8 Youtube channels that entrepreneurs and college students should follow

1-Baris Ozcan
Barış Özcan, who has devoted his experience to Youtube after a successful career, defines himself as “Story-teller”. He shoots videos encouraging different thinking styles and motivational videos for entrepreneurs. He focused on art, technology and design.
2-event TV
The channel with interviews with the start-up and news about the world of entrepreneurship.
3-Entrepreneur Love
Entrepreneurship and initiatives The channel where news and interviews in Turkey and the world are broadcast.

Entrepreneurs should be familiar with technology so that they can follow the latest developments. ShiftDelete.Net, a site that has already achieved success as an internet site.
Youtube draws the same momentum.
5-Initiative Interview
In the same way, content is shared like on the Entrepreneur Conversation channel.
6-Silicon Valley
The channel, which has recordings of the Silicon Valley program in its old videos, also includes product reviews, entrepreneur interviews. Although they are flexible about the frequency of content, it is a successful channel.
7-Galata Business Angels
The channel where entrepreneurs have success, motivational stories and speeches.


I’ve saved the channel that produces very different content in this field for last. The channel where the news of the sector, from the visits of the entrepreneurship offices, is shared. The content is shared regularly. The entrepreneurs are like a beacon showing their way.

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