Is Watching Movies a Luxury?

Aykut ÖÇAL

Aykut ÖÇAL

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Filmmaking, which is the starting point of the moving image consisting of twenty-four photographs per second, is undoubtedly an art that requires a long time. With the shooting schedule that emerged as a result of the scripting of the script, the preliminary preparations to be made and the subsequent plan program, it is now time to take action. In the project, the number of people to be determined for both behind the camera and in front of the camera, determining the places where the shooting will be done, the decors that need to be prepared, the plateaus, costumes, make-up, light preferences and the post-production process that follows… So, how should we save time as a consumer for an art that requires so much effort before it is presented to our impression as a spectator?

 Are we watching a movie? Are we discovering cinema?
  We can say that our perspective on cinema, where we stand, how we evaluate it, is related to how detailed we follow the industry and our desire to follow it. Do we consider the time we spend watching movies as a ritual in the flow of our lives, or as a mental activity to distract ourselves from time to time or to get out of the monotony of daily life? E.g; constantly working very busy hours; if we spend a lot of time with our family, spouse-friend; Watching movies would be a temporal luxury. However, even if we are not a film student, a film critic or an industry professional, if we prefer to spend our time watching movies every day, this cycle is still a luxury, but it would be more accurate to define it in other terms rather than temporally.
 Some Movies That Take Years to Shoot
  Richard Linklater’s Boyhood project, which was screened in 2014, was filmed by the director in 2002, and was shot in real time over 12 years, with the same cast every year, with specific time periods determined. While we see Ellar Coltrane, who gives life to the character of “Mason” in the movie’s leading role, at the age of 6 in the opening scene of the movie, we see that he turns 18 when the movie is over. Same way; We are witnessing the physical transformation of his sister, mother and father in the past 12 years. The film returned with many awards from all the festivals it attended, Patricia Arquette, who played the mother of the character “Mason”, was awarded the “Best Supporting Actress” award at the academy awards.
  Apart from this example; Some films that took years to shoot for many reasons such as setbacks in the filmmaking process, producer problems, techniques used, director’s perfectionism, etc. are as follows:
 – Blood Tea and Red String (Action year, 2006 / filming duration, 13 years)
 – Roar (Year of release, 1981 / filming duration, 11 years)
 – Pakeezah (Year of release, 1972 / filming duration, 14 years)
 – Mad Max: Fury Road (Year of release, 2015 / 17 years)
 – The Thief and The Cobbler (Action year, 1993 / filming duration, 31 years)
  Although a lot of time is spent in many projects that have become classics by leaving their mark on history and that have always taken their place in our minds, even from the coast, with the rapid development of science and technology every year – the projects where the shooting scenarios are planned more accurately and within the possibilities – the time spent for shooting – the budget of the film and the budget of the film. whatever the audience it will appeal to – it manages to pull it down. However, we, as viewers, spend more or less the same viewing time in the consumption process, except for extreme examples. Therefore; While we can always say “respect for labor” – our greatest luxury is our developing minds and culture.

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