Female Superheroes: A Look at the Real Heroes Who Saved the World

When it comes to superhero, familiar names come to mind; Like Spider-Man, Batman, Superman. However, besides these heroes, there are also female superheroes who are at least as prominent as men.

When comics were made into movies, we saw more and more stories of superhero transformations. But in these transformations, the genders were never a requirement to be super. In our list of female superheroes, we take a closer look at our heroes who saved the world.

1) Wonder Woman

wonder woman kadın süper kahramanlar

Perhaps one of the most filmed characters among female superheroes. A great warrior from the island of Themiscyra, inhabited by the Amazons. aka Diana Prince.
Wonder Woman is one of the most powerful women in the comic book world with her skill in fighting, sword and lasso, mind and intelligence.

He formed the Justice League with Batman and Superman, kicking the bad guys. Sometimes he broke Superman’s jaw, sometimes he fought with Atlantis. But he never escaped being super.

2) Batgirl

batgirl kadın süper kahramanlar

A female superhero in the supporting cast of Batman, Barbara Gordon. Perhaps the most Batman-like of his sidekicks… The only daughter of Inspector Gordon, known for rescuing Batman’s hide.

Of course, we can also know him by the name Oracle. The Killing Joke by Alan Moore also tells us about Batgirl’s transformation into Oracle.

3) Black Canary

black canary

Nobody should look at her name and think that she is a cute heroine. Because when Dinah took the name Black Canary, she never thought of being cute.

Although his mastery is the fighting techniques he uses, he has a superpower. Known as “Canary Cry”, this sonic power can even make Superman’s ears bleed.
He is a character who has always won Batman’s trust with his tactical intelligence.

4) Supergirl

supergirl kadın süper kahramanlar

Known as Kara Zor-El, Super Girl is (or once was) a citizen of Krypton. He appears as the cousin of Superman, aka Kal-El.

He has the same powers as Superman. A melting laser comes out of Supergirl’s eyes. At the same time, he can fly, has super physical strength. His weakness is also similar, which is none other than Kryptonite.

Even with her name, she is a female superhero.

5) Zatanna

zatanna kadın süper kahramanlar

The sorceress heroine of DC Comics. She gets her magic talent from her family, Zatanna Zatara.
It shines brightly next to characters such as Flash, Green Arrow, Nightwing.

He works his magic with the words he says backwards.

Constantine is a founding member of the Dark Justice League along with Swamp Thing.

6) Black Widow

black widow

A female superhero that we can easily recognize from the MCU.

The first female member of the Avengers, Natasha Romanoff. The number one name in Shield’s super agent squad, master of weapons and combat, super agent.

7) Silk


Silk, as Cindy Moon, first appears in the first issue of The Amazing Spiderman. Cindy’s transformation into Silk takes place with the spider that plays a role in Peter Parker’s transformation into Spiderman.
One of the members of the Spider Army, companion of Spiderman.

8) Gamora


The adopted daughter of Thanos, the last of her kind, the alien assassin Gamora. Gamora Zen Whober in full is I am Titan.
He knows all the weapons of the Milky Way Galaxy, is a master in the martial arts of many planets. And he is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

9) Jessica Jones

jessica jones

Her full name is Jessica Campbell Jones Cage.

Despite his superhuman physical strength, he is a detail detective that makes him a superhero. Sort of like a super-detective.
They are married to Luke Cage, although not mentioned in the self-titled series. He is also a member of The Defenders.

10) Scarlet Witch

scarlett witch

The female superhero we know as Wanda Maximoff. In the comics, she appears as Magneto’s daughter. In this regard, he is a mutant. But in the cinematic universe, there is no mention of it.

He is a powerful wizard and a member of the Avengers.

11) Captain Marvel

captain marvel

Captain Marvel, as Carol Denvers, draws her strength from the space stone and is known as the strongest character in the universe. That’s the equivalent of Superman in Marvel Comics. a pilot.
He is a member of the Avengers.

12) Mantis

mantis kadın süper kahramanlar

A superhero who earned her recognition as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Besides his strong empathy, he is a martial arts master.

He also has abilities such as plant manipulation, rapid healing, astral projection, energy projection.

13) Rouge

rouge kadın süper kahramanlar

Named Anne Marie LeBeau, Rouge is a mutant. He is a member of the X-Men.

With a skin contact, it has the power to absorb all the physical power of the person it touches. This gives Rouge a superpower diversity advantage.

He is a superhero with character and powers.

14) She Hulk

she hulk

After an accident, Jennifer Walters receives a blood donation from her cousin, Bruce Banner. This changes his life as She transforms into the Hulk.
It carries the features of the Hulk lighter. Compared to the Hulk , he retains his ego. Its transformation is permanent.
His debut showed that women can be funny, too.

15) Silk Specter

silk spectre.

A female superhero by Alan Moore, Laurie Juspeczyk (or Jupiter).

Dr. He is a character against whom a power like Manhattan feeds adolescent excitement.
He is a master of martial arts, other than that he has no known strength.
He takes part in the team called Watchmen.

Super Bonus: Tank Girl

tank girl

Despite being an anti-hero , she deserves to be on this list as a super woman.
He uses tanks, beats kangaroos, slaps bullets.

It moves the perception of women, which is reflected in the comics culture, away from the stereotypes.

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