Movie Categories: Movie Types and Examples with Descriptions

Cinema now occupies a large place in most people’s lives. We can’t get the pleasure of watching a good movie from many things. As this growing sector grows, there are different movie categories and genres that can appeal to almost everyone. While some want to watch a comedy movie and laugh with laughter, others want to cry for hours with a good drama movie. We have created a list of major movie categories for you; We have compiled these categories with their explanations and examples. If you’re ready, let’s take a closer look at our list of movie categories .

Action movies


  • Action movie examples: Fast and Furious, Scarface, Rocky, Die Hard, Independence Day

Action movies are commonly known as “hit and tear movies”. The general feature of these films is that there is a constant state of action throughout the film. The aim of action movies is to keep the audience excited from the first minute to the last minute. Depending on preference, action movies can be fun or full of tension. Spy movies, fighting movies, and disaster movies are part of action movies.

Turkish Action Movies

Animated Movies


  • Examples of animated movies: Ice Age, Finding Nemo, Leon King, Wall-E, Toy Story

Animation is a moving image obtained by displaying several images in quick succession. With the development of technology and computers, animation films also showed great progress. Although animation was used mostly for children’s movies in the past, now all kinds of animated films can be produced. There are many different techniques used in animated films. Some of these techniques can be listed as 3D, 2D, cut-out, stop motion.

Netflix Animasyon Filmleri

Documentary Films


  • Documentary film examples: Emperor’s Journey, White Planet, Fahrenheit 9/11, Cat, Human

Documentary films are the reflection of the results of research or observations on certain subjects to the audience with aesthetic concerns. Science and art coexist in these films. It aims to inform the audience with definitive documents or images. The subject of documentary films can be anything from human to nature, from art to history. Ethnographic documentaries, nature documentaries, scientific documentaries, art documentaries and poetic documentaries are among the documentary genres.

Science fiction movies


  • Examples of science fiction movies: Interstaller, Back To The Future, The Matrix, Star Wars, Terminator

Science fiction films are stories created in the near or distant future using elements of science and technology that are unlikely today. In addition to the near and distant future, sometimes the past can also be fictionalized. Science fiction films draw the audience in with the worlds they create based on science and logic, although it is not possible in current reality.

This is where it differs from fantasy films. Fantastic movies have the freedom to create a universe independent of the world we know and the laws of physics. Science fiction films, on the other hand, have to be careful that the world they create does not contradict the laws of nature and the logic of the world we know. Science fiction is one of the most popular genres among movie categories.

Sci-Fi TV Shows

Netflix Sci-Fi Series

Biography Films


  • Biography movie examples: Malcolm X, The Theory of Everything, Into the Wild, Bohemian Rhapsody, Loving Vincent

Biography films are adaptations of real people’s lives, all or part of their lives. Films that tell the life stories of important personalities in history are the most common examples of this genre. Biography films should not contain fabricated or fictional stories. The life of the person whose biography is focused on is told without being deflected. Just as a person’s whole life story can be told, a certain part of his life that is considered important can also be processed as a biography film.

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Religious Movies


  • Examples of religious films: The Passion of the Christ, Noah, Ben-Hur, Bruce Almighty, The Seventh Seal

Films that take religion as the basis of their story are religious films. Religious films can be a historical film that deals with the emergence or spread of any religion or belief. In addition, a movie that takes religion in the center of today or in the future is also included in the category of religious films. Religious films generally do not promote any particular faith. Films that touch upon the effects of religion on society or individuals are the most common religious films.

Drama Movies


  • Drama movie examples: Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, 12 Angry Man, Truman Show, The Pursuit of Happyness

Drama films are genres that handle more serious and striking stories than comedy. It usually takes advantage of the elements of life. Drama films aim to impress people by drawing them into the film. These movies can also contain other elements such as comedy and suspense. Drama films occupy a very large place in the history of cinema. There are many examples of successful drama films that can affect people deeply by delicately processing sometimes real stories, sometimes fictional stories from life.

Netflix Drama Series

Educational Movies


  • Educational movie examples: Dead Poets Society, Freedom Writers, Detachment, 3 Idiots, Like Stars on Earth

Educational films are inspirational films that deal with elements such as school , student, education or educator. These films can have a positive effect on children’s outlook on life, especially in developmental age. In such films, the importance of social environment and friendship is often discussed in addition to education.

Erotic Movies

erotik-filmler film kategorileri

  • Examples of erotica: Basic Instinct, Wild Things, The Dreamers, 50 Shades of Grey, Nymphomaniac

Erotic films are films that emphasize sexuality and nudity more than other films. This genre, which was popular in our country in the 80s, is quite common in US and European cinema. In erotic films, unlike pornographic films, the characters’ bodies are not usually shown in their entirety. In addition, erotic films are only allowed for people over the age of 18.

Fantasy Movies


  • Examples of fantasy movies: The Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Jumanji, Avengers, Ghostbusters

Fantasy films are films about supernatural events or worlds. It is one of the categories with the highest level of imagination and creativity among the movie categories. The most common elements used in fantasy movies are supernatural beings such as fairies, angels, wizards, monsters, witches, dragons, talking animals, elves, trolls, dwarfs, vampires, werewolves, ghosts. Fairy tale film, mythological film, superhero film and historical fantasy film are within the scope of fantasy films. Good fantasy films engage viewers and fascinate the world they create.

Teen Movies


  • Teen movie examples: The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Project X, 17 Again, Easy A, American Pie

Youth films are films that target young people who are preparing to jump into life with their plots and stories. In such films, the problems that young people in high school or university age have experienced or may experience in their own lives are discussed.

Subjects such as coming of age, trying to adapt to society, bullying, peer pressure, first loves, rebellious teenagers, conflict with parents are frequently covered in youth films. In addition to this, the importance of friendship is one of the subjects that these kinds of movies deal with a lot. Teen movies are quite popular among the movie categories.

High School Movies

Thriller Movies


  • Examples of thrillers: The Silence of The Lambs, Saw, The Sixth Sense, Rear Window

Thriller movies aim to put the audience in different moods. He is always in pursuit of keeping the excitement at the highest level. The audience is in anticipation throughout the movie. He often seeks to make his audience feel the anxiety, horror and tension. The element of tension is frequently used in themes such as crime, action, horror, and crime.

Among the sub-branches of tension types, the most well-known is psychological tension. Mind games, mental disorders, obsessive characters are used a lot in these psychological thrillers. The political thriller genre also gained popularity after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Famous director Alfred Hitchcock is considered to be the leading name of the thriller genre.

Thriller Sequences

Alfred Hitchcock Movies

Comedy movies

comedy movies

  • Examples of comedy movies : Hababam Class, Dumb and Dumber, Liar Liar, Shrek, Tosun Paşa

Comedy movies are movies that aim to make the audience laugh by using the element of humor frequently. The purpose of these films is to entertain the audience, and for this the humorous influence of the characters is occasionally exaggerated. Comedy movies usually have happy endings and do not upset the audience.

While the sole purpose of most comedies is to entertain the audience, some comedies also carry a social or political message concern. Comedy movies have sub-titles such as absurd comedy, action comedy, vulgar comedy.

However, the subtitle that most distinguishes itself from the others is black comedy. Black comedy films, unlike other comedy genres, put the audience’s entertainment in the background a little more and the element of criticism comes to the fore.

Turkish Comedy Movies

Netflix Komedi Filmleri

Horror movies

horror movies

  • Horror movie examples: Psycho, The Shining, A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Ring, The Thing

Horror movies are movies that aim to evoke emotions such as fear, horror, disgust in the audience. This genre was originally inspired by classic literary characters such as Dracula, Frankestein, The Mummy, Werewolf. It uses the elements of fear from the past to the present in order to frighten the audience.

The elements that horror movies choose to scare the audience can be supernatural beings such as vampires, monsters, zombies, ghosts. In addition, realistic elements such as serial killers, thieves, psychopaths can be used in horror movies. Some horror movies, on the other hand, aim to scare the audience with realistic death scenes, torture scenes, and horrifying scenes that can amount to disgust.

Domestic Horror Movies

Adventure movies

adventure movies

  • Adventure movie examples: Gladiator, The Blood Diamond, Pirates of The Caribbean, Troy, Cast Away

Adventure films generally seek to inspire their audience by dealing with the theme of pursuing a specific goal through the main character. Journey elements are frequently used in this movie category. The character sets his goal, sets his mind to realize his goal, sets out and struggles with the difficulties he encounters to achieve his goal. Another prominent feature of adventure films is that the places where the events take place are at least as important as the characters.

Musical Movies


  • Examples of musical movies: La La Land, Dancer In The Dark, Grease, Singin In The Rain, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Musical films are the type of film in which the characters sing and dance in the story. These types of songs are often used to advance the script or add depth to the characters. The musical film is based on stage musicals. Recently, stage musicals are often adapted to the cinema. Generally, such films can more easily impress the audience with the effect of songs and dances. Musical comedy, which is a sub-genre of musical film, has a lot of humor in its music, dance and story.

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Political Movies

politik-filmler film kategorileri

  • Examples of political films: Goodbye Lenin!, Machuca, Persepolis, V For Vendetta, Don’t Shoot The Kite

Political films or political films use all political elements, especially topics such as religion, state, politics, individual, society. The subjects that are dissatisfied with the functioning of the state, confronting the state, the reactions of individuals and states to moral problems, terrorism, war, patriotism, and totalitarianism are the subjects that political films deal with the most. Such films are concerned with giving a critical message. In addition, political films generally do not aim to be impartial. Some political films may also be propaganda of a certain ideology.

Romantic Movies

romantik-filmler film kategorileri

  • Examples of romantic movies: Call Me By Your Name, Titanic, Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım, The Notebook, Gone With The Wind

Romantic movies are movies that deal with topics such as sensuality, love, passion. Usually in such movies, the characters who fall in love with each other have problems with each other. The films deal with the struggle of the characters in love with their problems and what they can do for their love. Romantic movies aim to impress the audience with the emotional atmosphere they create. These films are mostly processed with drama elements. In addition, romantic comedy films that deal with the theme of humor are among the most well-known sub-genres of this genre.

Romantic Comedies

Netflix Love Movies

War Movies


  • War movie examples: Saving Private Ryan, The Pianist, Schindler’s List, Last Samurai, Full Metal Jacket

War movies are movies that are presented to the big screen based on wars that have taken place in history or by processing entirely fictional wars. Although this category of movies usually focuses on land, sea or air wars, movies that deal with topics such as hostages of war, operations, spies, military training also fall into the category of war movies. Some war films may not focus at all on battles, but may also focus on the effects of wars on soldiers or civilians. Many of the war movies shot so far are 2. It dealt with World War II.

Sports Movies


  • Examples of sports movies: Space Jam, Goal!, Green Street Hooligans, Moneyball, Raging Bull

Sports movies are movies where a sport, athlete or sports follower is the main focus. Such films are productions that are heavily dependent on sports with their plots and motivations. They are generally high-excitement, inspiring and make people happy films, and the effect of sports on people is covered a lot.

Crime Movies

suc-filmleri film kategorileri

  • Crime movie examples: Equilibrium, John Wick, Sherlock Holmes, Snatch, Se7en

Crime movies are movies that feature criminals or criminal acts. In these films, the stories of real criminals can be processed, as well as completely fictional stories. Mystery film, mafia film, film noir and detective film are among the sub-branches of this genre.

Crime movies are often adapted from novels or plays. Some crime films may approach events in a way that glorifies the criminal or the crime committed. In general, though, this genre stands out quite a bit among movie categories.

Mafia Movies

History Movies


  • Examples of historical movies: Cinderella Man, 12 Years A Slave, Hotel Rwanda, Spartacus, Der Untergang

History movies are movies that focus on important events or people. In general, the aim of these films is to adapt the important events in history to the big screen and to make history reach more people. History films are also among the genres that bring the most awards among film categories.

Period Films

Western Movies

western-filmleri film kategorileri

  • Examples of western movies: The Good The Bad And The Ugly, Django Unchained, 3:10 To Yuma, No Country For Old Man, For A Few Dollars More

Western movies are movies that deal with the lifestyle and culture of America’s West coast. This culture, known as the Wild West, has become a phenomenon all over the world, especially with Sergio Leone’s films. Cowboys, sheriffs, rodeos, duels, leather boots, Indians have been concepts that are constantly used in these films and that enter everyone’s life. In addition to the good guys running on horseback, the bad guys robbing banks, Western movies also deal with the concepts of heroism and justice a lot.

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