neo

neo and the seer

Neo wants to meet the Oracle one last time and goes to him. The oracle tells him that he must go to the city of robots to end this work. And he says to Neo, I will go with you to where you go, and everything that has a beginning has an end. The Oracle knows that Agent Smith will come for him. Agent Smith comes for him and wants to copy him. The Oracle allows it. All this is the Oracle’s plan.

Journey with Logos:

Together, Neo and Trinity proceed to the city of robots with Niobe’s ship Logos. The Oracle told Niobe to give his ship to Neo when the time comes. Smith infiltrated the ship and took control of the bodies of some of the crew members by copying himself. In the fight between Neo and Agent Smith, Neon loses his eyesight. But Neo sees Smith without his eyes and beats him. Neo and Trinity reach the robot city, but Trinity dies.

The Last Encounters of Neo and Agent Smith

matrix neo and agent smith

To stop Agent Smith, who will soon spread to the machine city, Neo makes an offer to the robots. And it is accepted. Neo connects to the Matrix for the last time. Agent Smith has taken over the entire Matrix. He has reached the pinnacle of his power. Everything Neo did, Agent Smith can now do.

Since he also copied the Oracle, Smith is confident he will win. A great war begins, but neither can destroy each other. Agent Smith tells Neo: “Everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo.” These words belonged to the Oracle. The priest had planned everything.

And Last…

Neo lets himself copy himself so he can destroy Smith. But Smith didn’t think that Neo was connecting to the Matrix through the city of machines. When Neo’s codes turned into Smith’s codes, the source cleared Smith of all the programs Smith was infected with. Neo sacrificed himself for the salvation of people. What is the subject of the Matrix? We tried to mention it as much as we could. Well, aside from the subject of the Matrix, what is the movie really trying to tell?

Briefly Explained in the Matrix


The subject in The Matrix is the Greek philosopher Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, which comes to mind for many viewers. People chained in the cave, living in the dark, and people who only see what’s in front of them. They see the shadow of everything and perceive this as their reality. One day, someone freed himself from his chains and left the cave.

He realizes that what he saw is not real and returns to tell the people in the cave. But the people inside the cave do not believe what this survivor said and do not accept that there is a different reality. So, according to Plato, there are two worlds, objects and ideas. The person who breaks the chain also symbolizes the questioner.

For example, is it necessary that the things taught and presented to us through the media and mass media should always be true, or can we reach a conclusion ourselves by questioning? In other words, after questioning them and seeing the truth, you will return to the people you left behind in the cave.

If we think of the Matrix program as a cave, Neo begins to see the truth and wants to save other people from here. Ultimately, he sacrifices himself. Cypher character, on the other hand, wanted to return to the cave (Matrix) when he took the red pill and saw the truth. In other words, he preferred foods and pleasures that he would not question and that would come to him ready-made. He prefers reality to simulation, for example.

Will and Choices

In The Matrix you come across many scenes and dialogues about will, choices and freedom. Are we the characters who fulfill the tasks given in a simulation?
In the movie, this subject reminds itself, if we are in a scenario, can we talk about free will? For example, in a scene from Neo’s conversations with the Oracle:
K: Sugar?
N: Do you know what my decision will be?
K: I wouldn’t be a Oracle if I didn’t know, would I?
N: How do I choose if I already know?
C: Because you didn’t come here to make a choice. You’ve already made your choice. You came here to understand why you made this choice.

It also makes the viewers think that although the outcome of some events is clear, it still does not mean that we cannot make a free choice. Even though he is the Chosen One, Neo has made free choices in many places in the movie, by the Oracle even though his choices are known. We can say that the universe of the Matrix is a universe of dualities.


Considering that everything exists with its opposite, summer-winter, light-dark, black-white etc. In the movie, we can reach this Eastern philosophy, namely Yin Yang. Neo and Agent Smith, Architect and Oracle, machines (robots) and humans, the Matrix and the real world are all parts of a whole that completes the system, even though they are opposites.

In short, no matter how much you read about the movie, even if you watch it over and over again, some things remain in the air or you see new new things. Maybe that’s the purpose of the movie, to make people question, to create contradictions.



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