Native American Sayings: Examples of Wisdom from the Past to the Present

Native American words with their meanings teach many of us a lesson. Today, we seek compassion, love and respect with candles. Human, animal, nature or any other value is not valued or respected. Instead of using the blessings of the technology age we live in for goodness and beauty, we use them for power and money, and we destroy beauty.

In order to get out of this situation, everyone needs to listen to themselves in some way, sit down and think about what they are doing. For this reason, sometimes -so to speak- a word like slap can bring us to ourselves and make us think. In this article, we have compiled some of the most meaningful Indian words that have exactly this effect, in order to make us think:

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1) “The color of the skin does not differentiate people. Good is good, bad is bad. The great creator created us all as brothers.”

2) “Respect everything on earth. Be it man or plant. Nature is not for us, it is part of us. They are part of your earthly family.”

3) “Do not walk behind me, I may not be your leader. Do not walk in front of me, I may not be your follower. I may not follow you. Walk beside me so that I can see you, so that we are equal.”

4) “Peace and happiness are present in every moment. Peace and happiness are in every step. There are no political solutions for matters of the soul.”

5) “When the last river is dry, the last tree is gone, the last fish is dead, the white man will understand that money is something that cannot be eaten.”

6) “Betrayal darkens the friendship chain, but loyalty makes it brighter than ever.”

7) “What are humans without animals? If all animals disappear, humankind will die in great loneliness of spirit. What happened to animals will happen to humans, too. Everything is interconnected. What happened to the earth will also happen to the children of the earth.”

8) “There are three peaces: The first peace is the most important peace. It is in the human soul. When man realizes his relationship and unity with the universe and all the forces of the universe, he realizes that the Great Spirit stands at the center of the universe and this center is inside each of us, everywhere. The first peace has been achieved when he realizes that this is real peace, the others are just the opposite. The second peace is the peace between two individuals. The third peace is made between two nations. But first of all, you must understand that what I call ‘true peace’ is the first peace, if there is no peace in the soul of man. There can be no peace between individuals nor between nations.”

9) “What we need to do is to return everything to its former simplicity, so that our broken order will be restored.”

10) “To belittle a person is foolish, and to see him too great is cowardice.”

kızılderili sözleri

11) “It is the arrow made of its own feather that shoots the eagle.”

12) “Make my enemy brave and strong! If I defeat him, I will not be ashamed.”

13) “Without tears in the eyes, the soul cannot have a rainbow.”

14) “Man has two souls. A good dog and a bad dog fight inside him. Whichever you feed the most, wins.”

15) “Prefer losing to an immoral offer. The pain of the former lasts for a moment, the guilt of the other lasts for a lifetime.”

16) “The dead do not take their power and knowledge with them, they add it to the living.”

17) “He who sees the wrong and does not extend his hand to prevent it, is as guilty as the wrongdoer.”

18) “If everyone speaks his mind and does what he has to do, the sun of peace shines forever.”

19) “Stop, listen. You can’t hear anything if you talk all the time.”

20) “Always look inside your own sandal before talking about someone else’s fault.”



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