How Positive Inner Conversation Increases Your Motivation and Productivity

Arzu Dokuzoğlu

Arzu Dokuzoğlu

İTÜ-Kimya Müh.

Do your conversations always run along the same lines:
“I’m a born failure.”
“There’s no way I can get this job.”
“I’m too fat to wear this dress.”
“Why do bad things always happen to me?”
If your answer is yes, stop yourself, take a deep breath and start showing love to yourself. We spend a lot of time with ourselves and what we feed our brains with during this time really matters. The inner conversations we have with ourselves play a big role in our motivation and productivity levels.

Why Our Inner Conversation Should Be Positive

Sometimes it feels like if we are tough on ourselves, maybe we can learn from our mistakes and fix things more easily. However, this method does not work most of the time and drags us into even more negativity.
Positive self-talk should not be thought of as just a form of self-help. A really powerful and effective method. When you have positive conversations with yourself and treat yourself with compassion, your physical and mental health will be positively affected. You are filled with hope and optimism, you put aside your fears and strive to bring out the best version of you.

How Positive Inner Conversation Can Benefit You:

Increases your self-belief: When you tell yourself you believe you can handle anything, you have the confidence to do your best.
Improves your mental health: If you are anxious and depressed, you may need to change the way you talk to yourself. Your mental health is important and the best way to take care of it is to be aware of your thoughts and talk to yourself.
There is no way you can feel good while exposing yourself to all kinds of negativity. You need to control your thoughts and be kind to yourself. You will notice the improvement in your mental health when you start doing this.
Improves your performance: When you challenge your negative thoughts and choose to feed your brain with positive thoughts, you will find that you are calmer and can approach things in a more pragmatic way. This increases both your motivation and your overall performance.

How Can We Make Our Positive Self-talk More Effective?

Making our inner conversations positive does not happen overnight. It is a practice that needs to be developed over time, and it starts with adopting a positive mindset and making a change in your perspective.
1. Set boundaries: While we try to be kind to ourselves, there are times when people around us don’t allow us to make that change. People who are not afraid to be sarcastic, to say insulting words, to discourage us. Set boundaries for yourself to stay away from people who affect your mental health. Surround yourself with positive people who can inspire you.
2. Be conscious: Words are really powerful because they determine your actions. In order to let go of your negative self-talk, you must be aware of how you talk to yourself. Identify problematic words that break your confidence and hurt your self-confidence. For example, you make life difficult for yourself if you blame yourself for everything that goes wrong or if you set impossibly high goals for yourself. You can’t change that all at once, but paying attention to your thoughts and words is the first step you can take.
3. Believe in yourself: It’s a very cliché suggestion, but many of us can’t do it. Even though we seem to believe in ourselves, we blame ourselves for the smallest negativity. Belief in yourself is the only path that will lead you to success and happiness. You will see the difference in your thoughts, words and actions when you choose to believe in yourself.
4. Change your negative thoughts: As negative and seemingly innocuous thoughts grow, they form your way of thinking and start to harm you over time. Whenever a negative thought crosses your mind, challenge it and turn it into a positive and encouraging thought. Practice until you make it a lifestyle.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you will start seeing positive results.” – Willie Nelson

Having positive self-talk is powerful enough to change your life . Getting into this habit will stop you in the tough times of your life and make you look on the bright side of things. Because sometimes all we need is hope.

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